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92.68% Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo / Chapter 76: Chapter 76

Chapter 76 - Fortune's Chosen - The Legend of Ivo - Chapter 76 by La_Boule full book limited free

Chapter 76: Chapter 76

[2 AR June 10]

The construction of Ivo's mansion is in full swing, and in order for his family's home to be a great place, Ivo even trained the workers in the workshop on how to make glass. Although such glass was still not as clean as in Ivo's previous life, many Esnor people admired this thing. Of course, Ivo will clean the glass for his mansion with the help of magic on his own, so that this reaches the ideal.

But now Ivo is still in his old chief's house, carefully picking the fruits he got from the peach tree.

Ivo looked at the system menu, which, incidentally, changed its color, as Ivo again changed the system's worldview to True Good.

[Peach of cleaning blood]

[Purifies any blood in the body by 1%, the effect is valid only if you eat no more than 3 pieces per month]

[You can plant a seed from this peach to grow an even weaker version]

Ivo became interested in the last information window, so he asked the system about it.

[Transaction successful -5FP]

[Blood Enhancement Peach]

[Speeds up the process of blood cultivation by 30%, the effect is weakened with higher blood purity. Requires a location with a strong concentration of nature energy]

After reading the description, Ivo happily smiled, now he will have additional resources for cultivation, the weakest peaches, he will be able to reward those who have good merit.

After thinking enough about the future, Ivo decided to spend the points he had accumulated. Although he had many good ideas, he decided to expand his inventory first. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-76_53225189042866932">;s-chosen---the-legend-of-ivo_19545980206735205/chapter-76_53225189042866932</a> for visiting.

[Upgrading your storage to 50x50 will require 2000 FP, however, the next 10cm increases will cost 2000 FP]

After a little thought, Ivo decided that a gradual increase in price was quite logical, so Ivo gave 10,000 FP to increase his storage.

[Transaction successful -10000 FP, now your storage size is 90x90 cm]

After that, Ivo decided to spend the rest of his points on another [Titan Peach], as this peach could make him even more useful in the future, maybe he might even have a peach garden someday.

[Transaction successful -10000 FP]

After this notification, the same peach formed in his hands as before. Comparing [Peach of the Titans] and [Peach of cleaning blood], Ivo noticed that the second peach was slightly inferior in its appeal.

Then, Ivo went in search of his wife. After 20 minutes of searching, he found her at the academy, now she was busy spending time with her student, explaining various knowledge to her.

Looking at her slightly rounded belly, Ivo smiled warmly, and then he suddenly remembered something and asked the system "System, if I give the peach to Ceres, will it do any harm to the child?"

[Transaction successful -20 FP]

[If both parents have a stronger blood concentration, it will only strengthen the child. Since the child has not yet been fully formed, this will not lead to any bad consequences]

Sighing with relief, Ivo went inside and interrupted these two, smiling apologetically, he said, "Ceres, I have one important business with which I need your help."

Ceres frowned. "Can't you wait a bit? I'm working with Selena now. "

Ivo shook his head "This is urgent, if we postpone this case, it may not lead to favorable consequences"

Then he turned to Selena and said "Your student is smart, I think she would not mind if there are no classes today."

Ceres sighed "Selena, I'm sorry, but as you can see, we have to skip today's class. If nothing happens, tomorrow we will study with you as usual "

Selena nodded in understanding, carefully collected all her notes, and then said goodbye to the office.

Finally, Ivo hugged his wife and kissed her sweetly, and then said, "I have a gift for you."

Ceres frowned again. "Did you interrupt our lesson just because of a gift?"

Ivo just smiled and led, Ceres followed. After 5 minutes, they were already standing near the leader's house, in a clear meadow. Ivo slipped his hand into his pocket, and in fact took a peach from the store, and then handed this peach to Ceres.

The wife looked skeptically at the peach and asked, "It's certainly nice, but you did it just for the..... Peach?"

Ivo grinned "Not just a peach, but a magic peach, with the help of it you can become much stronger and most likely you will break through the limit just like I did"

Ceres's skepticism was instantly replaced by shock, she still remembered the moment when Ivo became much stronger than before, and after that they were expecting a child. Then, stroking her belly, she asked, "Wouldn't that hurt the baby?"

Ivo shook his head "That is why I was rushing you, now it will only strengthen the child, and later it can hurt, so enough talking. Eat a peach, and then start cultivating to enhance the effect. "

Ceres nodded and then looked at the peach for a long time. After minutes of waiting, she finally made up her mind and began to bite the peach. After the first bite, she felt a surge of unprecedented sweetness, she wanted to bite even more, so she did not stop and after a couple of bites, only the seed remained in her hands.

She looked at Ivo expectantly, but then suddenly she felt a surge of energy inside her body, so she wasted no time in cultivating.

Ivo stood aside and watched as waves of hot air began to form around Ceres, so hot that the green grass next to it began to slowly turn yellow.

Her green hair, like a vine, constantly moved as if it were alive, but Ivo knew that this was only due to a large surge of energy. Finally, after a while, the energy in Ceres stopped raging. She left cultivation and began to feel her body in a new way.

Looking at Ivo, she smiled slyly, and then jumped up and punched him in the shoulder. Although Ivo did not expect this, he did not lose his head and dodged grabbed her and then kissed her gently. After a long kiss, he slapped her in the ass and said "Bad girls need to be punished."

Ceres just chuckled, and then, getting out of Ivo's embrace, said, "Now I feel that I can lift mountains and change rivers. This peach is really magical, where did you get it? "

Ivo thought for a moment, and then said, "During the capture of the fox tribe, I found 2 peaches, but the second one was not ready yet, so I didn't tell you about them."

Ceres suddenly remembered something "So the tree that you planted earlier is the first peach?"

Ivo nodded "Yes, I have even picked the fruits, but unfortunately they are not as strong as this peach, but there are more of them."

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