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0.63% Forbidden Love: Angel's Seduction / Chapter 1: Love or Foolishness?

Chapter 1: Love or Foolishness?

Sometimes people made their own choices in their lives, not certain whether it was right or wrong. They had the tendency to act according to what they feel.

That's where the saying 'Follow your heart!' came from.

Love was a great driving force for someone to do things that would change his or her life as well as the lives of people around him or her… even his or her fate.

But the main question was… 'Is your love worth dying for?'



The sound of the gunshot resonated around the area. It was followed by a loud scream of a man calling someone's name.


In the next seconds, the sound of rushing footsteps could be heard as the man who just screamed was now running in the direction of the woman he called Selene.

She was now lying on the ground as she collapsed in an instant after getting shot. The man immediately kneeled on the ground beside her, gathering her in his arms.

Another gunshot was heard. This time it came from the police officers who came to respond and rescue them.

They missed. The gunman took that chance to escape the area. Not wasting any more time, he ran towards his car, leaving the place as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, the man started pressing her wound using his hand to stop her from bleeding too much.

"Selene, look at me… please hang on. I will bring you to the hospital."

He was about to carry her when Selene stopped him. She was still conscious but she's already frail and weak. Blood was oozing out of her mouth. However, she still tried to speak to him.

"R-Renz…" She mumbled, her eyes filled with gentleness and relief seeing the man she loved who was now hugging her in his arms.

She could see the fear and worry in his eyes. Tears already burned his eyes and his lower lip trembled. For some unknown reason, she felt very happy to see him crying for her.

"Selene, please hang on… don't die on me…"

Then the man turned around, yelling with his panicking voice. "Where's the Fucking ambulance!!! Police officers! For goodness sake! Someone got shot here."

Then Renz glanced at another woman who was rooted on her spot. She looked like she was in shock.

"Micaela, please get the car here… faster! We need to bring Selene to the hospital as soon as possible!" After giving his order, he shifted his attention back to the fragile woman in his arms.

Selene still managed to smile at him as she reached out to touch his face.

"Why? W-Why did you do that?" Renz slammed his eyes shut as he gritted his teeth.

'I am the one who was supposed to block that bullet for her.'

"B-Because… s-she's the woman you love… I-I know… you will be... devastated… if something bad happens to her." With her remaining strength, Selene answered his question truthfully.

That answer came from her heart. She was willing to sacrifice herself just to make Renz happy.

Renz shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't accept this. "No… No… you shouldn't have done that. It should have been me who got shot, not you."

Selene was aware that if she didn't take the bullet for Micaela then Renz was the one who would do it for her. She didn't want him to get hurt.

Selene smiled again. "I Love you… Renz," she mumbled weakly, almost inaudible but Renz still managed to hear it.

His heart clenched in pain as if it was being pierced by a sharp object a thousand times. He betrayed her, his own fiancee, for loving another woman.

Just before all of this happened, Renz talked to her, asking her to let him go and call off their engagement. He hurt her feelings. But after what he had done to her, she was still thinking about him.

She even sacrificed herself for the woman he loved. Because of that, Renz was consumed by guilt. He won't be able to forgive himself if anything bad would happen to Selene.

It did not take long when they heard the sound of the ambulance coming their way. The medics finally arrived. They rushed to Renz and Selene.

They immediately carried her in the ambulance. Renz got inside to accompany her. Selene was slowly losing her consciousness when the medics started to apply first aid on her.

Renz didn't let go of her hand, telling her to hang on. However, while they were on the way to the hospital, Selene's vitals suddenly dropped.

"Sir, please move aside. The patient is experiencing a cardiac arrest!"

The medics tried their best to revive her, applying CPR and using the defibrillator device but her heart already stopped beating.

"Selene! Selene! NO… PLEASE WAKE UP… You can't die. Please you can't die!"

Renz kept calling her name but she could no longer hear his voice. She's not responding anymore.


The monitor which was connected to her chest already showed the straight line, indicating that Selene was already gone.

The medic shook his head, giving Renz an apologetic look. Then he patted his shoulder, sympathizing with him.

"I'm sorry sir… she's gone."

Renz froze and fell limp on his seat. He felt like every ounce of his energy was drained. His expression became blank. He was in a state of shock and denial.

His heart was about to burst inside his chest. He felt suffocated. Warm liquids came out of his eyes and then fell like raindrops.

'No… No… this couldn't be… couldn't be…!'


Aside from Renz, there was also someone who couldn't accept this turn of events.

"No… No… this couldn't be… couldn't be!" A heavenly being who appeared to be an angel of death was looking at Selene with horror in his eyes. He was tugging his hair tightly with both hands.

Aside from Angel of Death, there was also another heavenly being watching everything.

"What a foolish girl?!" the other heavenly being said while shaking his head in disbelief and annoyance.

"I smell troubles. Damn! She's not supposed to die! I have the urge to kill her!" the Angel of death felt like he was about to go wild as of this moment. Something just went wrong today.

Then suddenly the angel of death felt a hand patting his back.

"Dude, she died already. No need to kill her twice."

The angel of death looked at the newcomer who appeared from behind. "By the way, what are you doing here, Eros? An angel of love has no business here. Just leave!"

"Calm yourself, Azrael. I was sent here to save you from your troubles. Hahaha." Eros, the angel of love, said to Azrael, the angel of death.

'Or rather, I was sent here to save that troublesome foolish fellow.' Eros thought to himself, looking at Selene's lifeless body.

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Hello, My Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for taking your time checking out my new Book (3rd Book). This is an entry for WSA 2021. I hope you will support me just like how you supported my two other novels: TDAMTAD and the CEO's Wife Is Demon God's Daughter. You can drop your feedback and feel free to comment your suggestions on how I can Improve my writing. Thank you again. Love lots.

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