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Fortune Falls From Sky Fortune Falls From Sky

Fortune Falls From Sky

Author: Never Obedient When Drunk

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Chapter 1: Landlady's Coercion

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

New York City, an economically prosperous first-tier city.

However, the rent in the city was suffocating.

Some of the suburbs that allowed people to travel to work within an hour became the ideal living space for many workers.

Front Avenue, a suburb in Brooklyn. Inside Room 202 of a three-story apartment.

Samuel Walker's face was filled with anxiety as he frantically submitted his resume to the recruitment software.

Just now, his mother called and said that his father's kidneys had worsened again. If he didn't get a kidney transplant within three months, the death rate would be extremely high.

In the winter three years ago, his father braved the snow to search for a job in order to earn more and provide for his education. In the end, he was hit by a car that ran a red light. The car hadn't been found until now, and both of his father's kidneys had been damaged.

Over the past few years, his father's illness had used up almost all of his family's savings. The price of this surgery was as high as 60,000 dollars…

"Sigh!" Samuel looked at his resume and clenched his fists in pain.

He had just graduated from university and thought that with his talent, he could make a name for himself.

However, jobs nowadays required some work experience. Not only did he not find a suitable company, but he also couldn't afford to pay for his living expenses next month.

Previously, he wanted to ask his mother for some living expenses, but when he heard about his father's illness, he held himself back.

Knock, knock, knock.

The door was knocked on three times.

Who is it?

Samuel opened the door curiously. When he saw who it was, his heart skipped a beat.

Standing outside the door was the landlady of the apartment, Karen Pate.

At forty this year, she was short, fat, and had a loud voice, as if she didn't know it herself.

Her voice was often coquettish, and every time Samuel heard her disgusting voice, he couldn't help but shiver.

"Karen, what's the matter?" After confirming the date in his heart, Samuel relaxed a little since it wasn't time to pay the rent yet.

Without waiting for him to invite her in, she walked straight into his home.

Sitting on Samuel's bed, she sized him up from head to toe. A handsome face and a tall build. The corners of Karen's mouth curved into a satisfied smile.

"Nothing. I'm bored at home, so I came to chat with you. You haven't found a job yet, right?"

"No. Professionals need work experience. I just graduated, so how could I have any experience? But this can't go on if I don't have any income soon. I just submitted my resume, and I plan to clinch a random job first." Samuel spoke out the bitterness in his heart.

"Will you do all kinds of jobs?" Karen's eyes lit up.

"Pretty much."

"Why don't you work for me?" Karen asked.

"What's the job about?" Samuel was curious. Could it be that she had other business besides renting the apartment?

"Sit here, let's have a chat." Karen pulled him to her side and placed her hand on his thigh. She smiled and said, "Your work is simple. You just have to serve me. Other than doing some housework, you have to accompany me shopping, eating, and sleeping."


Seeing that Samuel didn't seem to understand, Karen concluded, "To put it simply, be my boyfriend. I'm not stingy with the salary. I'll cover food and accommodation. You just need to work five days a week, and I'll give you 600 dollars a month. If you satisfy me, I'll give you a bonus."

Wouldn't that make me a gigolo!?

Looking at her smiling face up close, Samuel almost spat out the food he had eaten the previous night.

You're about the same age as my mom, and you still want to be my girlfriend?!

"Karen, that's not appropriate. You're already married." Samuel refused politely.

Karen wasn't moved at all. Her hands searched through Samuel's clothes, and his firm chest made her intoxicated. She said in a low voice, "That man of mine only comes back for a few days a year. He can't wait to leave again to avoid seeing me every time."

After pausing for a while, she continued to persuade him, "Nowadays, it is very difficult for a university graduate to find a job. You should have a deep understanding of it now, right? What you can find are all filthy and exhausting jobs. Not only are you looked down upon by others, but your salary is also a joke.

"How could it be as comfortable as being with me? Not only do you have money to spend, but you also have a woman to warm your bed for you. You're a young man, it's hard to get through the night without company, isn't it?

"If you want to marry me in the future, I'll divorce that old man. By then, you'll have half of my assets."

Speaking up to this point, Karen pulled Samuel's hand and said with a sneer, "You must be thinking about it at night too, right? Don't worry, I'm so wet that those young women can't compete with me. Besides, girls nowadays are more open, so they might not be tighter than me."

Her greasy personality made Samuel sick. He quickly retracted his hand and said angrily, "Karen, you should respect yourself."

Seeing that he spurned her, Karen's face turned cold. "What, you don't agree? Do you know that I rented this room for 1,000 dollars to others and only charged you 600? Do you really think I'm doing charity work? If you don't agree, I'll charge you the full rent in the future!"

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