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71.69% Flame of Power / Chapter 38: Day 1

Day 1 - Flame of Power - Chapter 38 by BlueFlame_Mecc full book limited free

Chapter 38: Day 1

Putting what happened before out of her mind, little Mara looked up and noticed that there are indeed five levels inside the tower, but in the middle of it is like a bottomless hole, the books are not on shelves, it is as if they were glued to the wall.

Little Mara found it a bit strange, nothing like the normal libraries inside the mansions around the clan's territory.

It's not like she's seen the whole territory, but she knows about the libraries in the mansions near where she lives.

"It's strange, how can books be stuck on the wall? How will I read them?" the little frowned as she realized she doesn't know how to take one of the books.

Heinrich, feeling proud of his knowledge, wanted to show off.

"As you could see from the outside, the tower is made of different materials like iron and steel, actually, it is a mixture of both, forming a new composition, in simple terms, we just call it alignment, don't ask who named it, one day you will know...

Added to this, each book cover is made of a synthetic material that makes them stick to the wall of the tower. It's a physical reaction between the two, which makes them connected."

"Oh, so, the alignment between them is due to the components of both, and this makes them compatible and easily connected..." little Mara gave her own opinion on the matter.

The guardian, who has been silent after expressing his anger with Bertha, spoke.

"In the library, you can search for all kinds of knowledge, but the first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the territory of the Clan and the neighboring territories, on the table in the center you can find a map established millions and millions of years ago, which have been 'respected' throughout time."

Little Mara was immediately interested in the map, and as she looked around, a sturdy reddish wooden table in the middle of the first level came into her vision, the table is approximately 500 meters long, too long to be able to see everything at once.

"It's my Day 1 of confinement, I must learn what I can in these seven days," the little girl's conviction infected both of them and they decided to help her in any way they could.

Approaching, she noticed that the table is very high, looking down, she saw that her body is the same height as the legs of the table, which prevented her from being able to see everything on the table.

Heinrich sensed his indignation and helplessness and held back his laughter.

The Guardian's lips switch forming a slight smile, even he, couldn't help but find it funny.

Ignorant of what was both of them thinking, little Mara felt aggrieved, it was the first time in many days that she was behaving like a real child of her age.

Pouting, with mist in her eyes, frowned, with her arms crossed she looked at her surroundings, and there were twelve chairs around the table, deciding to use one of them so she could see over the table.

If she wasn't a precocious vampire with abilities, she wouldn't even be able to get on the chair. But even though she hasn't had her baptism, her abilities are top-notch.

Taking a slight leap towards the chair, she stood on it gracefully.


"Well, and now, which map is the territorial one?" tilting her head sideways, little Mara looked at all the paperwork on the table, using one side of the table to sit on, she looked at the various maps spread out in detail.

"There are various forms of maps?" frowned little Mara as she looked at that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Heinrich commented to her, "Actually, each clan has its own territorial map, each form differing from each other, all of them have been kept secret from the rest of the clan members, except for the Clan Leaders, who may have a copy of all of them.

You can see that they have made use of the terrain but with a specific shape, for example, the Lycan Clan with the werewolves have the shape of a wolf, with ears and all...

In the Fairy territory, has the shape of two simple wings--"

Little Mara interrupted him.

"But why does our territory have the shape of a bat, when we didn't transform into one?" the little narrowed her eyes.

"That's because no one wanted to have a short territory by just putting a claw or a fang, plus it could be confused with wolves, that's why they decided to employ what humans use to describe Vampires." The Guardian explained a little.

"Just because of that?" the little Leader opened her golden eyes wide.

"Actually… The Supreme Leader back then, was too lazy to think of anything else, and she didn't want her territory to look ugly, so she decided to make it like a bat with its wings outstretched, that way she would have more territory, but more people to delegate her responsibilities too." Heinrich commented.

The Guardian nodded in agreement to Heinrich's statement.

The little girl remained silent and looked at the rest of the individual maps of each territory in detail.

It's funny that the Forest Spirits have a map similar to that of the Elves, which is a big tree, but the only difference is that the Elves' map is bigger and thicker at the stem than the Forest Spirits.

But the latter has something else, that looks like a river, a plane of land, and a mountain behind the tree, it is more complicated. But little Mara could identify several of them just by looking at the map.

There were many things she didn't understand but she knew she had to be patient.

The territory of the demons is something strange, it is like the head of a human but with horns, protruding above the head.

Angels have no specific territory other than mingling with humans.

The human territory is the most extensive of all, and the shape of the map is somewhat strange, like several spots splattered with paint...

"I wonder if the person who represented the humans was also lazy? Or did he have some enlightenment and just throw paint on the map in general?"

The Guardian heard what he said and his body stiffed.

If they were both in front of little Mara, they would look at her with strange faces, and want to yell at her...

'That's not a paint stain, but the symbol of human bonding... Don't you remember what Lana taught you!!!?'

But they couldn't say it out loud, and it's not like the little girl was expecting an answer either so she didn't care about anything else, and didn't know that her questions left them speechless.

"I can see the map of the territories of Human, Vampire, Lycan, Elves, Fairies, Forest Spirits, Demons, and even the Angels, but..." after a pause, she frowned, and her hand touched her chin.

"Where is the map of the entire territory?" tilting her head, little Mara didn't understand, but before either of the other two answered, she deduced for herself.

"The table is huge... Maps... Divided?" muttering, little Mara moved quickly, placing the maps in a specific order on the table, she stood on the corner of the table and looked at the complete map around the table.

The world territory is huge, in the eyes of the little girl, it was the first time she really felt tiny, not even when she saw herself from the height of the legs of the table, she felt that way, an inexplicable and uncomfortable feeling lasted from the depths of her heart...

Seeing that in the middle of each territory there are several places where there is only one word in each blank next to the territories, 'Unknown' but she didn't pay much attention to it.

Taking the time to focus on the simplest task, studying the map of her own territory. Leaving all kinds of unknowns aside...

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