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100% Fushi Tensei: Undead Reincarnation / Chapter 11: The Core Values (a lot)

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Chapter 11: The Core Values (a lot)

I sighed at my in-built stupidity and asked another question,

"System, tell me if there are any populated areas nearby."

<The nearest populated area is 'The Wolves' Den(D)'>

The wolves' den? Why would someone name a city or a town with that name? Could it be a bandits' hideout? Or could it possibly be a cool guild like the ones I had often heard of in novels??!

I went wild with my imagination as I walked through the forest. I didn't know where 'The Wolves' Den' was located, nor did I know where I was going, but I continued to move forward, away from the crater I believed I had created. And when I finally stepped out of the crater and into the marshy soil, I realised something.

"Wait. Where the heck is my equipment?!"

As I looked down on my hands and my feet, I realised everything was gone. I had nothing on. I was stark naked. With this, I shouted,

"Hey system, what the heck did you do to my equipment?!"


"Huh? What do you mean 'nothing'? Don't you usually give a detailed description of everything I ask?"

<The system is not liable to answering in a large or a short form. However, the system is responsible if you do not receive an answer.>

I sighed as I realised that the new upgraded system was just as disappointing as before.

"Huff... Just what did I expect anyway. It is the same old system that bullied me through words after all." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I walked further and further, until I saw the panthera lion lying dead next to the black panther I had seen before. I stopped as I understood why they had died.

"What are the odds? It was the tree that killed them?!"

Apparently, the half-cut tree had fallen on the lion while Poise somehow flung onto the panther as it was about to leap away.

Just then, an evil grin filled my face as I wondered," Ho ho, could I possibly obtain rare items from these creatures? I'd say the answer would most likely be yes."

<Useful items that can be obtained from the 'Panthera Lion': Stage 3 Core[Red], Lion's Fangs(B), Lion's Claws(C)>

<Useful items that can be obtained from the 'Black Panther': Stage 3 Core[Blue], Panther's Bones(E)>

I looked at the large dead animals and questioned, "Eh? But aren't their parts a bit too big? What would I do with their huge claws anyways?"

"But moving to the more important question, what are cores?"

<Cores can be classified into seven known stages. Stage 1, being the lowest, and stage 7 being the greatest. Cores can be used as a source of MP(Magic Power), or can be transplanted in the place of the heart to increase physical abilities. Most cores shine a bright white light. Coloured cores indicate a special ability. Almost all strong creatures contain cores.>

"So do I have a core?"


"But why?"

<You're not strong.>

"Welp, ok."

After listening to the system's unnecessary taunt, I started tearing through the lion's flesh. Slowly, I built a cave through its body which led all the way to where I believed the lion's heart would be. And then, I saw it. The bright red heart.

I stared in awe as I saw the shining crystal-like heart the size of a volleyball in the lion's flesh."Whoa... awesome!"

A while later, I removed the black panther's core as well and put it right next to the lion's core on the ground, as I stared at the two cores intensely.

"Ah... my big round balls. First, it all started with BDSM, and now, I have 2 big balls."

I looked up in the sky while putting my hands on my waist, and sighed, "Ha... this world truly has quite wonderful items... and spectacular creatures..."

After a moment of silence, I tilted my view towards the ground once again and questioned, "But wait. How can I use these cores?"

<After placing a core near your chest, the core is automatically absorbed by the body and used for attaining higher HP(Health Power). To use a core for spells, having MP related skills are important.>

"Man... I guess I'll have to kill a few more creatures before I'll be able to use magic."

"But for now, I think I'll use the lion's core."

With this thought, I placed the red core near my chest. Within a short second, the core began entering my body.

It didn't pain at all, even though a whole giant orb was basically breaking the bones in my chest. And when it ended, I had a smaller red orb, right in the centre of my chest.

But then, as the orb formed, my whole body started glitching.

"Oh... not this again..."

<Species will now evolve further.>

<Lesser Lich will turn into Lich.>


Species: Lesser Lich

Title: [Slayer]

Level: 230

Rank: B

Status: Unknown

Soul Count: 17

Pet(s): [BDSM]

Skills: [Calculative thinking(1)] [Anger(2)] [Poisoner(1)] [Endurance(99)] [Tamer(1)]


Swords: -

Armour: -

Shield: -

Tools: [Stage 3 Core<Blue>]


(You'll only understand the title if you read through the entire chapter.)

Announcement: This'll be the only chapter for the month. Though I will be uploading a larger number of chapters next month.

Side note: I'll be updating all my chapter releases on discord. And all additional announcements, will be present there.

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