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Chapter 65 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 65 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 65: Chapter 65

[2nd year AR January 25]

Today, Ivo continued to test theories about the magic core and their possibilities. Now he was holding in his hands one of the cores that the hunters had mined, but unlike the usual one, this core had mana, instead of some element

Yes, Ivo, through his experiments, came up with a way with which you can assign a different type of energy to the core. Of course, this result was not final. And only just the beginning of Ivo's idea.

While studying magic, Ivo noticed that even in the Republic, the mages did not have weapons suitable for them. Remembering games, books, films about fantasy worlds and magicians, you can see the distinctive weapons of magicians and wizards everywhere.

These are staves, wands and other equipment for witchcraft. But this does not exist in this world. Ivo even asked the system about it.

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[Magic equipment as you mean it has not yet been invented. But many peoples, including the Hellenistic countries, are already familiar with magic cores, so it can be said that some magic equipment can have the same effect, but it was not created as such]

The effect that the system speaks of is an increase in magic, an increase in energy capacity, concentration, and so on, what staves and wands are capable of.

After placing a level 2 core on the simplest staff he could make, Ivo left the workshop and walked over to the stones. Aiming his staff at the stones, he cast the spell [Fire Arrow].

The top of the staff caught fire and a fire spell flew out of the staff, crashing into the stone. * Boom *

Ivo began to analyze the result. While casting the spell itself is a little longer than usual, the good news is that casting the spell with a staff is much easier, because when you channel energy through this weapon, your mana is more controlled. On top of that, first of all, the mana in the staff is spent, and only then the magician's own mana.

Summing up, Ivo decided that now in his world of magic everyone will use staves and only the most experienced, brave and strong can do without a staff. But they will also have an advantage, because their spells can be faster than others.

Now Ivo can divide mages into 3 subclasses: Battle Mage (Without staff), Mage, Sorcerer

Satisfied with his creation, Ivo suddenly thought of his wife. She also cultivates blood and at the same time possesses magic, her weapon is a combat staff.

After a little thought, he decided to make a special staff that could be used to fight and cast spells at the same time.

[2nd year AR January 27]

Ivo and Ceres sat opposite each other. Ivo had already given her a new staff and told her about the new subclass. Now they are busy creating the first book in all the tribes.

Indeed, Ivo has already set up a small paper production, but he deliberately made sure that all processes were kept secret. Although he has a positive opinion of his fellow tribesmen, after being betrayed by the leader, he realized that even in a place where everyone is almost related to each other, they can betray. Therefore, he appointed only those people whom he could trust.

In addition to this reason, sooner or later Ivo will meet with the southern kingdoms and he does not want the southerners to find out about the paper recipe so quickly.

Despite the fact that there is now enough paper in the tribe, still not a single book has been written, all records are kept on single sheets of paper. But today Ivo decided to change that.

Closing the thick 150-page book, Ivo began carving the words on the leather cover."Magic for Beginners Volume 1. Authors: Ivo Esnor and Ceres Esnor "

Yes, Ivo decided to change the name of his family, he also proposed to his father. Although Kato did not at first understand why his son wanted this, he later understood from his son's explanations.

Ivo wants families with their own names and banners to appear in the tribe. Of course, someone will say that this is stupid and ineffective, but Ivo will not agree. It may be really dangerous in the long run to create noble families, but Ivo is no longer aging, so if something suddenly happens, he can always fix it. In addition, the nobility has its own charm, which Ivo really likes.

After finishing the book, Ivo turned to Ceres "Congratulations, now our names will go down in history and all magicians will know our names as the founders of the magic theory."

Ceres smiled tenderly and replied, "Is it really that important to you?"

"If you die, only your children will remember you, but if you leave something behind, then everyone will remember you," Ivo said with a grin.

Then, opening the book again, Ivo decided to add something. Turning to the last page of the book, he wrote "You have to study a lot to realize that you know little" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-65_53110612451968453">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-65_53110612451968453</a> for visiting.

Ivo suddenly asked, "Speaking of knowledge, how are the students?"

Ceres pondered, then replied, "While everything is going well, magicians and knights are now learning the basics of breathing and the language of magic. Some even show incredible success, one girl cast the [Firefly] spell on the first try, her language skills are also better than the others. "

"The only thing we have had trouble with is the knight class, although you have created a few spells, we still have problems with swordsmanship. I can only teach them staff skills, and Jove wields an ax. But our levels of fencing are different, we lack the standard, "Ceres said sadly.

Ivo stroked his chin in thought, and then said, "Until the end of Winter, I have no more important things to do, I think I will spend this time on the knight class."

Ceres smiled happily and then kissed her husband. Ivo decided not to stop at a simple kiss, so after their lips parted, he grabbed his wife and carried her into the bedroom.

[2nd year AR January 28]

The next day, Ivo, along with Ceres, came to a large two-story house, which was recently built. The first magic academy is located in this place, although it is not called that yet, magicians simply call this place the house of knowledge.

Inside, on the first floor, there was a large hall where all magicians and students usually gathered, there are also several small rooms for breathing practices, a library (yet without books, but there is access to paper where you can practice your writing skills or try to create your own spell) and the meeting room where senior mages usually gather to discuss important issues.

On the second floor, there are several classrooms where teachers teach the basics of magic. Each class can accommodate 30 people. In addition, there is also a recreation room for senior magicians and a sage's office, that is, the office of Ceres.

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