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Chapter 378: C378

Opening the passage to the Mirror World is not difficult. Apart from Sakura's Imaginary Number, it can also be simulated by magic circles.

For the magi of the Age of Gods, simulating an imaginary passage is even easier.

The young Shirou used the second Noble Phantasm, switched to Merlin's records, and easily opened the passage to the Mirror World.

Once inside the Mirror World, he saw Medusa about to unleash her Noble Phantasm, so without hesitation, he drew and unleashed Rhongomyniad, striking towards Medusa.

The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad he unleashed in his hand was much more powerful than when it was released by Gray.

Not only did Rhongomyniad destroy Medusa's Noble Phantasm, but it also directly obliterated her Class Card.

And when the two girls attempted to create a teleportation circle to escape, Shirou didn't waste a moment. He immediately blasted them away without saying a word.

"It's our enemy! The arch-nemesis of magical girls!" Ritsuka shouted.

Hearing this, he landed on the ground, and his mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Shirou scanned the area, his eyes briefly pausing on Illya, who was clad in sapphire outfit, before moving on.

He didn't see Rin or Luvia.

Obviously, this matter has nothing to do with them.

At this point in time, Luvia had recently experienced the events at Adra Castle and had not yet gone to the Clock Tower for further studies, nor become Zelretch's disciple alongside Rin, which ultimately led to the start of the "Magical Girl ☆ Illya" timeline.

So, does this mean that the two Kaleidosticks, Ruby and Sapphire, came here on their own?

Ritsuka got back on her feet, her face smudged with dust from the impact of Rhongomyniad's beam. Annoyed, she glared at young Shirou, questioning him, "Who are you? Why are you attacking us? Are you our enemy?"

She tightly clenched Ruby in her hand, pointing it at young Shirou, fully prepared for a battle.

"Really... Can't you recognize me? Heh, I guess it can't be helped. But Ritsuka, just know that I am super, super, super angry right now!"

He covered his forehead with his hand, his bright eyes staring at Ritsuka through his fingers.

Those eyes, once bright and refreshing, now appeared icy and terrifying.

In a panic, Ruby trembled and warned, "Ritsuka, run! That guy, he's not someone we can defeat!"

Sapphire asked curiously, "Sister, you've been panicking for a while now. Do you know him? Who is he?"

"That... that is... the absolute enemy of magical girls!" Ruby replied frantically.

"I am a magical girl representing love and justice, and I will never lose to anyone!" Ritsuka declared confidently.

"Wait... wait a minute! Hold on, Ritsuka?!"

But Ritsuka paid no attention to Ruby's voice. She shouted, waved Ruby, and launched a pink magical energy cannonball directly at young Shirou.

Shirou: "..."

As Ritsuka observed the soft magical energy cannonball flying through the air, a black hand suddenly emerged from behind young Shirou.

With a sharp "crack" sound, he crushed the magical energy cannonball into mere particles of light.

"Eh?" Ritsuka was taken aback, and she glanced down at Ruby, puzzled. "Ruby, why did you restrict the magical energy?"

"Idiot! I told you to run!" Ruby shouted in frustration.

Shirou furrowed his brows and scolded, "I don't remember teaching you to be so reckless!"

He raised Rhongomyniad and unleashed a light beam with a swift gesture.

A deafening "boom" resonated as the beam struck the ground, creating a fierce storm. Despite Ritsuka's magical barriers and physical protection, she was blown off to the side and covered in dust.

"Ah!" she screamed.

Witnessing Ritsuka being attacked, Illya quickly snapped back to her senses and called out, "Sapphire, get ready to rescue Ritsuka!"

"Yes!" Sapphire replied, ready to take action.

However, before the two of them could carry out their rescue plan, the young Shirou suddenly appeared right in front of them.

The sudden turn of events sent a shiver down their spines.

Shirou reached out his palm, grabbed Sapphire, and then yanked it violently, pulling Sapphire into his hand.

As a result, Illya transformed back into her original state.

"This... this..."

Both Illya and Sapphire were somewhat unable to understand the current situation.

Shirou spoke, "Dangerous things like this are not meant for children to play with."

A whimper escaped Illya's lips; she was frightened and feeling intimidated by his actions.

He cast a brief glance at Illya before walking over to where Ritsuka lay on the ground.

"Let me go!" Sapphire protested, attempting to struggle in his grasp.

However, without her Master, Sapphire found herself powerless and couldn't muster any strength to break free.

Her struggles proved futile.

A black hand emerged behind him and firmly held onto Sapphire.

Meanwhile, he reached Ritsuka's side.

By now, Ritsuka had managed to crawl back up from the ground, but Ruby had already become separated from her, and she didn't know where Ruby had fallen.

Ritsuka didn't shed tears but instead, she pursed her lips in annoyance and said unyieldingly, "You may have won this time, but I'll definitely win next time!"

Shirou's mouth twitched.

Did this kid think they were in some sort of children's magical girl show?

Despite not recognizing him, she treated him as if he were just a supporting character?

Shirou remained silent, extending his hand towards Ritsuka. He grabbed the back of her clothes and lifted her high up. Then, he seated himself on the ground, placing her on his lap and using one foot to keep her squirming legs under control, raising her buttocks higher.

"Eh... what... what are you trying to do?" she asked in a panicked voice.

He raised his hand high, but then he remembered he still held Rhongomyniad and had to pause in mid-air.

With a "cha" sound, he swiftly inserted the Holy Lance into the ground next to him.

And then—



Ritsuka's bottom hurt as if it was on fire, and she burst into tears right away.


Another smack.

"Waa!" she cried, "Even my brother doesn't hit me like this. Who are you? I'll tell my brother!"

His mouth twitched and he said, "I am your brother!"

"You're lying! You're clearly not much older than me! My brother is a high school student..."

Before she could finish crying, he smacked her bottom again with his hand.


"Waa!" she cried out in pain, feeling as if her bottom had bloomed.

Illya couldn't bear to see it. She threw herself on Ritsuka, protecting her body, "Don't hit her anymore... don't hit her anymore..."

The hand stopped abruptly.

This child is not his sister; he shouldn't be laying his hands on her.

In the midst of the chaos, Ruby hid in the rubble, trembling in fear.

"Ritsuka... is actually the younger sister of the Eternal King..."

"I really made the wrong choice..."

"We should run away, and quickly! Otherwise, the magical girls will be wiped out today!"

Ruby started to collect the debris around her, intending to bury herself in it.

However, a black hand suddenly emerged from Shirou's back, stretching indefinitely, and directly seized Ruby, pulling her over to him.


Ruby's struggles were futile.

At this moment, just like her sister Sapphire, Ruby found herself captured in the clutches of the black hand.

"It's all over! This is the end of magical girls!" Ruby sobbed, feeling utterly hopeless.

Though Shirou was still indignant, the destruction of Medusa's Class Card had taken its toll on the Mirror World. The space was now "cracking" and showing signs of collapse.

Seeing the Mirror World was about to disintegrate, he had no choice but to set aside his anger for the moment. He quickly activated Merlin's records to simulate a path out of the collapsing world.

With Ritsuka crying in his left hand and a bewildered Illya in his right, Shirou sprouted black wings from his back and swiftly flew out of the collapsing Mirror World.

Once they were safely outside, he gently placed Ritsuka and Illya on the ground. He then quickly set Ruby down as well. Using Rhongomyniad, he began chopping at it.

"Thump, thump, thump...!!"



"Pain, pain, pain, pain... Be gentler, be gentler!"

Ruby screamed as it was chopped by the Holy Lance.

Shirou seethed with anger. They had kidnapped his sister to make her a magical girl and expected him to be gentle about it?

What a joke!

Today, he had made up his mind to destroy this stick!

Gripping Rhongomyniad firmly, he swung the tip of the lance, chopping at Ruby.

"Pain, pain, pain, pain...!!!"

"Waa! Eternal King, no matter how you put it, we've met before! Please don't be so cruel! I, Ruby, am going to be smashed!"

"You dare to talk back to me after kidnapping my sister? Today, you'll face the consequences for real!"

"What's wrong with being a magical girl? What's wrong with representing love and justice? Love is justice, and magical girls can live on forever!" Ruby protested.

Shirou sneered in response, "A pity, it's too late. The end of magical girls has come!"

Using the black mud, he immobilized Ruby on the ground, then swung the Holy Lance at her.

"Ah, ah...!!!" she screamed in agony, and a chilling "sizzling" sound filled the air.

Meanwhile, Sapphire, trapped by the black mud, called out in worry, "Sis... Sis!"

Ritsuka and Illya desperately wanted to intervene and stop him, but the black mud held them back, leaving them only able to cry out, "Don't be so cruel!"

Despite their pleas, he showed no sign of stopping.

Ruby continued to scream, "What's wrong with being a magical girl? We can even use spells to get a perfect score on exams!"

"What?" He abruptly halted his actions, his hand frozen in mid-air.

'I'm sorry, Ritsuka! I, Ruby, really can't hold on any longer!'

Ruby mourned silently, then, in a desperate attempt to save itself, it betrayed Ritsuka by revealing their secret, "I said, what's wrong with being a magical girl? You can use a spell for exams and get a perfect score!"

Shirou: "..."

He stopped his hand.

This should have been a good thing. However, the atmosphere seemed very strange.

Especially Ritsuka, she subconsciously shivered, feeling that her buttocks hurt even more.

Shirou's expression darkened as he turned his head to stare coldly at his sister. He said, "Ritsuka, your brother has always taught you to be honest and good, never to be deceitful and vain. Isn't that right?"


Ritsuka's petite body trembled, and she shrank back in fear.

She could feel it - her buttocks were crying!

With a gloomy expression, He approached her.

Despite his slender and small body, in her eyes, it was like the incarnation of despair.

"No... don't come over!!!" Ritsuka cried out.

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