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Fracture - Fractured World - Chapter 2 by Zentmeister full book limited free

Chapter 2: Fracture

It was on the night of Christmas Eve that Alex had engaged in a bloody struggle with another combatant in the cage for the crowd's entertainment. Normally he would spend the holidays with his family. However, Alex was not on the best of terms with them at the moment, after an intense argument over his future a few months prior.

Over the past few months, he lived in his dorm at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While not speaking to his family since, and as such, elected to spend the night of Christmas Eve fighting for a regional promotion in Las Vegas.

Partially because he wanted to advance his career, and partly because he needed money. The 19-year-old fighter had taken a severe blow to his ego this night, though this would fail to compare to what would come next.

It would soon be midnight, and rather than the joyous occasion of celebrating Christmas Eve, Alex was leaving the arena he had fought within. Nearly everyone in attendance had already left the establishment; he alone stood outside the stadium, gazing up at the center where he just suffered a sudden defeat. There would be nobody to share his suffering with this night. Donning his gym bag he had slung over his shoulder, he began making his way over to his truck. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As Alex approached his vehicle, he gazed upon a vagrant holding a sign with the words, "Repent! The end is nigh!" These soothsayers had started popping up in every city around the globe earlier this month. They were preaching about a fantastical apocalypse that would befall the world on Christmas day.

Of course, nobody took them seriously; how many times had homeless people ranted about some incoherent nonsense in the past? More than enough to cry wolf. Still, it was strange that so many of them appeared across the world, preaching the same nonsense. Maybe it was a coordinated internet trolling campaign. Alex didn't pay the man any attention as he avoided him and headed for his truck.

While he attempted to insert his keys into the door of his truck, he felt a hand grasp his shoulder from behind. He immediately shrugged his shoulders and protected his neck as he turned around, ready to fight. It was an instinct from a fighter who had been training for many years. What he saw, however, was the crazy vagrant he had just passed.

The man grabbing onto him, aggressively stared at him with fierce eyes mouthing the words "The end… The end has come!"

Alex shoved the old vagrant away from himself and screamed at him, "Get off me, you fucking lunatic!".

He immediately unlocked his car and drove away from the crazy older man who lay still in the parking lot. As Alex turned the corner, the last thing to appear of the older man was a wicked grin spread across his face. Having shivers down his spine, he turned on the radio to the local rock station, trying to ignore the night he was having. He figured he would go to the liquor store and pick up some whiskey; it would be a long night.

After driving for some time, he finally arrived in front of a liquor store with a worn-down appearance. This establishment has seen some better days; he thought to himself as he pried open the doors. Though he was 19, he carried himself with such confidence that it was easy to trick clerks into selling him alcohol, especially with his fake ID.

He trod down the isles of the store, looking for a cheap brand of whiskey. Even though he made some money tonight, he didn't want to waste more than he had to. After selecting the most inexpensive whiskey bottle he could find, he approached the clerk to the shop.

The clerk, possibly intimidated by his roughed-up appearance, refused to meet his eyes; as such, she didn't even card the kid which she otherwise would have. After paying the woman, he grabbed his bottle and walked out the door without saying a word, only opening the bottle and taking a giant swig. Unbeknownst to him, the clock had just struck midnight. It was now Christmas day.

As he stood outside the shop drinking from his bottle of whiskey, the lights around him suddenly gave out; the street went completely dark.

"Great, a fucking blackout, just what I need," he groaned as he climbed into his truck.

Though not yet intoxicated, as he had a high tolerance to alcohol, it was still not a good idea for him to drive, though he didn't seem to care about that. He turned the keys into the ignition to discover that nothing happened, not even the hint of a sound. He tried to turn it over again and again. Yet still the same response.

"Seriously? Are you kidding me? How the hell can this night get any worse?" he moaned as he got out of his truck and slammed the door.

He pulled out his phone and tried to call Roadside Assistance. However, his phone was completely dead, as well.

"Fuck it; I guess I'm walking home," he muttered.

He embarked towards his residence, continuing to take swigs from the bottle, increasing his degree of intoxication as he did so. As he neared the campus of the University, he came across an alleyway where he nearly vomited from the thick scent that permeated the air. Blood was his only thought, even in his half-drunken state, he could quickly tell what that smell was, but he had never come across such a substantial degree of the scent.

Perhaps his inebriated state made him braver than he'd usually be. Still, for whatever reason, He placed his bottle of whiskey on the street corner. He cautiously walked into the alley to see what had transpired. What he saw terrified and confused him. He had little interaction with a classmate who was now lying dead, with his brains bashed out by a blunt object.

Standing atop his corpse, biting into his arm appeared to be a creature reminiscent of a little green toddler. Beside it was a club stained in the blood of his classmate. Because The creature was unaware of his existence, Alex stood still; baffled by the scene affixed in front of his eyes.

Foolishly he opened his mouth and muttered, "Damn, I must be drunk if I see shit like this."

Though he had never hallucinated before while intoxicated, he couldn't believe his eyes. The little green creature stopped stuffing its face and turned around, now acutely aware of the presence of the intruder.

The creature picked up its club and smacked Alex in the femur with it. Due to the creature's stature, it failed to inflict severe damage upon Alex. Yet, it still hurt like hell, instantly sobering him up and making him realize the bizarre situation was genuine. He immediately took a fighting stance, and push kicked the little creature in the head, slamming it into the wall.

After the impact, it dropped its club and was dazed; even if it was a push kick, it dealt a decent amount of trauma to the creature's brain. However, it quickly got ahold of itself and reached for the club. Not wanting this monster to get ahold of its weapon, Alex lunged forward and placed it in a front headlock.

The green creature growled and howled like a beast, and even made noises that resembled a foreign language as it struggled out of the headlock. Finally, it managed to bite Alex, enraging him to the point where he instinctively cranked the little creature's neck, killing it instantly as its spine broke.

Staring at the scene before him, a classmate's dead body and a dead body of some green rat-faced toddler-like monster. He couldn't fathom what was before him. Thoughts began to flash in his head, and his vision became disoriented.

'Did I murder that thing?'

'Can it even count as murder wait, what about that kid's body?'

'Am I going to get blamed for that?'

His mind was in a total state of panic, but then his eyes spotted something in the bottom left corner of his view. There was a sentence flashing in the corner of his vision [You have slain a goblin and gain 23 xp]. After seeing this, he checked the message a second and third time to make sure he saw right.

"What the fuck is going on?" he fretted about aloud.

'You know what, Alex, you're dreaming, none of this is real. When you awake in the morning, you won't remember any of this insanity.'

He decided in his half intoxicated state that this was all just a dream. He walked back to his whiskey, chugging it down as he stumbled back to his dorm. After arriving at his dorm, he fumbled with his keys before opening the door. He didn't even bother to check to see if his roommate was home; he collapsed onto the bed, face first, and bottle in hand before dozing off into his sleep.

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