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Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers

Five-Year Old Prophet is Pampered by Ten Brothers

Author: A Nuo

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Little Princess Comes Home

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In the warm and cold month of March, the temperature had already risen quietly. Spring was approaching, and the trees on both sides of the asphalt road had already sprouted new green shoots.

These were the suburbs. There were very few people here, but the scenery was beautiful.

At the end of the winding road was a holy and majestic church. Behind the church was a towering green mountain. From afar, the exquisite spire of the church and the clouds surrounding the green mountain could be seen.

Other churches stood in the most prosperous city center, symbolizing the opposition between heaven and earth, and allowing people to enter to admire and atone for their sins. However, this church was different. Unless invited here, no one was allowed to enter.

The driver sent by the Torres family, Ben Carson, was already waiting for Lauren Torres to appear at the church's entrance.

The Torres family had placed their only daughter in this mysterious church for four years. Counting the time, Lauren was already four and a half years old.

At this moment, Lauren was still in the church, surrounded by a group of men and women.

These men and women had friendly faces. Some were wearing cassocks, while others were wearing cowls. One of the men wearing a cassock was pushing a man in a cowl. "What are you doing here in our church? Go back to your abbey. Why are you still visiting us?"

The abbey this man was talking about was located on the right side of the church. It looked old and dilapidated, hence it was very inconspicuous.

"Can't I send Lauren off?!" The man in the cowl retorted.

Lauren, who was surrounded by these men and women, was sitting on a small stool. In her left hand was an exquisite cross necklace, and in her right hand was a hymn book.

"Lauren, no matter what kind of spirit you meet, you can use this cross to ensure your safety."

"You can only use it when you meet a demon. When you meet a ghost from our country, you still have to use the hymn we taught you!"

"Who said that? What do you mean?"

"What do you mean? Am I wrong?"

Seeing that they were about to quarrel again, Lauren blinked her eyes and said, "Sirs, stop arguing. I will use it in the future!"

Although Lauren was only four and a half years old, she had already grown up to be very smart.

Her long hair was soft and shiny. It was tied into two braided braids and there were beautiful little clips on it.

Her eyes were sparkling, like agate that emitted a warm luster. Anyone who saw her would feel pity for her.

"Okay, okay, we will stop arguing. Where's the Abbot? It's almost time for Lauren to leave. Why isn't the Abbot here yet?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the Abbot with a long white beard walked out from a small house at the side of the church. He held a long rectangular box in his hand. The box was well-wrapped and wrapped in a purple velvet cloth, every tassel revealed an extraordinary value.

Upon seeing the Abbot, Lauren hurriedly put down the thing in her hand and ran over with small steps to hug his leg.

Everyone surrounded her again.

The Abbot touched Lauren's head with one hand and squatted down. "Lauren, you have to leave this place soon. The outside world is very dangerous. You have to learn to use your own abilities to protect yourself and your family."

"Yes, I know." Lauren nodded obediently. Now that it was time to leave, she was no longer as lively as before.

"This is a gift from me. Do not open it unless it is absolutely necessary. The thing inside is beneficial to you. The longer it is sealed, the more powerful it will be. Do you understand?"

Lauren continued to nod. She reached out her hands and hugged the box that was half as tall as her. She chanted a spell and summoned the void bag. She made a gesture to put the thing inside and the box disappeared into thin air!

A golden-haired missionary also squatted down. His voice sounded like he was crying, and he spoke in an unfluent local dialect. "Lauren, when you go out, don't expose your abilities to the bad guys, or you will be in danger."

"Got it, Seven. I will protect myself!" Lauren stretched out her chubby hand and patted the golden-haired man's head. She comforted the man instead.

Affected by his sobbing tone, the group of adults began to cry.

Although Lauren had been tormented terribly by them, her days there were still very happy most of the time. Lauren was about to leave, they felt reluctant and upset to part with her.

The time to say goodbye was here. Lauren was escorted by the crowd and eventually got into the Torres family's car.

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