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For Lycans, Press One

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Author: Meg Carlyle

4.91 (14 ratings)

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“Thank you for calling Centerburg Bank and Credit account management. This is Leigh, how may I help you?!”

For the millionth time since I started this job, I wonder how I got stuck here in my hometown, when all my other high school friends, even my old crush Donovan, managed to go on to do so many more cool things in way better places.

“Hey, Leigh, how was your weekend?” A voice like smoke and velvet flows through the headset that soothes my Lycan ears.

Butterflies and sparks make my cheeks flush.

How is it possible for a Lycan to fall in love with a voice?


Mackenzie thought her life working at the local bank was boring and simple until, suddenly, it wasn’t.

Can such a simple love survive the return of an old flame, brutal fights with Shifters, and a violent mystery that rocks a small town?

It will be a close call, but for Lycans, you can always press one.

For Lycans, Press One is created by Meg Carlyle, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    On Chapter 13 right now and really like the story! It's my first time reading books about Lycan and wolf shifters and now I'm tempted to try more! Such a great build-up to the first climax where they meet each other in person. I just want to hug our poor Mack and hope she got all the love she deserves in the end! Also love the mention of MMA in the story! As BJJ practitioner myself, a bit technique break down about what happened in the fight scene: so the position used to control Mack is called mount, basically Ramon just sits on Mack's belly, tho Mack didn't understand what mount is but with a simple bridge she gets on top, but she is still in Ramon's close guard, which means Ramon got his leg wrapped around Mack's waist, from there I would recommend Ramon does a de la hiva guard and followed by a berimbolo to take Mack's back for better control...anyways enough with BJJ talking and I'm excited to read more! PS: I think Mack should take on some BJJ to help her fight the evil shifters ;)

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    This author really knows how to pique my interest in romance fantasies in a way that I would've never imagined! I'm more use to non-fiction books but I can't stop reading this

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    Yet another awesome one - a great modern day story that cheers me up and transports me to a different reality at the same time! twists and turns from the love triangle with werewolves and lycans! [img=recommend]

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    This amazing author released her new book! I am a fan. How exciting! Compared to her previous book (which is super awesome btw, check it out too!), this one's is based on contemporary world and relatable to our use of techs and social media, which I find very amusing as it is beautifully intertwined with the world of lycans & shifters. Looking forward how the protagonist's dillema and emotional roller coster unfold.. Waiting for the release of the other chapters. 5 stars, 5 moons and 5 suns!

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    What a refreshing take on on a fantasy romance novel! Couldn't put it down once I got started! Would definitely recommend to a friend![img=recommend]

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    This book had my hooked from the very beginning. I love the fast pace and the engaging, quippy remarks by the main characters. Can't wait to read more! One of my favorite authors!!

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    Im the author and i hope you all enjoy this paranormal lycan romance novel!

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    To preface I do not often find myself reading fantasy romance, and in spite of that I found this a thoroughly enjoyable book to read. The story is compelling, with reveals and developments that make it a page turner. The characters felt believable and nuanced, and fit perfectly into the world built - an entertaining twist on our actual world, with fun nods to things like the apps we use, while also presenting an interesting parallel to our current social climate. Overall, would gladly recommend this to any reader.

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    I am obsessed with this book! This author has hit it out of the ball park with their second book! The love triangle element mixed with the drama and fear of the wolf shifters threatening the Lycans, made for a very engaging and interesting story. I honestly couldn't stop reading. The writing is fantastic and I can't wait to read more 😍

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    10/10 - a must-read. This author really knows how to make a reader feel what the character is feeling. I loved every second of reading this book. It was witty, dramatic, action-packed, and of course, had a ton of romantic moments. Love, love, love!!!

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    An awesome story with great characters and unique twists and turns. I could not stop reading this. I definitely recommend for shifter, lycan, and supernatural fans.

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    This book is so much fun! The author creates a world of shifters unlike any other. There's also a mystery aspect that keeps me turning the pages. Can't wait to read more!

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    I'm the author!!! Thank you all so much and for your patience in waiting for these next few chapters! Im having a BLAST writing this! ❤️❤️❤️

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    The writer will draw you in right away with relatable characters and an interesting plot. I love that the author toughes on modern topics in a fantasy world. I can't wait to read more!

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    Author Meg Carlyle