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7.56% Forced to Date a Big Shot / Chapter 32: Add Xiang Huai on WeChat

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Chapter 32: Add Xiang Huai on WeChat

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The room instantly fell silent.

After a while, Liu Liyuan gawked. "What?"

Presidential suite?

The kind of things she heard of only in novels? Xue Xi was going to stay there?

She turned to look at Xue Xi.

The girl continued standing there quietly. As she was donning a simple school uniform, one could not see whether she came from riches. Still, her looks were exceptionally distinct and beautiful, and the aura she emitted was definitely not of the average Joe's. Was this what a true wealthy family's missy was?

Liu Liyuan gulped, and her attitude did a one-eighty. She awkwardly laughed. "That… Xue Xi, that just now was only a misunderstanding!"

She hurriedly walked over and said ingratiatingly, "Mr. Liu and Mr. Zhang told us to stay together in the same room because they were afraid that something untoward might happen to a young lady like you. They are also worried that you will be afraid. He he… Do you… need me to accompany you?"

If she could stay in the presidential suite with Xue Xi for once, she could go brag about the experience at school for an entire year!

It all depended on whether she would agree…

At this point, the confused Xue Xi frowned.

She had not requested to upgrade to the presidential suite, so what was happening?

Just as she was thinking this, her phone chimed.

Big Lu: "Coincidentally, I have a voucher for the hotel you are staying in, so I gave you an upgrade to the presidential suite!"

So that's what happened.

She was instantly enlightened. Staying anywhere was the same to her, but she would not mind if she could stay in a better environment. Moreover, she still had a huge sum of money in her bank card. Hence, she replied, "How much is it? I'll return it to you when I get back."

The other party replied quickly: "8.8."

Eight yuan?

That cheap? Did he buy it from the Pin something app?

As she thought this, she put down her phone. When she saw Liu Liyuan's ingratiating expression, she paused. "Pack up."

The latter jumped in joy, not expecting her to actually agree. Hence, she quickly packed her almost-untouched luggage, carried her bag, and stood before Xue Xi. "I'm done packing!"

Xue Xi slowly dragged her luggage, and the moment she stepped out, the customer service officer received her luggage. "Ms. Xue, I will help you with your luggage."

Xue Xi nodded.

Although she had not stayed in such a high-class hotel before, she did not feel out of place in any way. The group walked over to the lobby, and when the exclusive elevator serving the presidential suite levels parted open, Liu Liyuan excitedly rushed in.

However, right at this moment, a slender and fair-skinned hand grabbed the girl's arm. She paused in surprise, then turned around to look at Xue Xi, who said, "Your elevator is at that side."

She was stunned. "No? This elevator is the one that goes to the presidential suite."

Xue Xi calmly looked at the elevator. "Oh, but the one that goes to the rooms where First High stays is the other one."

Liu Liyuan: "?!"

Xue Xi then turned to the service staff and said, "Please send her to First High's side and get her a new room."

She then turned to step into the elevator.

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Bin City's First High was one of the top high schools. Most of their students had average backgrounds and they were not as generous as international schools.

Their rooms were at Building Two, which was relatively much cheaper.

In contrast, the international school reserved luxury suites!

Xue Xi's room was reserved by Old Liu, and hence, it was paid for by the international school. If Liu Liyuan was not staying with Xue Xi, how could she possibly stay here?

Xue Xi was just putting her back into her original place!

Liu Liyuan was totally appalled. She stood there in disbelief and finally came back to her senses just as the elevator doors were about to close. She then rushed forward. "Xue Xi, you toyed with me!"

She was, however, intercepted by the service staff. "Miss, kindly do not disturb our esteemed guest. Should you refuse to cooperate, I can only proceed to contact your teacher."

She was so furious that she gave a kick to the side. "So what if it's a presidential suite?! Who are you looking down on? How much is it? I will upgrade too!"

Before leaving the house, she had asked her parents for 3,000 yuan. Even if it was just to vent her anger, she was still willing to pay for a night!

As she thought this, the staff replied, "There are quite a few different types for the presidential suites. Ms. Xue's suite is the finest top-class suite, costing 88,888 yuan per day."

Liu Liyuan: "?"

The presidential suite was located on the topmost floor of the hotel. It had the nicest view and was very well-lit. The room was 300 square meters huge.

Other than an area to receive guests, there was also a lounge, living room, bedroom, and an exclusive study room. The toiletries for female use were all branded items too, and every aspect was carefully curated.

Xue Xi took a few glances. Uninterested in the rest of the place, she made a beeline for the study room and retrieved her half-completed paper to continue.

The customer service customer politely asked, "Ms. Xue, we can deliver your dinner tonight up to your room. You may also help yourself to the refreshments here as you please. May I ask what time you would like to have your meal?"

Xue Xi was just thinking of how leaving her room was a waste of time. This was a timely rain.

The room returned to silence after the service staff left. It was then that she picked up her phone and sent a message to Canine Teeth. "The room is great. Thanks."

At the provision store.

Lu Chao sat on the small stool and stared at his Lemon brand phone on the counter longingly.

This phone was released just a few days ago and he had gone through lengths to snag one. Yet he was forced to part with it now. This was agony to him.

Since Boss isn't texting that little miss right now, it should be fine for me to take it back to play for a while, right?

He silently and furtively reached out, and just as he had touched his phone—Bzz! Bzz!

The phone vibrated. Xiang Huai's pale hands reached over and took away his beloved phone.

Lu Chao: "…"

After which, he witnessed as his boss first took a glance at the phone, then icily swept his gaze onto him.

Lu Chao: "???"

Seeing that his boss's entire face was ice-cold and sharp, he felt that he should not continue allowing himself to take the blame when he did not know the reason. Otherwise, he was likely to freeze into ice one day from his boss's glares!

He eyed the contents displayed on his phone and said, "Boss, I have considered it thoroughly. The little miss probably didn't add you because you didn't say who you are!"

Xiang Huai rapped his knuckles on the tabletop. "And so?"

Lu Chao smiled. "Leave it to me!"

He took his phone back and sent a WeChat message.

Big Lu: "Actually, Boss is the one who reserved that room for you. He he! Why don't you add Boss as your friend? His WeChat ID is called X."

He then said to Xiang Huai, "Boss, send a friend request now."

Xiang Huai nodded. After sending a friend request with his phone, he seemed to rest against the chair lazily. Meanwhile, Lu Chao held his breath and stared at his phone, awaiting the results.

Roughly a minute later, a vibration sound was heard.

Lu Chao wanted to check his phone, but even though his boss was clearly a step later than he was in moving, the latter had fished out his own phone first. Xiang Huai slowly turned to look at his phone—only to find that there were no notifications.

Both paused for three seconds, then realized that the vibration actually came from Lu Chao's phone.

Dazed, he slowly lowered his hand and spotted Xue Xi's reply.

Learning: "Oh, no need for that. I have his phone number."

Lu Chao froze when he saw this message. With stiff movements, he slowly looked up…

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