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1.66% Fearsome Farmer / Chapter 1: One Hundred Thousand Weeds
Fearsome Farmer Fearsome Farmer

Fearsome Farmer

Author: Lazy Bird

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Chapter 1: One Hundred Thousand Weeds

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was June, and the scorching sun glared in the sky. It was a time for all kinds of things to grow.

On a relatively flat field, Li Siwen bore the scorching sun, with his feet on the loess, and wielding his hoe, looking like a general in battle. He weeded the field, appearing invincible.


After having worked to the end of the field with no rest, Li Siwen straightened up his sore back and his eyes flashed with joy. Bah, he was not happy because of the growing seedling, although he was supposed to be a farmer.

Li Siwen took a look at the other farmers in the other fields far behind him and he soon regained his rigidity and agility.

He held up a water gourd, which hung from his waist, and took small sips while using it as a cover against the light. Suddenly, a somewhat simple and strange Attribute Bar had appeared in his mind. It was strange because the Attribute Bar seemed real. It was covered with cracks and looked like it was on the verge of falling apart.

Because of these cracks, a lot of the information was blurry and not visible.

Name: Wang Er (Li Siwen) is being replaced, and the Replacement progress is 50%.

Occupation: Farmer

Health: 10

Stamina: 10

Strength: 5

Agility: 2

Defense: 0

Under this strange Attribute Bar, there appeared three floating orbs. The left one was green, the middle one was yellow, and the right one was blue.

Currently, the yellow and blue orbs were both dimmed, and only the green orb was lit. This resulted from Li Siwen spending three days exterminating 100,000 weeds after he had transmigrated into this unknown world.

However, he did not know what would happen after the green orb lit up. Would the evil Feudal Lord discover that he was a fake NPC? Or would he embark on the road to become a winner in life?

Focusing on the green orb, Li Siwen vaguely sensed a kind of vitality from it. Or rather, that's what he felt. It was too abstract to call it that. What he felt at that moment was like the feeling of seeing a bowl of braised pork when he was hungry, a luxuriant spring when he was thirsty, a pillow when he was sleepy, and when he was lonely… In short, this was, without a doubt, good stuff.

Focusing harder, he saw the green orb instantly turn dim, as if something had been drawn from it.

When he looked at the Attribute Bar again, there was an extra line of blinking dynamic text and a strange countdown appeared.

Withdrawing Vitality Point +1, Time Remaining: 10 seconds.


Vitality Point?

There was no further explanation?

After giving it a short thought, Li Siwen came to understand that this Vitality Point was probably the vitality he had gotten from exterminating 100,000 weeds in the past three days. The Vitality Point was definitely going to be of great use.

At that moment, if he were to focus his attention on any Attribute in the Attribute Bar, that Attribute immediately became highlighted.

It was just adding points.

Li Siwen decisively added the Vitality Point to the first item, which was the Replacement progress bar. It was without a doubt the most important thing.

In an instant, he felt his entire body tremble. The Replacement progress bar filled up to 100% directly. He felt completely alive. Before, although he felt alive too, there seemed to be something in his way. It was as if he was a zombie.

Now, even the air he breathed was sweet and intoxicating. The raw feeling of the hoe in his hand was so familiar…

The cracks on the attribute bar had all disappeared. The data had also changed slightly.

Name: Li Siwen

Occupation: Farmer

Health: 10

Stamina: 10

Strength: 5

Agility: 2

Defense: 0

Spirit: Grey

Talent: None

Skill: Farming Level 1. Explanation: An ability every commoner has, base-level beginner skill.

After a quick glance, Li Siwen casually put the gourd back on his waist, and continued swinging his hoe. He slashed at the weeds wholeheartedly. Such a description only served to motivate him.

There were ten farmers taking care of about fifty acres of land, including him. Everyone had to weed about one acre a day. However, there was no upper limit on how much they had to do. None of the farmers would skive, but neither would they rush to do more.

They drank when they were thirsty and ate when they were hungry. They took breaks when they were tired and escaped from the heat at noon. At night, they went to bed, snored, ground their teeth, and talked in their sleep. Their bowel movements were normal. When they met the Feudal Lord, they would greet him. Occasionally, they would talk crudely about the opposite-sex.

They were like ordinary people. That was, if Li Siwen had not witnessed the amazing things a lord was capable of.

In short, the situation was like this. He had transmigrated and became a farmer, an NPC at that.

Fortunately, Li Siwen had a good mentality. The first thing he realized was that he must never reveal his identity. After three days and three nights, he could finally claim to be half a native.

Taking this farmland as a reference point, there was a large mountain to the east, rising high into the clouds. The mountain top was snowy and surrounded by white clouds. However, it was unknown if there were immortals or dragons there.

To the south was an endless forest, and the specific situation inside was unknown.

To the west was a huge river. The water flow was steady, but the river was wide. It went on for perhaps ten miles or more. He had seen no fishing boats pass by.

To the north was a hill. Under the hills was the territory of the Feudal Lord, but this was probably the shabbiest territory Li Siwen had ever seen.

The Feudal Lord lived in a stone house.

There were six wooden houses which were in better conditions. In them lived ten militiamen and two fat cooking aunties.

Five thatched cottages which were in the worst conditions housed ten farmers, four hunters, and six loggers.

The last was a fence that enclosed all of this.

This was the territory.

He did not know much about anything else, but there was one thing that put Li Siwen on edge. That was, farmers die.

There were no roads built around this simple camp, but according to the height of the wheat seedlings growing in the field and the trails that had been made, there should have been no less than 10 farmers before Li Siwen and the nine other farmers were recruited by the Feudal Lord.

Now, they were all dead.

Whether it was a strategy game world or a fantasy world, Li Siwen didn't want to die again.

Even if he was a farmer, an NPC, he wanted to survive.

The wheat seedlings in the farmland were sparse and about 15cm in height, but there were a lot of weeds. Some weeds had especially well-developed rhizomes, which were simply horrible! They had often just been cleared a few days ago, and in the blink of an eye, lush shoots would grow again.

This was undoubtedly a newly domesticated wasteland.

Through this, Li Siwen made a bold judgment. He feared that the Feudal Lord was not a native of this world!

However, this had nothing to do with him. At the moment, he was weeding wholeheartedly. In his hands, the rusty iron hoe seemed to be a powerful weapon.

The little bit of light that kept increasing in the little green orb was really infinitely magical.

That day, nothing much happened. The Feudal Lord came to oversee them twice, while the militiamen came to patrol every two hours. However, that did not increase Li Siwen's sense of security. He felt their frequent appearance implied that there was much danger around the territory.

However, the other thing Li Siwen worried about didn't happen.

After having completely replaced a farmer Wang Er today, he had deliberately accelerated the speed and quality of weeding. Therefore, while the density of weeds remained roughly the same, he weeded one-tenth of an acre more than yesterday. That improved the quality by 20% and filled the green orb to more than one third.

The statistic was significantly different, but the Feudal Lord didn't bother. Dinner remained the same. It was still as bland as ever.

When night fell, an accident happened. A wild boar weighing about 300 KG broke into the territory. After breaking the thigh of a militiaman, the Feudal Lord caught up with it in a hurry and slashed it to death.

'A 100-meter acceleration sprint can reach about six seconds. If it's strong, it can hit me five or more. Other than that, I have discovered no mysterious power yet.' With this in mind, Li Siwen fell asleep under the bombardment of countless mosquitoes.

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