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Chapter 44: First Date

A few days passed wherein Shye continued monotonously hunting, selling loot, and training his stamina. 

He didn't have anything else to do during the break except the date with Shirley anyway so he might as well improve his strength as much as possible.

Currently, Shye is staring at the ceiling. He just woke up and upon remembering that today was his first official date with Shirley, he excitedly got up from his bed.

He then happily walked down the stairs in a visibly good mood. Unexpectedly, Maia woke up early this time and was already chilling on the living room sofa.

"Hmm? Big Brother, you seem to be in a good mood?"

Maia said as she looked at Shye innocently.

"O-Oh, Maia! Good morning! You're up unusually early today huh?" 

"Yes, Big Brother, but you didn't answer my question!"

Maia said as she pouted her face. For some reason, she didn't like her big brother's good mood right now.

"O-Oh, y-yeah! I'm going out with a classmate today and I'm kind of enthusiastic about it so that's why I'm in a good mood, hahahaha…"

Shye replied with a hint of nervousness and of course, as a girl, Maia's instincts were very sharp.

Her eyes narrowed into slits upon sensing that something was amiss.

"Hmm…A friend huh? Is it a boy or a girl?"


Shye couldn't help but swallow his saliva due to nervousness. He didn't know why he was hiding his date from his little sister but his instincts told him not to admit it at all costs.

Unfortunately for him, the gulping sound gave him away. Without even him answering, Maia already determined that he was going out with a girl.

"Hmm…So it's a girl huh?..."

Maia's face with narrowed eyes slowly crept closer and closer to Shye's nervous face making him slowly avoid eye contact.

"Pfft! Hahahahaha! Why are you so nervous, big brother? It's not like I will stop you if you want to go on a date with a girl!"

Shye was bewildered after suddenly hearing Maia's laugh and words. Wasn't she investigating him like a detective just now? Was she just joking?

He looked at Maia whose eyes were tearing up due to laughing too much. It was just then that he realized that Maia was just messing with him and she wasn't actually angry about him going on a date.

"Ohh? So you think you can stand up to your big brother now huh?! Take this! And that!"



*Huff* *Huff*

Shye panted hard as he sprinted towards the place where he would meet Shirley for their first official date.

He had way too much fun tickling Maia after she messed with him so he didn't notice that he was running a bit late.

Fortunately for him, Shirley wasn't an early bird either so Shye still arrived a few minutes earlier than Shirley giving him time to catch his breath and fix his appearance.

After a few more minutes, Shirley arrived.

"C-Crowley! Haaaah….Sorry…I didn't notice the time!"


Shye couldn't help but swallow his saliva again after seeing Shirley's attire. He expected her to be quite conservative based on her personality but who would've thought that she liked wearing revealing clothes?

Shirley wore a jacket outside of a tight-fitting tank crop top and shorts that barely covered her perky booty. 

Her attire perfectly highlighted her toned body so Shye couldn't help but be mesmerized by how hot and cute she looked.

"N-No worries! I just got here as well…You look amazing, Shirley."

"T-Thank you…You look dashing as well, Crowley"

The two slightly blushed after hearing each other's compliments but fortunately, Shye managed to prevent the situation from becoming awkward by immediately asking her a question.

"W-Well then, shall we go? How about we eat first? I'm a bit hungry…"

"Yeah! I'd love to eat first! I'm a bit hungry as well…"

Shye and Shirley walked towards a fancy restaurant where he urged Shirley to order everything she wanted and not hold back.

As a man, Shye didn't want Shirley to pay especially since he was the one who invited her to a date.

Fortunately for him, he had earned lots of silver coins during the past few days so treating Shirley to everything she wanted inside a fancy restaurant wasn't a problem at all

The two of them ate their fill and left the restaurant after Shye paid for everything. 

After leaving the restaurant, the two of them visited temples, watched movies, and chatted casually while walking towards their next destination, the Araya River which is a famous spot for couples to hang out.

On the way, they passed through a small alley where there were lots of couples kissing and doing lewd stuff.

However, they had to pass through here before they could arrive at the Araya River. 

After a few more minutes of walking in the alley, the two of them couldn't hold themselves back as they started to breathe heavily while Shirley fidgeted uncomfortably.

"Hello! What a lovely couple~ you two seem tired, how about you rest inside our hotel first? I guarantee you that our rooms are spacious and our beds are soft! So? How about it?"

The words of the young lady who seemed to be just a bit older than the two of them were the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Shye and Shirley looked at each other while breathing heavily. However, Shye didn't make a move and waited for Shirley's approval.

"Haaah…Fuck it! Why not?"

Shirley thought to herself as she pulled Shye inside the hotel where the two of them rented a room and enjoyed their "private time" together.

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