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Chapter 35: Heart Attack

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wei Huo heard the horrifying warning and was stunned. He quickly checked his own Health Menu but found no diseases. He then checked Lu Qiqi's Health Menu as well and she was alright.

Wei Huo had gone out to hunt with Lu Qiqi today while the panda was in charge of looking after their belongings. Due to its age, the panda no longer had the strength to hunt. Wei Huo ended up being the one carrying all of their belongings.

Wei Huo ran back when he realized that the problem was neither him nor Lu Qiqi.

The panda could no longer get up by the time Wei Huo found it. It was panting on the floor and seemed like it was in excruciating pains.

Wei Huo checked its Health Menu immediately. 'Deadly Disease: Heart Attack (Critical).'

Lu Qiqi arrived at the scene as well. She checked the panda's condition and said, "It's too fat. Too much fat has accumulated in its body causing its blood vessels to harden and clog. The heart has been overworking, and the damage to it is severe. Most importantly… It's too old."

Wei Huo scrunched his brows. "Could it be saved?"

Lu Qiqi said, "A surgery needs to be performed, but there are no tools for it. On top of that, my Medicine level is not high enough to perform surgeries. We need to find an experienced vet."

Where can one find an experienced vet while humans are still in the time halt?

Wei Huo had an idea as he asked Lu Qiqi, "Can medicine for humans be fed to pandas?"

Wei Huo had the Item Mall as his arsenal. He also had over 5,000 Magical Stones. As long as he used those stones to buy a special remedy for heart diseases, should the problem not be solved?

Wei Huo clicked open the Item Mall and performed a search. There was a wide range of medicine available in the Item Mall. There were both cheap and expensive options. For example, Sparkling World tablets said to be the cure of all diseases cost 1.5 million Magical Stones each while a box of Bao Xin Ning tablets usually used for heart diseases only cost five Magical Stones each.

Lu Qiqi suggested, "I don't know how to treat heart diseases, but I recommend that you shouldn't buy too many types of medicine. You should focus on getting just one."

Wei Huo nodded. He knew that he was not a doctor himself, and there was no way he would be capable of getting the most appropriate medicine for the panda's situation at that moment. He was also clear that one should not consume medicine rashly. Moreover, this was medicine for humans. He did not know what would happen if he fed it to an animal.

There were more expensive and fancy options, but it was wiser to buy a simpler and commonly used medicine instead.

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Wei Huo bought a Perfect Heart Reliever pill which cost him 500 Magical Stones. According to its introduction, the pill can revive any patient suffering from heart attacks but it was not a cure. It was said to work on humans, but no one knew if it was going to work on pandas.

The ones that could cure heart diseases were too expensive. Wei Huo could not afford those. He did not care for the cheaper options either as he knew that good things never came cheap.

Wei Huo fed the Perfect Heart Reliever pill to the panda. As it could no longer eat anything, Wei Huo had to force its mouth open and stuff the pill down its throat. The panda could only swallow the pill after being fed some water.

Wei Huo could only try his best in desperate times. It was all up to fate and the panda itself if it could survive.

Wei Huo put his Doran's Shield on the panda's body. Unfortunately, the shield was of no use. The introduction of Doran's Shield had stated that it could only slightly recover one's health.

However, as the panda had a heart attack, Doran's Shield was of no use to it.

There were no operating theatres in a place like this. They only had some common herbal medicine on them. The most they could do presently was to make a crutch or stretcher for the panda. They were of not much use to its present situation.

The panda was panting more severely. It closed its eyes, clenched its fists, and it seemed like it was in excruciating pains.

Lu Qiqi had been taking care of it. She put her hand on the panda's body where its heart was and felt that the panda's heartbeat was weak. It would be unsurprising if its heart stopped beating at that moment.

Wei Huo had no other choice. He could only wait it out.

The panda was going to be the next one to pass away after Fatty Tiger. It was already pretty old. Even if it made it through this time, it would not be alive for long. That was the most helpless thing about life. No living creature could defeat the inevitability of death.

Humans could increase their lifespan through Qi Cultivation, but what about animals? Animals had no way of picking up the skills unless they managed to learn about the caves or open the caves by chance. They would then need to learn the Human Language. Otherwise, there was no other way.

Wei Huo sat next to the panda and ran his fingers through its fur. It was really getting old. Its fur had become dull, and its gaze was no longer as sharp. It seemed dispirited at that moment.

It continued panting and tolerating the pains in its heart. It kept crying, but its voice was getting softer.

The panda might not be able to make it!

Lu Qiqi ran her fingers through the panda's fur as well. She had changed greatly over the past ten years. Although she still had a few features akin to artificial beings, she was becoming more and more human.

Wei Huo checked his provisions. They did not have much left and needed to hunt. However, their surroundings were deserted. There were barely any beasts within sight, making hunting nearly impossible. Wei Huo's Qi Cultivation was now level seven. His need for food had decreased to a bare minimum, but Lu Qiqi and the panda still needed food.

Wei Huo had Lu Qiqi stay back to take care of the panda as he went out to hunt alone. No matter what happened, life had to go on.

There were barely any beasts in the area because it was a desert. The heat was intolerable in the day and the cold was unbearable at night. Water was scarce at the moment, let alone food.

They had to travel in this direction because there was a tall, skyscraping mountain in the south.

The Central continent was formed by countless pieces of land. Just like the Himalayas, huge mountains would be formed at the points where tectonic plates integrated with each other. They would then only grow higher over time.

That was how the huge mountain on the Central continent was formed. Countless pieces of land integrated with each other forming that huge mountain in the middle of it all. It touched the clouds and was visible from a fair distance away. However, being able to see it did not mean that they were near. After ten years of traveling, they had yet to arrive at that mountain's foot.

Wei Huo did not manage to get anything from today's hunting. He rushed back before the sky turned dark, and found Lu Qiqi still taking care of the panda. The panda was still panting as well.

Wei Huo let out a sigh of relief and said to Lu Qiqi, "I'm sorry, there aren't many beasts around here, we might have spent too much time here."

Lu Qiqi looked at the panda and asked sadly, "Are we abandoning it?"

Wei Huo scrunched his brows. "I'll carry it. We need to go. We need to get out of this desert!"

The panda had been in bad shape for days, but Wei Huo was not going to abandon it. If he did, it would die sooner than expected.

Wei Huo carried the panda and said, "We'll set out in the night!"

Although that was no good for the panda's situation, no one could survive without sufficient food. Moreover, living in the deserts was truly too harsh!

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