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Chapter 33 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 33 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 33: Chapter 33

Passing these two, Ivo heard Lucas's voice "I still don't understand why your mother brought him here, in a mansion full of such beautiful ladies, this barbarian will turn into a real beast, it's good that there is still me and your father, he is not will dare to do anything to you and your mother "

Sarah just nodded slightly out of courtesy and continued to play the melody on the harp. Noticing her nod, Lucas cheered up and continued to say, "In my opinion, we need to send the Republican army to the north to destroy all these tribes, and enslave their women and children so that they understand their place is only among slaves."

At this point, Sarah became a little interested in the conversation and asked, "Do you know why several kingdoms sent an expedition to the north?"

Lucas was even more delighted that she needed him and replied, "Of course, my father told me that some stupid old barbarian came to the market to sell some inferior natural crystals. At first no one paid much attention to him, but later some of the buyers learned from him that somewhere in the northeast of the Amshar mountains, there is a huge cave with these crystals "

Lucas smiled slyly and said, "This idiot did not at all understand the significance of these crystals for the magician community. After that, several powerful magicians visited the small kingdoms and forced them to organize expeditions to the north. Unfortunately, after the destruction of one barbarian settlement, disagreements arose. This old man disappeared and no one else saw him, and the slaves whom the troops caught did not know anything about these crystals. "

With a sad sigh, Lucas continued, "Small kingdoms have so many problems, and because of the expedition, they had to spend a lot of time, troops and money. Unfortunately, it looks like my dream of destroying these barbarians won't come true so quickly. "

After listening to everything, Sarah asked carefully, "Why did people think that this old man was a barbarian? Or maybe it was some kind of tribe that wanted to use the greed of people to destroy the enemy tribes? "

Lucas laughed a little, inwardly mocking Sarah's stupidity. "Well, he looked like a barbarian. Apparently, due to old age, his skin looked like wood, but at the same time, like all barbarians, he was quite tall. He was dressed in a piece of black wool, and on his shoulders and neck was a cape of raven feathers, and on his neck was also a raven skull. This is a typical barbarian. And as for the possibility of deception, this absolutely cannot be, they are stupid. "

After listening to his words, Sarah did not agree with Lucas, but she did not say this, but only continued to play the harp.

Unlike her, Ivo was not so calm. This description, this black wool robe and a raven feather cape, and an old man whose skin looks like a tree, this is his own teacher and part-time shaman of his tribe.

Suddenly he remembered how he was leaving the house of the leader and heard the clink of metal, he did not pay attention to it then, but now it is clear that it was money for the crystals sold.

And there is no cave, the old man never visited the Amshar mountains, these crystals were made by him. Ivo really underestimated the leader and the old man, he thought that the plan to kill him was invented spontaneously, but it turns out that they planned it all a long time ago, just at that moment a better situation turned up.

Although their plan was almost perfect, Ivo would slightly change it, for example, not send the old man in tribal clothes, but change him into clothes of another tribe to minimize the risks.

But now it's all the same, in the Buffalo tribe, few people knew about such a distant Crow tribe, and the Hellenistic states will not be able to capture new tribes and learn from them information.

Admiring the cunning of his enemies, Ivo finally came to the kitchen. He did not spend much time here, but only asked the servants to bring food to his room.

The servants were still afraid of him, but seeing as no one died in the mansion in one day, they slightly lowered their alertness.

Ivo, after ordering, went to his room to practice making his own spells while his food was being prepared.

Entering his room, he looked at his empty bed. Yes, that maid still has a lot of work, Ivo hopes that after that night, she was able to work.

Having rid himself of these thoughts, he walked to the center of the room and sat in the lotus position, took a deep breath, cleared his mind. And after that, he began to create his first spell.

First of all, Ivo said "System, I want to purchase the entire school course in physics"

[Transaction successful -5FP]

* Crack *

As if by a click, a new area appeared in his head with all the knowledge of school physics, from a simple description of molecules, the interaction of bodies and the pressure of solids, to optics and atomic physics.

But Ivo doesn't need all this information yet, what really interests him is electromagnetism. Yes, he really wants to create an analog of telekinesis in this world. Who did not want to be a dark lord in childhood, who is capable of destroying crowds of enemies with just one hand?

Earlier in the Ivo tribe, he already tried to do this, but very primitively. He simply released a lot of natural energy, enveloping some object with this energy, Ivo could really move them, but unfortunately, the costs were so huge, and the range was terribly small that it could not be used in battle. But now he had the opportunity to fix it.

Concentrating, Ivo presented an image: he moves his own hands, but instead of moving his hands, his own electromagnetic field moves, this electromagnetic field affects the fields of other objects, if he uses more mana, then the charge of his own field becomes stronger, thanks to which he can force to interact with other objects. Now that he had built the image, he began to add to it various physical concepts that he learned from new knowledge.

For example, knowledge about electric charges, the relationship between electricity and magnetism, Coulomb's law, etc.

Having built the image, Ivo finally got to the point where he had to create the scheme. But instead of drawing a diagram out of mana on his hand, he simply raised his hand and made a grasping motion with his palm, and then began channeling mana from his core to his hand.

Suddenly he felt that he seemed to be holding something, but at the same time there was nothing in his hand, slowly opening his eyes, he saw that a chair was levitating in his room at that moment, which he was holding with his own hand.

Delighted, he twirled the chair in the air a little more, and then slowly lowered it into place, suddenly he received a system notification.

[Congratulations on creating your own spell, +100 FP, please name it]

Ivo thought for a bit, and then said [Grip]

(I did not write techniques and skills of the same type, which are lower in rank)


Name: Ivo son of Kato

House: Kato

Age: 17

Race: Human (85%); Lesser junior Titan (15%)

Strength: 75

Dexterity: 59

Stamina: 103

Magic Affinity: 61

Magical Capacity: 1357/1357 (Natural Energy) 1346/1356 (Mana)

Energy type: Natural Energy; Mana

FP (Fantasy Points): 4396 (+77)


Traveler's Blood Cultivation (Extraordinary)

Traveler's Fencing. Style 1 Spear (Extraordinary)

Style 1. (Rare) X3

Traveler's Weak Breath (Advanced)

Grip (Advanced) +

Lesser Natural Fire (Rare)

Lesser Titan Incomplete Lesser Regeneration (Rare)

Lesser Life Search (Rare)

Weak Vine (Rare)

Primitive Alchemy (Common)

Primitive Rune Engraving (Common) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-33_52737080756861616">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-33_52737080756861616</a> for visiting.

Looking at his stats, Ivo saw that it took 10 mana to pick up a small chair and twist it a little.

But despite the fact that he first used this spell, Ivo felt that he could reduce the cost of mana, as well as increase control. But as always, it takes more practice.

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