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100% Fanfic of Arifureta and Danmachi: Chaotic Fate / Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Hero

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Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Hero

Bell- "Eina-san!"

Bell calls out as he saw his advisor who takes care of his membership as an adventurer of the guild

"Ah! Bell-kun your finally here." the woman said while smiling brightly. The woman's name Eina Tulle a receptionist in the guild, she has long pointed ears as she is an half elf and human, brown hair and has emerald color eye's that shine bright, she has a slim body added with her glasses she looks like a kind and gentle onee-san. even though this onee-san has a lot of admirers, she still hadn't accept anyone.

"Bell-kun I heard yesterday that there was a kid that has white hair who caused a commotion where he was running in the city covered in blood, could it had been you?" Eina asked Bell with narrowed eyes for confirmation if it was really him that was being talked about.

"W-well it was me" Bell mutters while blushing as he remembers what happened yesterday.

"what happened? did you got injured?" asked Eina worriedly, since she's been an advisor for four months already since she's been looking after him.

"n-n-no Eina-san it's a misunderstanding, it was just the blood was from a Minotaur" says Bell while scratching his face.

"A Minotaur?! weren't you in the 4th floor? the information about the incident yesterday only says that a swarm of minotaurs swarmed in the lower level floors but only reached in the 5th floor, did one of the minotaurs manage to enter the 4th floor?" says Eina with a serious expression.

"no, well you see..."


"so that's what happened" says Eina with a sigh. "to think you entered the 5th floor, it's a relief that nothing bad happened to you. to think the sword princess managed to save in time. says Eina in relief.

"so is there anything else you need Bell-kun?"

Bell- "w-well can I ask some more info about the sword princess?" asked Bell blushing from embarrassment.

"fufufu..about the sword princess?" asked Eina with a narrowed gaze. Bell nods at her question.

"well...I've read her information before, Said Wallenstein, age 18, weapon: sword, One of the top elites of the Loki familia...and.." Eina tells Bell about the sword princess info about as an adventurer until.." and she's currently level five class-A, one of the level adventurer of Orario.

"e-eh level 5 Class-A!? and eighteen!?"

when Bell heard that last info he felt like dizziness suddenly struck him, as he can't swallow that last blow to his confidence.

"l-l-level 5!? at the age of 18 at that!?" Bell felt a weight in his heart feeling how weak he since his at level 1 at his age.

Eina seeing Bell's expression could only help him with some advise.

"well you shouldn't let it affect you, even a lot of people envies her talent but not everything is all about their talent but their own effort and hard work, even the sword princess had started adventuring at the age of 12 and was all her own effort to reach that level, so you should also try your best and don't compare someone else's achievements to yours, you're still a novice you still have time to grow Bell-kun...okay? but don't push yourself too hard and safety is always first!" says Eina with a gentle expression at Bell.

Bell blushed looking at her gentle expression and also felt grateful at her words to make him feel better. he understands what she meant, even not now who know he'll reach the top as the strongest in Orario.

"Thank you very much Eina-san I'll try my best! I love you!" Bell says as he runs out to go at the dungeon.

"W-What is that boy saying so casually" Bell didn't see Eina blushing from his words as he's already gone.

"Aiyaaa to think our Eina-san could blush like this, do you like that boy Eina-san~?" suddenly a woman's voice came beside Eina. The woman has short pink hair and pink eyes full of playfulness, she is also a receptionist and a close human friend of Eina, Misha Flott.

"come on, tell me about your relationship about that boy" says Misha with a teasing grin.

"nothing, just get back to work or else the head will scold you again for slacking off." says Eina with a thin smile, since she knows her friend's personality.

"aiyaa~ you don't have to threaten me like that I don't want to be scolded by that money pig, your no fun Eina-san" says Misha with a pout but she still does what she's told.


as Bell was walking in the streets to head in the dungeon, he takes glances around where the streets are bustling by people with liveliness he was suddenly called out from behind as a gentle voice entered his ears, he turns around he sees a cute girl in a green maid outfit with a white apron.

The girl's hair color is light grey, the same as her eyes that filled with liveliness, she seems like a kind and gentle girl with a air of mysteries.

"You dropped this sir." Bell See's that the girl seem to be handing out few magic stones that could've have fallen out in his pocket, Bell checks his pocket it seems that his magic stones lessened so it may really be his. "Ah! Thank you very much I didn't notice that it fell out" as Bell receives the magic stones he's stomach suddenly growled, time seems to have stop for the both of them. "c-come to think of it I forgot to take my breakfast before heading to the dungeon" Bell said in his mind as he and the girl gaze each other while Bell blush in this embarrassing situation.

"Fufu...wait a moment I'll be back" the girl said as she turns around as she enters a restaurant before Bell could say a thing.

"It seems that's the place where she's working at" Bell thought in his mind as he waited for her since he couldn't just leave when she told him to wait, it would be rude if he's gone when that girl came back.

As the girl returned she was bringing a basket and handed it to Bell. "take this it seems life your really hungry" she says with a bright smile.

Bell was taken aback 'w-wait I can't accept this" Bell says as he returns the basket to the girl, but the girl didn't receive it.

"No, it's fine just take it I can still make my own later since the restaurant is still close, in return just try to eat later in the pub I work at ok? The girl said with a smile.

"w-well thank you very much, I'll try later." Bell said while feeling touched.

"Ah! By the way I'm Syr Flova, a waitress in the hostess of fertility" says Syr with a kind smile.

"My name is Bell Cranel, a novice adventurer" replied Bell with while gazing the smiling girl in front of him.


The Kingdom of Rakia, it is in the Western side of the continent far away from Orario. It's a kingdom known as an military country and has over 600,000 inhabitants. The king of Rakia was appointed by Ares the god of war to rule the kingdom at the same time the captain of the Ares Famila. Ares familia is said to be the most largest and complex familia, even though it's the most largest most of their people are only mortals. only captains and generals have mostly reach lvl 2 did not even reach a hundred. Still the kingdom likes to fight other countries and wage wars. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Near the kingdom of Rakia, A small forest that has been forbidden by Ares for entry no matter who even the king of Rakia could not enter the forest. Those who tries trespass inside the forest would be punished to death by Ares himself, When the king heard Ares orders he obeyed him since he has always been loyal to Ares he ordered a group of military personnel that is loyal to the king to gaurd the forest from intruders and also not to trespass inside the forest.

A lot of people were curious of why is the forest forbidden by Ares, but nobody disobeyed since they don't want to lose their lives. There were some who tried snuck in the forest but still got captured by the military personnel of the king and those who managed to snuck in...never came out again.


Deep inside the forest, it is filled with trees but no animals it's peaceful and quiet, There's also a clean lake and besides the lake seems to be a simple cabin, inside the cabin there's a table and two chairs opposite to each other seems to be occupied by two silhouettes while facing each other.

"It's been 14 years already old man, it's about time to tell me your plans right? You didn't even told why did have to seal that boy's memories and powers. We could've just brought him here with us without the need to seal those right? And also of all gods and goddesses why should it be her? You knew a boy wouldn't get in to a familia that easily. There's something more that what it seems right old man?" Says one of the silhouette with eyes of curiosity.

"Hmph! You also know bringing that boy suddenly in this world with his circumstances he could've kill anyone indiscriminately and cause more trouble than we need. I've only did that so that the boy could have attachments some people in this world so that his hatred and rage would lessen when he recovers his memories and that goddess fits to watch over him." Said the other silhouette with a sigh

" think you have this cunning side of yours old man, that surprised me and also to think you've plan it this far I'm impressed...but are you sure old man that boy wouldn't get crazy and kill anyone when he recovers?" Asked the man with a grin.

"I don't know, this is the instructions by the god of creation when I told him about the boy years ago" said lightly by the old man, but the other one had widen his eyes from surprise.

"So the god of creation knew about the what are his thoughts about the boy's events in those years?" Asked the man with a serious face.

"The god of creation never blamed the boy from devouring the soul of that idiot, he also said he'll help us fix those "souls". Never would I thought that bastard has been taking humans from the origin world behind our backs. The god of creation was angered when he heard what happened, to think there would still be idiots to try and kidnap people from the origin world for their own entertainment. The god of creation thinks that idiot wasn't the only one that had been doing it. The god of creation had made a golden rule to not interfere in the origin world since milliniums, only those who have died that we can take to another world since the golden rule was made by him. To think there would still be someone to forcefully summon those from the origin world." Said the old man with a puff since he's also angered by the likes of that idiot.

"So will the god of creation take action?"

"No...he got problems that he cannot leave his place, it seems serious if not...he would've taken action to cut of the weeds and pull out the roots. That's why he asked me by saying "wouldn't that boy fit to be the gardener to take out the roots don't you think?" That's what he said"

The man was dumbstruck hearing those words

"Hahahahaha to think the boy would become the gardener..I see now... so what's the plan?" Asked the man with excitement, his eyes where shining expectantly to see what will happen in the future.

"For now head to Orario and send me some news of what's the situation so I can send you the information of what to do next, also we don't need to bother with the other two. The god of creation has already told them what they needed to do." Says the old man with a shrug.

"Aiyaa~ I'm the god of messenger it'll be a piece of cake, then... I'll take my leave. I don't want to miss out the fun." the man stands up and turns around facing his back to the old man heading to the door as he opened it he suddenly stopped and said "things would be a lot easier old man if you weren't banished from Orario" says the man as he exits and close the door.

"Sigh, there's no need to dwell in the pass, A new era is about to begin and a lot of lives will be loss when the time of the calamity arrives, this world needs a hero...even it's a killer made hero or either a monster.."mutters the old man as he close his eyes.

oblivion oblivion

Hi everyone it's been almost a year since I last opened cause a lot of things happened can't be explain in a few words so, this isn't the original chapter I made last cause the original I tried to post last night suddenly disappeared I don't know if it was a bug so I had to make it again and some changes since I don't remember everything that I wrote in the original, but still hope you enjoy.

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