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0.44% Football singularity / Chapter 1: I’m Back
Football singularity Football singularity original

Football singularity

Author: TrikoRex223

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Chapter 1: I’m Back


Hello, my dear Readers, this is my first time trying to write a novel so please bear with me. I hope you give the story a chance and enjoy your journey in my world.

"it's only real when you don't believe it so believe it"

Plus Ultraaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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So would you believe me if I told you I travelled back in time, no I mean my mind did kinda? Some of you might call me crazy or delusional but there's no way a six-year-old me would think about buying bitcoin in the future.

Yet here I was sitting on my bed with cold sweat running down my back hoping this is not a dream. Looking around my room I can see posters of Didier Drogba's slide celebration, Ronaldo doing the Sui and Robben hugging the Allianz Arena. I pinched myself three times, I even slapped my cheeks which I regret to be honest as that shit hurts.

No other way about it this is definitely real or some mad scientist is having the time of his life with my brain. Honestly don't even want to think about that, the only scientist I'll ever like is Dr.stone but only for season one though lost interest after that.

Anyways after I made sure this is real and not some new version of lucid dreams or hallucinations caused by being intoxicated I started dancing as my life was limitless now. I could totally buy stocks early and live my life like it's a non-stop vacation.

[Ding System detects that the host soul has successfully travelled back in time]

"Huh, what's that? Who's talking?"

~Ding analysis of the host Body shows that all vitals are healthy with no hidden defects~

~ Ding synchronising the host body with older souls to avoid mental health risks ~

[10, 9, 8, …]

"Wait a minute what exactly are u doing to me?"

~ It is recommended that the host relaxes through this process as it will be painful ~

"What do u mean painful? Can I just not do it and take my chances with my mental health"

~ Negative Host request has been overwritten ~

[3, 2, 1]

"Argh" I closed my eyes expecting an excruciating pain but all I felt was a cold but oddly relaxing current enveloping my entire body.

"This isn't so bad I could get used to this.."

Then it happened excruciating pain so bad spread all over my body from the depth of my soul. I tried to scream out but only wheezing sounds came as my body began spazzing out of my control.




{A while later}

I don't know how long that went on for I kept slipping out of consciousness. I slowly sat up on my bed moved my body and noticed that I felt much lighter and my movements seemed a lot more natural.

~ Ding host has successfully synchronised his soul with his younger self ~

There is that voice again, I looked around but could see anyone. I got off my bed and looked underneath it and checked under my covers but still nothing. After making sure no one was there I hesitantly spoke out.

"Excuse me but who are u n why did u put me through that?"

~ Ding the answer to your question is simple I am the singularity system that we'll help the host in becoming a singularity in your chosen field~

Hmmm, that sounds so surreal, isn't it basically just giving me a cheat code? How awesome is this first I travel back in time n then I get given extra plot armour.

~ Ding to answer your second question, the reason the host had to experience the process of synchronisation was to prevent your younger soul from rejecting your current one and treating it like a virus ~

Oh alright, that shit still hurts and what would have happened if my younger soul was to reject me?

~ Ding the host would have become mentally unstable over time and could've resulted in the host developing multiple personalities ~

Dang thank you I guess but that shit is still painful. Anyways what can u do as a System and is there a price for this cheat? Because I don't feel like selling my soul or kidneys I need both of those.

[Ding system will fully activate shortly please stand by and worry not your soul is worth less to the system]

Wtf do you mean it's worth less? You are worthless! Your whole family is worthless! Your mama is …

no wait that's too far. Maybe I'm overreacting a little bit? They do say don't look a gift horse in the mouth well in this case a weird cheat system.

After calming down from my meltdown, I notice how I'm behaving more like a child even though just moments ago I was a 30-year-old man. Hmm, it's all that system's fault it probably messed with my emotions why'll it was torturin "ahem" giving me treatment.

[Ding System is now fully active]


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