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Chapter 39 – Princess - Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 39 by Salted Fish Jienan full book limited free

Chapter 39: Chapter 39 – Princess

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Looking at Kelly, Chen Heng understood but gave a faint smile as he said, "So why did those people come to assassinate you?"

"I don't know," a dark look appeared on Kelly's face, "Those assassins were not higher-ups, and they were just the ones responsible for killing and did not know anything. They didn't even know who hired them.

"Moreover, they used various methods to all commit suicide."

Speaking to there, his face became ashen; he was evidently feeling terrible.

These people came from an assassin organisation and evidently did not come here just because they were bored. They had been hired.

However, now that they had died, they had lost their only lead, and it would be difficult to continue investigating.

After all, dead men tell no tales.

If these people had come from the Kutu Principality, it would not be as big of a problem; with Kelly's family's strength, as long as they wanted to, they would be able to find some traces.

However, the ones who hired them had considered this.

Shadow's Touch was an assassination organisation from a foreign Kingdom and it kept absolute confidentiality. It was impossible for it to betray its client just because of Kelly's family's power.

As such, Kelly could only make guesses.

He listed a few guesses to Chen Heng before leaving with an ashen face.

Of course, before leaving, in order to thank Chen Heng for his help, he had brought many gifts. He had also discussed a few business ventures with extremely favorable terms for Chen Heng.

In response, Chen Heng did not refuse and directly accepted.

Within the palace in the Kutu Royal City.

Inside a beautiful hall, it was quite peaceful.

This was a very spacious area, and there were not many people around.

A woman sat at the center of the hall by herself, taking care of various matters.

A faint ray of golden sunlight shined through the window onto the woman's body, making her figure and snow-white skin seem extremely alluring.

She did not look very old, perhaps 25 or 26 years old. She was extremely beautiful and wore a thin, short robe. Sitting there, she thought to herself.

At that moment, hurried footsteps sounded out from outside, accompanied by a big ruckus.

Olivia frowned and looked at the person who had walked over and asked softly, "Verna tried to sneak out again?"


Not too far away, a servant half-knelt with a respectful look and said, "In the past half a month, this is the third time."


Olivia coldly harrumphed, "She snuck out without my permission and was almost assassinated, and yet she still tries to sneak out.

"Has she grown tired of living?"

Hearing Olivia's words, the female servant half-knelt, not daring to say anything.

Olivia rubbed her forehead and lightly sighed before saying wearily, "Tell me, why has she been trying to sneak out so much?

"Also, tell me about what happened that day."


The female servant nodded before talking about everything that had happened at the banquet.

As she listened, Olivia suddenly frowned, "Wait. Are you sure that night it was Verna taking the initiative to invite someone to dance?"


The female servant nodded.

"And then that person happened to act and save Verna?" Olivia slowly asked.

Hearing the female servant reply in the affirmative, Olivia realized something.

"The cliché of a Knight saving a Princess." 

She shook her head before thinking to herself.

This incident was quite the coincidence.

Verna was her little sister and also a Princess of the Kutu royal family. There were many, many people who had reasons to harm her.

It was just that as soon as Verna had slipped out, someone had come to assassinate her?

Was it a problem with Kelly?

Moreover, she had just so happened to be saved by that person; it was quite a coincidence.

Was this planned in advance?

In that moment, many thoughts ran through Olivia's mind.

Compared to Verna, she was much older and had seen many things.

Firstly, living in the royal family, she was instinctively suspicious of everything and doubted many things.

"What kind of person is Kailin?"

Following this, she began to ask about Chen Heng.

In response, the female servant began to give an outline of Chen Heng's past.

From her information, Olivia obtained a greater understanding of Chen Heng.

"He doesn't sound bad at all."

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Listening to the female servant describe Chen Heng's past, Olivia's expression relaxed a bit and nodded, "He comes from a noble family from the southern side, and his family is not too powerful. He is also Corripo's student and has good talent, and he has great hope in becoming a Knight…"

She thought to herself, "If there are no problems about him, he would be a good match for Verna."

As a Princess of the royal family, she was much younger than the others and she had Olivia as a big sister.

This meant that she did not have much chance in fighting for the throne, so not many people would want to support her.

With Verna's identity as a Princess, if she was married into some of the large noble families, it was easy for there to be problems.

As a Princess under the current circumstances, it was easy for others to take advantage of her and use her.

As such, from how Olivia saw it, it would be best for Verna to marry a noble whose family was not too powerful but could protect themselves.

A Knight from a small noble family in the south was simply perfect.

Of course, even though Olivia felt that Chen Heng was quite good from the surface of things, she still had to think about it in detail.

"What is Knight Kailin like in other respects?"

She knocked on the table as she asked, "Does he have any personal problems? For example, a fiancée or something like that?"

Many noble families would arrange marriages for their successors while they were still young in order to gain the support of other families and strengthen themselves.

Moreover, with how chaotic noble circles were, there were often love children born from maids and whatnot.

Because of her mother's influence, even Olivia herself had quite a few lovers.

For the person that her little sister liked, she would not mind if he had had lovers in the past, but having a fiancée was unacceptable. Otherwise, things could get quite complicated in the future.

However, the answer she received made her feel quite surprised.

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