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Chapter 30 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 30 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 30: Chapter 30

Finally, a few hours later, Ivo finished reading his books and then got up from his chair, flexing his muscles.

Vevet, who was writing something at that time, noticed Ivo's movements, putting down her pen, she approached him and asked, "Have you read it yet? You seem to know our language very well, since reading these books is so easy for you. Well, since you're done, it's time to talk about my experiment. "

Ivo nodded and began to listen to her, Vevet continued "In all Hellenistic states, four ways are practiced that help us fight against creatures much stronger than ordinary people: a mage, a sorcerer, a user of a combat aura, or just a warrior and a priest."

"Priests are people who worship gods, receiving different powers from them, for example, the priests of the god of darkness and secrecy Ettos, possess various stealthy techniques and murder skills, so some members of the assassins guilds are believers of this god. But Ettos is not the only god of darkness and secrecy. "

"Warriors. In general, if you do not count the priests, then we divide people into two types: capable of magic and incapable, warriors belong to the latter type. They are not able to perceive any energy in any way. But some mages conducted an experiment, they tried to force energy into the body of such a person with the help of various magical reagents and potions. And after many unsuccessful attempts, they succeeded, but not as they expected. These people acquired a magical core, but they still could not release energy in the sense that sorcerers do. "

"Warriors can indeed purify energy using magical breathing techniques, but instead of creating spells, they have learned to inject energy into their bones, blood, skin, weapons, temporarily strengthening them. Most novice warriors do not have any visual differences, only a stronger body when using energy, but more experienced and strong warriors form a layer of energy around them. The color of this energy depends on the purity of the energy, according to the colors of the rainbow from the weakest violet to the strongest red "

"Sorcerers. In fact, some mages consider sorcerers to be circumcised mages. In fact, sorcerers are no different from mages, they are also able to create spells, feel energy. Any sorcerer is a magician, but still, due to their style, it was decided to separate them. "

"Sorcerers instead of using their own body as a source of spells, they use Grimoires. In fact, in our Republic there are more sorcerers than mages, since being a sorcerer is much easier than a magician. For the sorcerer to be able to create spells, he just needs to buy some kind of grimoire with spells, accumulate enough energy, enter into the grimoire and voila, the sorcerer is already releasing a fireball.

"The magician has to study for a long time, but this has huge advantages. Most grimoires are created by magicians. Do you know why ? This is because due to their vast knowledge of converting energy into spells, mages can create their own new spells that this world has not seen before. Thus, creating several new spells, encrypting them and forcing his henchmen to write these spells in many grimoires, the magician can then sell them, earning a lot of money and reputation. "

"But do not think that everything is so simple to become a qualified magician, you need a lot of resources, and most importantly time. That is why most demos and patricians become sorcerers. For example, my daughter Sarah is a talented girl, but she does not want to delve into the theory of magic at all, only the basics are enough for her. Therefore, I personally created a grimoire for her and during the fight, she will be able to use my spells "

"Speaking of grimoires, you can't just use any material. The better the skin and ink of the grimoire, the stronger the magical conduction will be. The speed of casting spells and their power depends on this. "

Having carefully listened to Vevet, Ivo also drew attention to the local books, as he thought, all the books are made of parchment, that is, from animal skin, it turns out the more powerful the creature from whose skin the grimoire is made, the better. But what if you use paper, because it needs trees. Living in the silver forest, Ivo saw various magical trees, it is possible that the same law applies here, but according to Ivo, it is easier to go into the forest, chop trees and plant them again than to wander around the world and look for dangerous creatures.

Vevet continued to say, "Now we need to determine if you are a magician or ..."

Before she could finish speaking, a small green flame appeared on Ivo's hand. Looking at this fire, Vevet said in surprise, "So you are already familiar with magic and at the same time you have a rare element of nature, impressive."

Ivo wondered, "Is the energy of nature difficult to obtain?"

Vevet nodded. "As I said earlier, one domain can have multiple gods, but in the case of nature, we know of only one goddess, Flora, who is worshiped by elves. And only elves have magicians with natural elements, people can only become priests in order to use this energy"

Ivo thought a little and replied "Most likely this is due to the beliefs of my tribe, they worship the goddess Flora"

Vevet was surprised, she did not know about this, and then asked, "So you are a follower of the goddess Flora?"

Ivo shook his head "I am not anybody's follower, but I prefer Lady Fortuna and Flora."

Vevet thought, "Lady Fortuna? I read somewhere about this ancient goddess, but now I can't remember. "

And then she stopped thinking about the gods and said, "Okay, if you have the energy of nature, it's even better. In the magical community, there are almost no books about several types of energy in one body and the influence of types of energy on the same spells "

Getting up from her chair and walking up to Ivo, she said, "To inject mana into you, it will take you to free your core."

Ivo nodded, sat on the floor in a lotus position and began to empty his own core, bringing out the natural element around him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-30_52691482968127820">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-30_52691482968127820</a> for visiting.

Due to the high magical proximity, Vevet saw green waves begin to appear around Ivo, which gradually dissipated into the room. After a while, Vevet noticed that the amount of energy released was greatly reduced, so she came up behind Ivo, put her hand on his back and began injecting mana into him.

But she did not just break through the body into the core of Ivo, she, just like using the breathing technique, began to channel mana through certain points. Finally, after a couple of minutes, she removed her hand and said "It's over, I added mana to your core, now, in addition to the energy of nature, the core can also attract and store mana."

Moving away from Ivo, she added, "Unlike natural energy, which exists only in certain places, mana exists everywhere, so in order not to overfill your core, you need to determine the ratio of mana and nature energy yourself."

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