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0.02% Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married / Chapter 1: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (I)
Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married

Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married

Author: October Prime

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Chapter 1: You Plotted Against Me, So I’m Taking Your Man (I)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the police stopped in front of the door, Yan Qingsi had just gotten off Yue Tingfeng's bed.

The smell of lust had yet to dissipate from the air while clothes were scattered all over the bedside floor. It was evident that the night before was filled with intense passion.

'Knock knock!' It sounded like someone was knocking very hard on the hotel room door but Yan Qingsi seemed nonchalant about the whole incident. She bathed, wore her clothes, and even put on makeup. It seemed like she was at her own apartment going through her normal routine.

After all, she was Yan Qingsi—a vice-filled woman and the finest of all temptresses. It was only natural that she must doll herself up beautifully at all times. She wanted to be so radiant that she could blind the filthy eyes of men.

Yue Tingfeng was half-naked, and the nail marks left behind by Yan Qingsi were clearly showing on his chest. Those reddish blotches on his skin were suggestive of their intimacy. He lit up a cigarette and said, "If you beg, I can cut down your jail time by two years."

Yan Qingsi walked over and took the cigarette from his fingers. She took a deep puff and exhaled a cloud of smoke before stuffing it back into his mouth again.

She patted her slender hands on his cheek like how a prostitute would tease a customer. "Uncle, Mr. Yue, you should be more careful when you're looking for a girl next time. Just because you're loaded, doesn't mean I can't cheat you out of all that money."

Indeed, the man she was sleeping with was the husband to her father's younger sister. Every woman in Luo City viewed him as their dream lover and he was the only heir of Yue Clan Financial Group.

Those who laid eyes on Yue Tingfeng were able to acknowledge his good looks. However, he himself might not have a clue whatsoever as to how filthy rich he really was.

Otherwise, Yan Qingsi would not have lost self-control and slept with him.

Everyone in the city, be it men or women, would have loved to spend the night with him. After being flipped into all sorts of positions by him on the bed the whole night, Yan Qingsi thought to herself and felt like it was an achievement. Not everyone would have been able to do what she did.

After spending the night with him, Yan Qingsi considered him to be someone who was both rich and imposing.

Yue Tingfeng was a prideful man in every aspect.

At the door, the police shouted, "We will break down the door if you don't open it."

Yan Qingsi checked herself in the mirror to see if any part of her looked inappropriate. She then turned to open the door, prompting Yue Tingfeng to grab her wrist suddenly. "Yan Qingsi, this is your last chance. Are you sure you don't want to?"

Yue Tingfeng's eyes were elegant and he raised an eyebrow. It was the ideal face: phoenix-like eyes that were almond-shaped, thin lips, a straight nose, and a handsome look of fickleness. His frivolous expression seemed to be eternal as if despising worldly conventions. Regardless of who he was looking at, his face was always a stony one—devoid of warmth and emotion.

Yan Qingsi raised a brow. "What's wrong? Do you have feelings for me now after we slept? Don't tell me you're going to ditch your fiancée and run away with me. When did our Mr. Yue become so… emotional?"

Yue Tingfeng tightened his grip on her wrist to the point where his strength was almost capable of breaking it.

"You slept with me just to retaliate against the Yan family?"

Yan Qingsi shot him a look and leaned closer. Her breath was as delightful as the scent of orchid flowers. "I slept with you only because you're Yan Ruke's man. I thought you knew that from the start? Why're you acting all innocent?"

Her first impression of him was that of a man whose heart and blood ran cold. Pride was in his bones and he looked down on everyone, including her aunt. Not a single person in the whole world seemed to be worthy of him.

Yue Tingfeng's eyes became gloomy, a sentence escaped through the cracks of his teeth. "You're despicable."

Yan Qingsi's red lips curled up. "Of course I am. If I wasn't, would you have slept with me?"

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