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60% FLAME / Chapter 6: chapter 5: The discovery

chapter 5: The discovery - FLAME - Chapter 6 by disgrACEd full book limited free

Chapter 6: chapter 5: The discovery

kanji and kaze stares at each other while the sky is raining.

*kaze then dash towards kanji*

art of the fiery hurricane:devils wind!.

*kaze then cover her arms with sharp air*


*kaze yells*

*kaze slash kanji with her right arm but kanji dodge it by stepping back*

*kaze then tries to stab kanji with her left arm but kanji step sideways dodging it*

"why you!...".

"enough already!".

*kanji said as he punch kaze to her chest launching her to a trashcan*

*kaze spits blood*

"just give up yamazaki,your just gonna die if you keep hunting me...".

*kanji then walks away from the alley way*

"damn it!".

*kaze said angrily as she punches the ground*

back from akira and torashi.

*torashi driving*

" are you after the fight?".

*akira ask*

"im be honest i never thought you'd be that strong".

" how did you learn your fighting art?".

"why do you ask all of the sudden?".

"because when we fought your fighting art is to copies someones fighting style right?".

"yes that is correct".

"so i thought it was cool that you can do that and now im interested".

"*sigh* okay i'll tell you"

"when i was a kid my father always train me to be observant to my enemy,read every movement they do,watch how they fight,he thought me that everyday day when i was wondering from the forest there was an explosion from my house....and when i got there,someone killed my father...someone with pink flames...i couldn't see his face because of the smoke so he got away fast,i only remember he's purple clothes and long spiky hair,and after that i swear that i will catch my fathers killer".

"pink flames?".

*akira ask*


"does that mean the killer of your father us one of the 4 clans?".

"yes,and since your flames are red the killer is not part of the hormura clan".

*car stops*

"this is your place?".

*torashi ask akira*

"yeah this is my place".

*akira steps out of the car*

"remember the plan tommorow you fight kanji to distract the mastermind behind all of this got it".

"yeah, i got it".

"see you later".

*torashi nodded and drives off*

*akira knocks at the door*

"who is it!".

*izo yelled*

"its me old man".


*izo opens the door*

"how are you feeling akira?".

"not good...hana is missing".


"yeah,there's a speculation that someone kidnap her from the tournament based on the history of missing people that join this same tournament 3 years ago".

"i see,so tommorow your gonna find the kidnapper correct".

"yeah,i'll save hana".

"hmm then why don't i teach you something your father usually do".

"huh what is it?".

"come with me to the forest from the northside".

"hmm okay".

*akira and izo walking to the forest while izo is holding a lantern*

"uhm hey gramps why can't we do it at the morning you do realize it's still raining right?".

"shut up brat this is the only chance you get to learn it".

*akira and izo stops at a shrine*

"here we are".

*izo said*

"what is this place".

*akira ask*

"this is were your father used to train".

*izo said*

"akira fire up the cross from the ground".

"huh okay".

*akira lights a fire at a cross mark at the ground*

*the cross then starts to glow*


"akira touch the cross".

*izo said to akira*

"uhm uhh okay".

*akira touches the glowing cross and start to feel powerful*

"woah what the....why do i feel weird".

"you see akira this is where the first homura leader was buried 1000 years ago,and this is where the first homura clan leader trained to be strong enough to be pick by the god to entrust the power of the flame to defeat the dark entities".

"his soul is link with this golden cross so once a homura member touches it you will feel strong or you will get buff like that video games you play".

"woah this is cool".

*akira said with a smile to his face*

"remember the effect is only 2 days so use it wisely to the tournament".

"got it".

"good now i will go now while you train here".

"huh what do you mean?".

"try burning that tree akira".

"oh this again sure".

flame art:incenirate

*akira blast a powerfull fire at a tree burning it in an instant and damaging all around it*

"woah what the!".

"see you can't control it,you really think you can control it by just touching it".

"so i'll see you tommorow at the tournament i'll be watching the fight".

"uhm yeah okay".

"see yah kid".

*izo walked away*

"okay how can i train myself to control this for tommorow".

"i didn't want to burn kanji to a crisp so i have to concentrate".

*akira breathes in*

flame art:incenerate!

*akira blast a powerfull fire at a tree again burning throught it and hitting another tree destroying it*

"what the hell why isn't it powering down".

*akira looks at his hands*

"concentrate akira you can do this".

"i save hana".

flame art:incenirate

*akira launch a flame blast to a tree again and burning it to a minimum damage*

"oh hell yeah i did it okay okay another".

flame art:incenirate

*akira blast a powerfull flame destroying five trees*

*trees falling down*

"uhm okay i think i lost focus".

*akira then train all his attacks for 5 hours before sleeping at the shrine*

sept 5 2017

the final day of the tournament.

"akira come out".

*torashi said on the phone*

*akira walks out his house with a black jacket and blue jeans*

"get in".


*izo said from the back of akira*

"akira be careful".

*izo said to akira*

"well thats so weird for you to say that old man".

*akira said*

"well now i regret saying it".

*akira laughs*

"thanks old man".

*akira said*

"just shut up and go im just gonna clean the house and i'll watch your fight".

"you better watch cause im gonna beat the shit out of kanji that he will beg to help me destroy the dark entities one day".

"whats taking long akira!".

*torashi said*

"oh yeah im coming".

"see yah gramps".

*akira said to izo with a smile*

*akira gets in torashis car*

*torashi starts to drive*

"remember the plan akira?".

*torashi ask akira*

"yeah i remember".

"okay lets do this".

*torashi said*

meanwhile at the first arena.

"mister kanji please wait a little longer for your opponent an the crowd isn't in the arena yet so would you stay calm".

*the announcer said*

*kanji punches a wall*

"why would i stay calm if killing my enemy is one step away".

*kanji said*

*at the top left of a corridor atlas is looking at kanji*

*a man with a black robe and a oni mask walk behind atlast*

"widow is it ready yet?"

*atlas said*

"no sir, we are still programming the data to the machine".

*widow said*

"i see".

*atlas said as he goes inside the dark corridor to see hana inside a glass chamber unconscious*

"soon your power will be mine".

*atlas said*

back at akira and torashi.

*the car stops infront of the arena*

"we're here".

*torashi said*

*both akira and torashi steps out of the car*

"prepare yourself to fight kanji akira".

*torashi said to akira*

*akira nodded*

*akira goes in the arena*

"oh mister akira you're here!".

*the announcer said*

*kanji stares at akira*

*akira stares back to kanji*

"okay guards let the crowd in".

*the announcer said*

*crowd of people enters the arena*

*crowd cheering*

*akira steps at the stage*

"okay everybody this is gonna be-".

"enough wasting time lets just do this!".

*kanji said as he dash towards akira with a killing intent*.

(he's fast!)

*akira thought*

"akira homura!". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*kanji said as he tries to hit akira with a straight punch to the face but akira catches the punch*

"oh i see then".

flame art:ignite!

*akira shock and backs away at kanji*

*kanji then covers himself with blue flame*

"tsk cheap trick".

*akira said*

flame art:eruption

*akira then covers himself with flames*

"lets do this homura".

*kanji said with a menacing smile*

meanwhile torashi is investigating inside further the arena.

*torashi looking around*

*2 people talking,walks pass torashi who hides behind some pillar*

(hmm those guys looks like they know something)

*torashi thought*

*torashi follows the two people to a door that use eyes scanners to open*

*torashi then sneaks up and knock out both of them in the back*

"well then i guess this is where all your dark secrets hide".

*torashi said*

*torashi used one of the guys eye to open the door*

[access granted]

*the door then opens*

"okay what do we have here".

*torashi walks inside the room*

"what the hell is this place?".

*torashi looks around the room as he see experiment notes,dead animals,chemical tubes*.

"what the heck".

*torashi then finds hana inside a glass chamber unconscious*

"hana moriko!".

*torashi run towards hana but got stop by a shuriken hitting the ground infront of him*

"looks like you've seen to much torashi kagami".

*widow said as he lands infront torashi*

"this is illegal!,you have to stop this now!".

*torashi said*

"sorry but you're not my boss".

*widow said as he pressed a button next to hana*.


"what...what are you doing?".

*torashi ask*

"none of your business".

*widow then dash towards torashi with a kunai almost hitting him to the face*

back to akira and kanji.

*kanji launch a right hook at akira but akira blocks it with his left hand,akira then tries to knee hit kanji face but kanji block it with his right leg*

*both backs off and dash towards each other trying to hit eachother with bot a right straight punch but hitting eachothers fist instead*

*blue and red flame burst out as there fist hit each other*

*both backs off again*

"kanji *puff* what do you hold against me?".

*akira ask*

"tsk one of your clan member slaughtered my family and as the remaining hitodama family member i will get my revenge by killing each and every homura member".

"one of my family killed your whole clan?".

*akira said as he stood there shock at what he heard*

*kanji then dash at akira kicking him to the chest launching akira to the ground*


"this is revenge akira homura!".

flame art: fire fang

*kanji launches two huge blue flames at akira*

*akira stands up*


*akira thought as he open hes right palm and begins to charge fire*

flame art:devils flare

*akira launches a huge flame blast at kanjis fire fang*

*both attacks collide and creates a giant explosion*

"tsk you bastard".

*kanji said*

*as he covered himself with both of his hands from the explosion*

*explosion stops*

"*puffing* kanji i don't know who killed your whole family but under his behalf i am sorry!".

*akira said*

"apologize with you blood homura!".

flame art:blue flare

*kanji slash using his arms towards akira launching a several sharp blue flames*


flame art:flare blitz

*akira counters it by launching 6 fireballs*

*both attacks collide and created a small explosion*

*akira covering himself from the smoke*


*kanji then come out infront of akira hitting him in the face with a right hook covered with blue fire*


*akira drops to the ground*

"give up and face death akira homura".

*kanji said*

"yeah like i'll die being weak".

*akira then stands up and starts to spin*

(what the hell is he doing)

*kanji thought*

*akiras then leap towards kanji*

"what the-".

flame art:inferno launch!

*akira then kicks kanji to the chest so powerfull that it launches him inside the stage*

"*puffing* there is no way in hell that im gonna die here!".

*akira said*

back at torashi

*torashi jumps and tried to kick widow to the face but widow catches torashis leg and slams him to the ground*

*widow then lets go of torashi leg by throwing him to the roof and punches him while falling*

(this..guy is strong)

*torashi thought*

"but i think that's the end of that,you have your chance".

"what do you mean".

*widow ask*

"lets dance".

*torashi said*

*torashi then dash towards widow and tried to kick him but widow blocks it with his own leg*

*widow then tried to punch torashi with his left hand but torashi counters it with also punch from his left hand*

"you dare mock of how i fight".

*widow said*

"not gonna lie after studying your moves it's kinda lame".

*torashi said*


"widow stand down".

*a voice said from the dark corridor*

*widow backs off torashi*

"master he infiltrated the labor-".

"that's okay i'll handle him".

"you must be the one behind this...atlas whitlock".

"goodjob for finding out who it is detective".

*atlas said as he claps*

"whatever your doing im here to stop you".

"my,my detective you have to relax hana moriko is just the first one today...the other two i am excited about".

"other two? mean akira and kanji!?".

"well you really are a detective how smart of you to know".

"shut up what have you been doing to the other fighters who won from this tournament from years ago!".

"oh you really want to know...fine i'll show you".

*atlas said as his eyes glow red*

back from akira and kanji.

*kanji coming out of the ground*

"that hurt you bastard!".

*kanji said*

*an explosion from the right side of the tournament*

*torashi flying out of the explosion and hitting a pillar next to akira*

*crowd start panicking and leaving the arena*


*akira goes to torashi*

*kanji saw a kid lost from the arena*

*kanji approaches the kid*

*kid crying*

"hey brat grab my hand i'll let you out of this arena".

"torashi! wake up what happen?".

*akira ask to torashi*

"'s...after..the both you".

*torashi said as he goes unconscious*

"what... who is after us?".

*akira ask*

*akira saw someone coming out from the smoke that the explosion came from*

*atlas coming out of the smoke with hands between his back*

"you...did this?".

*akira said angrily*

*atlas says with a smile*

"hello head of the homura clan!".

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