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Fate/unlimited sword system Fate/unlimited sword system original

Fate/unlimited sword system

Author: Unlimited_Comic

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

1994, Fuyuki City.

The cold brought by winter spreads everywhere, the sky and the earth are white, and the snowflakes are overwhelming.

The pines and cypresses, which can only add a little green to this withered winter, are also covered with a thick snow blanket at this moment.

But these are all floating clouds for Shirou, who is curled up in a warm and comfortable bed. At this moment, only the warm quilt is the most beautiful season.

Ring ring ring ————!!!

The annoying alarm clock rang in his ears, and the noise was so loud that Shirou couldn't continue to sleep.


Shirou angrily lifted the quilt and punched the alarm clock away.

With a "bang", the world returned to calm.

"Hmm... It's only 6:30... Get another five minutes of sleep. "

Shirou, who had returned to the bed, had just closed his eyes for less than five seconds when there was a sudden knock on the door.

Knock knock knock ...

Before Shirou could respond, the voice of his mother, Fujimaru Kana, came from outside the door.

"Shirou~ It's time to get up, otherwise breakfast will be cold. "

In the face of his mother's gentle urging, Shirou never wanted to get up, but in the end he sat up patiently and began to put on his clothes.

"Coming, coming, ..."

After replying, Mrs. Fujimaru's footsteps faded away.

After Shirou walked out of the room, Mrs. Fujimaru was already dressed up, carrying her bag and going out to the supermarket.

Seeing Shirou walking towards the bathroom, Mrs. Fujimaru turned around.

"By the way, Shirou, the lunch box is on the table for you, so remember to take it with you after breakfast. "

"Well, got it, please walk slowly. " Shirou waved his hand.

Then, with a "click", the door was closed. Now, Shirou is the only one left in the house.

"Whew... Let's rinse your mouth first. "

After going to the bathroom, Shirou turned on the faucet and washed it with a cup, and with the sound of gurgling mouthwashes, Shirou spit out the mouthwash in his mouth.

"Today is the same as always... Nothing strange happened. "

The city where he is now is Fuyuki City, and his name is Fujimaru Shirou.

From a babbling baby to the age of seven, Shirou also took a long time to gradually understand his situation.

I thought I was just crossing into the two-dimensional world, but before Shirou began to think about how to use his advantages to make a lot of money in the future, his life flew into the sky like a rocket, and he suddenly discovered the cruel truth that the city he was in was Fuyuki City.

"But fortunately, at this stage I have nothing to do with the Holy Grail War or anything, as long as I can find a way to get my parents to move out of the city..." Murmuring like this, Shirou couldn't help but sigh.

This kind of thing, he didn't just think of it now, as early as two years ago, when Shirou gradually understood that this world was the world of the Type-moon, Shirou had already tried it.

But his current body is just a child, how could he have such an ability to make his parents, who have already taken root in Fuyuki City, suddenly move out of here.

"What can I do? I'm still a kid!"

The so-called Holy Grail War is when seven magus each summon heroic spirits and then bet on survival to kill each other.

The one who survives in the end will be able to get the Wishing Cup.

However, this is the time of the Fourth World War, and these magus don't know that what they want to fight for is nothing more than a broken cup that is trying to vent their aunt's blood, and no matter what wishes will eventually become "evil".

The Holy Grail that doesn't fulfill your wish is just a cup that looks worthwhile.

Shirou wasn't going to get involved in this senseless war. As a child, I was too weak and had no strength.

"So... What's next...".

Shirou looked up at the mirror in the bathroom. In the mirror, Shirou reflected He own soul with a young face.

He has brown-red hair, brown pupils, a fair and immature face, a hint of sharpness in his eyes, and the tail of his eyebrows is shaped like lightning.

Born with a very good looks, Shirou is quite popular in school, and both boys and girls have a good impression of him.

Well, why do you always think it's weird to say that?


After eating breakfast and bringing the bento, Shirou closed the door with a sling bag.

The cold wind blows slowly in the winter morning, and Tokushiro can't help but tighten his neck.

"It's so cold..."

The sky is blue, and the warm winter sun hangs high in the sky.

The sun was shining on his face, but Shirou didn't feel even a trace of warmth at all.

Fuyuki is a small seaside town located in the far east of Japan, named after its belief that it has extremely long winters.

In fact, the climate is warm, so it is not attacked by the cold, and if you dig two springs, you may find hot springs.

There is a river that runs through the city, dividing the city into two parts with very different architectural styles.

On the east side is the new capital, a highly modern new town with everything, and on the west side is Fukayama Town, which is basically an old town with only residential areas.

The two banks of the river are connected by the fuyuki Bridge.

The river is connected to the underground spiritual veins, and as an excellent spiritual land, many influential magus have migrated to it for a long time, and these magus and the spiritual land of Fuyuki City are managed by the Tosaka family, a member of the Magic Association of the Clock Tower.

"It stands to reason that winter shouldn't be so cold, is it because I'm too nervous..."

Shirou took a deep breath and tried to shout inwardly.


It's a system that has been with Shirou for seven years, although its only function is to let Shirou check his status bar.

[I'm ...].

Once Shirou asked something else, the system replied [No more features enabled.] ]

Originally, I thought that with a system, there might be a way to deal with the crisis, but it seems that God is not going to do it.

"open the status bar. "

The next moment, a translucent panel appeared in front of Shirou's eyes.

Name: Shirou Fujimaru

Gender: Male

Age: 7 years old

Height: 135cm

Race: Human

Lineage: None

Special Abilities: None

Mana Circuit: 0 (27).

Physical Strength: 6 (10) Nerve Reflexes: 5 (10) Life Force: 6 (10) Mental Power: 9 (10).

At the bottom, there is a bracketed standard value for a normal adult male.

It seems that because he is a reincarnation, his mental power far exceeds that of his peers.

At the age of only seven now, it is inconceivable that Shirou can reach such a high number.

"There has been a certain improvement in all aspects, and it seems that exercising every day is still effective. "

Shirou muttered, then turned his gaze to the "Magic Circuit" column.

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