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Fate's Little Feral Consort Fate's Little Feral Consort

Fate's Little Feral Consort

Author: Yu Xiaotong

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Better a Broken Jade than an Intact Tile

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

*tick, tock*

Yun Qianyu heard a faint noise and opened her eyes with difficulty.

She saw a swinging pocket watch.

She looked up and saw a delicate face with well-groomed slender black eyebrows, dark pupils, and a straight nose. The corners of his lips were beautifully arched into a smile directed at her.

When he saw her wake up, he said softly, "You're awake."

Yun Qianyu frowned and tried to get up but she noticed something when she moved: she was chained to the bed. Her hands and feet were tied up. She could not move.

Yun Qianyu's expression changed, and she quickly looked up at the man in front of her. Her tone cold, she yelled, "Yao Guang, what are you doing?"

She had taken Yao Guang in three months ago after finding him unconscious at the scene of her adoptive father's death. She wanted to find out how her father had died, but Yao Guang seemed to have lost his memory.

What was the situation now? Yun Qianyu stared at this man who was suddenly acting totally different than before.

He had an elegant body and a noble air about him, like the prince in an ancient fairy tale. His image was totally different from the boy next door image he had previously had.

The man stood up straight and held out his hand to Yun Qianyu. He respectfully introduced himself, "Hello, I'm Fu Jingyan."

As soon as he said that, her face turned pale. She looked at Fu Jingyan with a mirthless smile.

"Fu Jingyan, age 24, the current president of Longteng group. You've never shown your real intentions but offered a billion Yuan to buy the Phoenix ring. Are you here for the Phoenix ring?"

Yun Qianyu looked down at the Phoenix ring on her finger. It was a gift from her adoptive father--many people desired it all the time.

It was said that there was a Phoenix sealed in the Phoenix ring and that the Phoenix had magical powers that could help people fulfill their wishes; that was why many wanted it.

Among them was Fu Jingyan, the president of the Longteng group. He offered a billion Yuan to buy the Phoenix ring but unfortunately, he still didn't get it; it was in the hands of Yun Qianyu.

Yun Qianyu not only had superb medical skills but also was very powerful. Ordinary people couldn't get close to her.

"You killed my adoptive father. You pretended to be unconscious at the scene. You pretended to lose your memory. Did you do all of that just to get the Phoenix ring?!"

Fu Jingyan didn't speak. Yun Qianyu knew that she had guessed correctly. Suddenly, she started laughing at herself. She had always been cold-blooded and merciless, and unfortunately, her rare show of kindness would now result in her demise. If she didn't let anyone get close to her, would he have been able to hypnotize her?

Fu Jingyan was very uncomfortable seeing her laugh like this. He looked at Yun Qianyu tenderly and said, "Yu'er, I just want to see the ring. It's fatally alluring to me. I just want to see why I'm so tempted by it. I never wanted to own the Phoenix ring."

Yun Qianyu stopped laughing and stared at Fu Jingyan.

"If it wasn't for the fact that only I could take off the ring, you would have taken it while I was sleeping."

When Yun Qianyu said that, Fu Jingyan opened his mouth but couldn't say anything. In fact, when Yu'er was unconscious, he did try to take the ring off her. Unexpectedly, the Phoenix ring bound to her like it was a part of her flesh and bone--impossible to remove.

Yun Qianyu no longer cared what Fu Jingyan said, but asked angrily, "Fu Jingyan, did you kill my adoptive father?"

"That was an accident", Fu Jingyan said with guilt. He was just trying to scare him. Fu Jingyanbut he didn't expect that the man would rather die than give up the Phoenix ring.

Yun Qianyu interrupted Fu Jingyan and said, "Did you think that you could force me to give you the ring if you kidnapped me? Fu Jingyan, dream on. How dare you kill my adoptive father?"

After saying that, she gave him a sarcastic smile and then, without hesitation, crushed the long-buried bomb chip in her finger.

With a loud bang, Yun Qianyu felt like she broke into numerous pieces. Fu Jingyan called out in a sad voice, "Yu'er, I like you, don't die. I don't want the Phoenix ring. I just wanted to take a look at it."

TL note: Better a broken jade than an intact tile is a Chinese idiom which means death is preferable to dishonor. 

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