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Chapter 3: Chapter 2: Kidnapped!

In a world where God's descended from the heavens to live with among the mortals, where gods give their blessings in exchange for favors or tities to people that becomes attached to a god, they become their minion, part of the god's "familia". But that's not how i think, Joining a familia is-... just like having a new family...


Orario City, A lively and bustling city where people from different places go to become an adventurer. In the middle of the city is the labyrinth, The entrance to go inside the dungeon that has countless floor levels that the people never knows how deep the dungeon goes to, And the deepest floor so far that the adventures have manage to step on is the 50th floor. The group of adventures that manage to step on the 50th floor is the familia of the goddess of love and desire, freya. The leader of the group of adventurers who led them is the right-hand man of freya...or should we say right hand woman, naval. The only one so far that have manage to reach level 7.






...Bell heard voices that he never heard before, yet felt familar. There, He saw blurry figures in the distance, Those figures are women with different traits, They are looking at him with caring, tender, And love in their eyes, Bell can't see them cleary but he can clearly feel their feelings. Their figures is slowly fading in the distance while still looking at him with smiles on their faces.

"wa-wait" Bell, for some reason felt his heart ache and feel pained in seeing those figures slowly fading. He has many questions wanted to ask and wanted to know them who they are because he feels like he doesn't want them to disappear. Bell feels confusion in his heart, He doesn't know them, yet he feels their important to him and his afraid, Afraid of them disappearing. He tried to reach them, but he couldn't make it. Then slowly, his vision started to fade in darkness.

Bell slowly opened his eyes and muttered "What a strange dream, It feels like as if it was real." when Bell was planning to get up, He finally realize that his lower body feels heavy and something was holding him down. He lifted his blanket and find out that there was a girl sleeping and hugging his waist, she is the goddess of heart and family, Hestia.

Bell was shock and he's face turned red from embarrassment, Because he feels something soft was pressing on his "little brother" and not only that. It was already hard and erect being press at between in her two huge mountains. Bell was planning to move, but if he does his "little brother" can't because it was stuck. "AH" after hearing a small moan came out from hestia, Bell felt something bad will happen if he stays in this position much longer.

"kami-sama" Bell tried to wake her up gently but alas she's sleeping like a log that wont budge. Feeling he can't almost hold it in, he holds hestia by her shoulders and lifted her with force albeit gently so she won't be woken up by his actions and put her to the side. Bell finally got the chance to get away from her embrace.

"That was close" Bell said as he sigh in relief, if it was a little more late then... Bell stopped thinking the scenarios that could have happen and he tries to forget about it. He doesn't want to take advantage of Hestia becaue she's his current gaurdian and the only person who made him as a member of her familia even though he's the only member. He still felt happy and grateful despite being in poor circumstances. That's why he works hard to help out Hestia and trains in the 1st-5th floor levels to gain battle experience before he goes to the deeper floor levels, So he could be prepared for any accidents or dangers in the deeper levels. Bell prepared his equipment and whispered "I'll be going out now, kami-sama." while gently closing the door.

"Bell.., Baka" muttered Hestia while still asleep. Outside the chapel where Hestia and Bell staying at "Now then, Time to head to the guild before entering the dungeon."

...As Bell was still walking, heading to the guild he remembered last night when he told Hestia about the incident that happened yesterday inside the dungeon. Hestia scolded Bell to pay more attention for any incidents and to be more careful inside the dungeon. Despite being scolded by Hestia, Bell feels the warmth and care that she gives to him and he feels happy and touched on how much Hestia cares for him. But when he said that he was save by a "beautiful" woman named Aria. Suddenly the warmth suddenly disappeared and instead replace by a cold atmosphere that gave Bell cold sweat and chills up to his spine. "Ka-kami-sama what's wrong?" Bell asked as he doesn't know why Hestia suddenly turned cold but even so he still asked her. "nothing" replies Hestia with a monotone voice, But in her mind "mou~, This is the first time i ever heard Bell compliments a woman even though im right here, And also he still haven't even gave me any compliment's even a single one such as cute or beautiful even when i'm just right her." Bell didn't know that Hestia was so jealous because Bell complimented another woman first rather her, The most cute and beautiful goddess(self-proclaimed). Bell Didn't know Hestia was jealous and shamelessly claiming as the most cutest and beautiful goddess in her mind, If Bell knew what she was thinking, He might have shown a dumb expression.

"kami-sama can you tell me more about Ais-san?" when Hestia heard this, She wasn't planning to tell him and told him that he shouldn't get too close at her, But when she did that he became dispirited and crouched in the corner with his right hand drawing a circle. When Hestia saw him like rabbit that has been abondoned, Hestia felt bad what she said its because of her jealousy that she didn't want to tell him. Now seeing him like that, Hestia reluctantly said. "Ais Wallenstein..From the Loki familia". when Bell became happy when he heared what she said, His mood turned into a 180° change instantly. And what's more that made Hestia's face twitch is that Bells expression, Because he was giggling like an idiot.

"Don't get excited to far, You should remember to be more careful in interacting with others. It's because you won't know if they might have other hidden intentions at you, just like "that" time.

Bell suddenly became quiet because he remembered "that" happened last month, When he arrived in Orario and tried to join a Familia but failed to join in each familia as he visits at their door. When Bell almost lost hope that he still can't find a familia to join in a familia, A woman wearing heavy make-up wearing a dress with a slith in her right leg revealing her white thigh and long legs, With her huge cleavage, she walks up to bell and told him that she might let him join in to a familia with her connections if he comes with her. Bell was grateful to the woman when she told him that, And the woman grabbed Bells right hand and leads him to a tall luxurious building with a sign at the top of the door that says "Red Light District's- Heavens Palace". But when they were close to the door, Suddenly Bell's left hand was pulled and he was drag away from the woman. "..." The woman was dumbfounded, Because she didn't put too much force in holding Bell's hand that he got pulled away from her, Finally realizing what just happened "Someone just stoled my prey, damn it! That little brother was cute and when i was about to make him mine, Someone just had to kidnapped him!"(Author: yeah right, say's you who isn't trying to kidnap someone)".

Remembering the things that happened this past last month, Bell couldn't help but put a smile as he enters the guild.

oblivion oblivion

Dear readers , I hope you"ll enjoy this chap~ and i'll give guys some reminder that my updates will be slow starting this time it's because this is just my first time writing a novel that i still have to make some charcters, the future chapters and i still have my part-time job, Thats why ill be making my updates slow. hope you guys understand.

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