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100% GAME START / Chapter 1: Game 1: A New World Made Of Games

Game 1: A New World Made Of Games - GAME START - Chapter 1 by SixSenses full book limited free



Author: SixSenses

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Chapter 1: Game 1: A New World Made Of Games

[Please Write A Description About Yourself]

Yuki was starting a new MMORPG that had released the day prior and was now creating his character.

"Hmm…I guess I'll just put this. 'I enjoy playing games, mostly RPGs but don't mind other genres. My favorite game would be Persona 5 Royal, I find it to be a great game in many rights but of course that's just my opinion and you don't have to agree with me. Hope we can have fun playing together!' Hm, I hope that doesn't sound that bad."

He pressed enter and was now creating an avatar for his account. He gave it the look he would with any other games that allowed customization. Bright blue hair, green eyes, average height, skinny but kept it so you could see enough muscle refinement, short pointed ears with one pierce in the left ear, a decent sized mouth and thin eyebrows.

"Looks good, there shouldn't be much left."

He took his mouse and clicked on the yes button in the bottom right corner. The next screen appeared after a few seconds of loading.

[Please Enter Your Age]


The final box appeared with the text that almost every game has:

[Please Enter A Username]

He began to type away at his keyboard and used the name he used in all games he played.


[Confirm Username? Name Cannot Be Changed In The Future]

He moved his mouse over to the yes button and clicked it. He was in the game soon afterwards and began to walk around the town that had many fellow beginners.

"Hey everyone! I'm Eirewen, nice to meet you."

"I'm Fision, it's nice to meet you too. You play games like this often?"

"Yeah, although I do play single player games more often. MMOs are more like something I just jump on when I'm bored."

"I'm always playing, except when school's going on of course."

"You go to school?"

"Yeah, I'm a high schooler. Are you an adult or something? You sure don't sound like one."

"No no, I'm a junior high student who will be going into high school next year."

"I'm a second year so next year will be it for me! Can't wait for it!"

"I hope you manage to be able to pass. School's hard for me for many reasons."

"Why's that?"

"I don't really like to talk about it. Let's just say it makes my life difficult."

"It's your business not mine. You don't have to share your history or anything like that."

"Thanks for not pestering me about it. Are you part of a party yet?"

"Nope, I'm been playing solo for now. You want to make a party with me?"

"Sure! Hope we continue to get along!"

Yuki formed a party with Fision and began to play with him the entire day. After about 10 hours they logged off and said their good byes.

"At least I managed to meet someone nice on my first day playing. Still open game chat definitely is a little out of my comfort zone. Just typing would be a little more comfortable to do."

He wheeled away from his desk and began to head to his kitchen. For the past 4 years he has been unable to use his legs. When he was 11 he was in a car accident which killed his mother and left his legs paralyzed. He now only had his father who was still trying his best to raise his son.

Yuki made himself a small dinner which was just microwaveable noodles and a can of soda. He wheeled himself over to the TV in his living room and began to eat his dinner. He was watching a new anime that was currently airing called "Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu" and was finding it to be quite enjoyable.

He finished eating his dinner and threw away the packaging for the noodles and the can of soda. He began to wheel over to his room when everything around him began to turn dark and he fell out of wheelchair. He was having difficulties breathing and couldn't talk until everything went silent.

He opened his eyes to find that he was in a strange place. He sat up and realized that he was laying on the ground which was made out of some kind of metal. It was cold to his skin and he didn't see wheel chair anywhere. He began to use his arms to crawl and find out what was going on.

"What is this place?"

He reached a window and saw a massive city that appeared to be extremely technologically advanced. He crawled away from the window and continued to try and find out what was going on. He crawled to a door and tried to reach for the handle but couldn't so he turned around and leaned on the door so he could get extra height. Doing this allowed him to open the door but led to him falling on his back also. He went into the room and there was a podium of sorts in the middle of it. Behind the podium was another window which showed a giant arena with a scoreboard floating above it. He crawled to the podium which began to lower itself to the point that he could reach it.

[Please Enter Your Name]

"What? What is this?"

There was a keyboard and he began to type out his gamertag, Eirewen.

[Please Don't Use A Fake Name. Please Enter Your Name.]

"Huh? The hell is this?"

He began to type in another name.


[Please Don't Use A Fake Name. Please Enter Your Name.]

"How does it know if it's a real or fake name?"

He typed in another name to see what would happen.

[Makoto Sato]

[Please Use Your Own Name. Please Enter Your Name.]

"I have to use my name? How does it know that that wasn't my name?"

He reached for the keyboard again and typed in his real name.

[Yuki Yamasaki]

[Name Has Been Successfully Entered. Please Enter Your Age.]


[Age Has Been Confirmed. Please Enter Date Of Birth.]

[November 30th]

[Date Of Birth Has Been Recognized. Please Enter The Name Of Your Country Of Origin.]

A list appeared showing all the countries from his world. He scrolled through until he found Japan and pressed it.

[Country Of Origin Has Been Confirmed. Please Tell Us How Many Direct Family Members You Have. This Includes You.]

He hesitated for a second with this question. He reached out and pressed a key on the keyboard.


[Noted Of Deceased. Please State What Kind Of Disabilities You Have.]

[Paralyzed Legs]

[Disability Has Been Confirmed. Requesting A Skill To Level Out Disability. . . .Completed. Skill : Third Eye Has Been Granted To User Yuki Yamasaki. Permission To Grant Skill? Yes. No.]

He thought about what this skill could be. From the name alone he could think of the Third Eye skill used in Persona 5, so he based his answer on what he thought it could be.


[Beginning Skill Transfer. . . .Completed Transaction. You May View Your Skills On Your Status Menu. To View Menu Double Tap The Back Of Your Left Hand.]

He double tapped his left hand to see a screen appear on his eyes. His stats were above the average for a level 1 player which surprised him quite a bit, well almost everything. Everything except his agility was good. He is well versed on the nature of RPGs so he understood almost everything that was on the screen.

[User: Yuki Yamasaki

Player Level: 1

EXP Until Next Level: 450

Current Skill(s): Third Eye

Current Amount Of Lives: 3

ST: 14

MA: 12

EN: 15

AG: 1

LU: 12

Max MP: 124

Weakness(es): Fire

Resistance(s): Ice, Light

Party Members: None

Disabilities: Paralyzed Legs

Master Of Genre(s): RPG]

"What does that last one mean? And why is there no HP? Everything else is on here…"

He looked closer at the menu and saw something under skills.

[Inspect Skills]

He focused on the box and a small circle appeared. It slowly filled and then a new menu appeared.

[Third Eye:

A rare skill that only approximately .03 percent of the population has. It allows the user to see things that a normal person would be unable to such as other player's stats, look inside of objects, have overall better vision that allows the user to see things at a much greater distance, how much exp gain you could receive from monsters and on rarer cases be able to view the inside of another player's mind.]

"Huh. It really is similar to what Persona's Third Eye is…"

He focused on the back button and it took him to the previous page. He then focused on the "Master Of Genre(s) tab.

[Master of the genre RPG. This means this user is the best fit and best player for the genre of video games known as RPGs. Users can become masters in even more genres if they train and play enough.]

"So that's what that means. I wonder if it has any actual use."

He double tapped the back of his left hand again which closed the menu. He noticed that the podium now showed a new screen.

[Confirm Given Information? Yes. No.]


The floor below him began to lower down as if it were an elevator and was now beginning to see a new room that had more people who were standing in the middle talking about with each other. The floor reached the bottom of the new room's floor and Yuki began to crawl towards the other people.

They spotted him and began to make questionable faces.

"The hell is with him?"

"Yeah, why's he crawling?"

He reached them and flipped over to lie on his back. It was pretty tiring to crawl around everywhere so he was hoping that'd he get a wheelchair sometime soon.

"I-I'm Yuki Yamasaki. Nice to meet you."

"Why aren't you standing?"

"I can't, physically impossible for me…"

"Huh. Guess he's useless then. Why would any of us need a guy who can't even walk."

They began to walk away from him when a large door in front of them opened revealing a person. He walked out and made a mic appear in his hand.

"Hello everyone! I'm Lore, the Game Master! I hope you all didn't have too hard of a time when coming here."

The guy that was talking to Yuki before started yelling at the new man named Lore.

"Where the hell are we? What do you want with us?"

"Ah! Why of course you'd like to know, how foolish of me…Ahem. I've brought you here as representatives as some of the greatest of gamers from your world and brought you here to mine! Sports, Shooters, RPGs, Sanbox, Horror and Visual Novel players, Racing and strategy! That is who you are! Each of you are part of a group, the same genre of game and I decided you were some of the best of the best!"

"Why do you expect we'd go along with this?"

"Oh well, in this world you can truly live out the lives that you live inside of your games so I thought you'd like it…Ah and of course you can't go back to your old world!"

"What did you say?!"

"Well you're old bodies are nothing more than corpses now, slowly rotting away, I feel bad for those of you who lived alone. It'll be awhile until they find your bodies. But have no fear! In this world you can be true to yourselves, join in the tournaments! Gain power! Gain fame! Level up! Gain everything you could have ever dreamt of! That is why I brought you here! Of course I should explain the rules of this world shouldn't I?

Rule 1! You have a base of 3 lives and can gain more if you participate in events and the such. Of course once your lives hit 0…Well let's just say I think you'll know what'll happen. Rule 2! If you want to become the best player you can be, fight in the tournaments! There you can gain prizes like you've never seen before, the tourneys are all based on the genres of games you know quite well! Rule 3! Everyone in this world must one day risk their lives in the tournaments! That means even if you try and live a mellow life you'll one day have to participate in them! Rule 4! Penalties! If you try to bend the rules you'll sure be in for a treat! Just follow all the rules I have set in place and you'll be able to stay clear of rule 4!"

"Are…Are you saying that we're stuck here?! I don't want that!"

"Well I've already summoned you so there's no turning back now. You 20 gamers will enrich the people of this world as they have never heard of video games before. You all have done things these people have never even heard of, use that to your advantage if you wish, you all are the most experienced people in this world meaning you could easily rise up to power! Take advantage of the days you've spent on your computer, consoles and phones! Now is when you will be able to fully use those abilities you have harnessed!"

He began to walk back through the door before stopping to say one last thing.

"Oh and of course your deaths will really be deaths. You'll feel the pain, the blood and injuries of everything. Even if you lose an arm you'll not have that arm back until you die fully. And for those who came here with disabilities like Yuki there, they'll never heal no matter how many times you die. Just something I thought I'd throw out there. Goodbye everyone!"

He pulled a rope that had appeared and the floor beneath them opened causing them to drop through the sky towards the ground. Yuki began to panic not knowing what would happen if he were to hit the ground then.

"What can I do?! There's nothing here to help!"

He looked around frantically and saw a body of water nearby.

"If it's deep enough maybe I can do something!"

He tried to make his way over to the body of water which was hard to do because of his legs. He managed to make it to the center of the water went into the best diving pose he could.

"I really hope this works…"

He hit the water after a few seconds but didn't feel any pain. He didn't even go that deep into the water but still continued to sink since he couldn't use his legs. He tried to paddle over the shore but was having a very hard time reaching it. He was out of breath and couldn't go any further and in turn began to sink.


He wasn't drowning, in fact he could breath perfectly. He reached the surface where he started to crawl to the shore this time instead of swimming like before. He managed to get out of the water and looked at his stats.

[Current Skill(s): Third Eye, Temporary Invincibility]

"So that's why I could breath under the water…That gave me a good scare…"

He looked around to see that around him was mostly forest, he didn't even know what direction the city was in anymore. In fact he couldn't even see where he dropped out of.

"So this is my new world…I'm sorry dad, seems like your finding me dead in the hall later tonight…Wish I could have said goodbye…Who knows what your going to think…"

He began to crawl towards the direction that he thought the city was towards. There was no pain with dragging his body across the ground since the temporary invincibility was still in affect.

"I wonder where the others dropped…Man that makes it sound like I'm playing Fortnite or Pubg, brings back some old memories. Still hate the fan base though."

He crawled for about an hour and then started to feel pain while dragging his body on the ground. He tried to limit the pain by taking small breaks in between his crawling sessions.

"This is going to be a lot harder than I thought…I really need some kind of wheelchair or something…"

He crawled for about 6 hours in total until finally taking a long break. He saw that there was a dirt road nearby and decided to sit up on a tree while waiting for someone to hopefully pass by.

"Why did I get dragged into this? I don't want anything like this…Ah, I just remembered, I left my PC on…Well at least my dad could tell Fision that I'm now gone and will never log on again…"

He began to think about everything that would be going on in his old world. His friends from school, online friends, family and co workers. He had a part time job in a convenience store and got to know the workers there. He wondered what would be going on when everyone he knew found out about him dropping dead so suddenly.

"I guess the only good thing is that my body won't be too rotted by the time it's discovered."

He started to become sleepy and closed his eyes which ended his first day in this new game world.

He jolted awake suddenly when he realized that he was moving. He looked around while being severely panicked. He saw a girl sitting across from him sleeping and to her left was an older man who seemed to be a butler.

"Um…Hello? I'm Yuki Yamasaki…Who are you and where am I?"

The butler turned to look at Yuki and smiled.

"So your finally awake, we found you asleep on the side of the road and thought to take you in. But I must say, your name is rather peculiar."

"Ah, I guess it is. I'm not from here so I must seem strange to you?"

"You're not from here? Does that mean your from the Fedewel region?"

"Huh? Uhhh, sure?"

"That doesn't really fool me. I won't bother you with it. We will wait for my lady to awaken to discuss future matters."

"Future matters?"

"Well she did appear to be pretty worried about you so she would probably like to know that your alright."

"Okay, may I ask where we're going?"

"Oh yes, we are heading to Alphine City. It's the largest city and is right next to where the tournaments are held."

"Huh…Oh, is there a reason you're going there?"

"Not necessarily, it's more of just a small vacation I guess you could call it. Oh and where are my manners! I'm the head butler of the Adreanes family, Deutch Salivis. It's nice to meet you."

"Same here. What time is it?"

"8:17 in the morning. Is there a reason you're asking?"

"No not really. I just sort of wanted to know."

The girl began to groan and began to open her eyes. She looked over at Yuki and instantly fully opened her eyes.

'Now that I'm getting a good look at her she's actually kind of cute…'

The girl had blonde hair, one green eye and one blue eye. She had her hair tied up into a bun but it seemed to go to her hips if she were to untie it. She had a much more petite body and even though she was sitting it seemed that her height would be a little shorter than Yuki who was about average in terms of height.

"I-I'm Yuki Yamasaki, it's nice to meet you…And thank you for letting me ride in your…"

He began to look at his surroundings and realized that whatever he was in appeared to be rather high tech. It was spacious and had stainless steel covering the walls and ceiling.

"In my car? That's what you were going to say right?"

"U-Um, yes! That's definitely what I was going to say…" 'I was really expecting it to be called something different!'

She gave a small giggle before beginning to speak. "I'm Saraph Adreanes. It's nice to meet you Yuki."

"I feel the same. Now that I think about it, how much longer until we reach our destination?"

"Hm? Did Deutch already say where we were going?"

"Yes. I was actually heading there myself. So thank you for letting me ride."

"You were just sitting up against a tree so I was worried if something had happened to you? Ah! You didn't die did you?"

"Huh?" 'Wait that's right! You can die multiple times in this world!' "No no, I haven't died yet."

"Really? How old are you?"


"Im the same age and I've already died once. Of course I now have 4 lives left so I've learned to be careful when it comes to those lives."

"You've died?"

"Yes, when I was 5 I ran off a building on accident…A rather silly death if I do say so myself! But it's intriguing how you haven't died once, normally everyone dies at least once by the time their this age."

"I-I guess I'm just good at surviving then!"

"Ooh, can I see your stats then?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Sure I guess? …How do I do that?"

"Just double tap on the back of your right hand to show them in the open instead of just on your eyes."


He double tapped the back of his right hand and his stats appeared out his palm. He flipped his hand over and showed them his stats. They looked over them and made a few puzzling faces along the way.

"Um Yuki?"


"How is it that you have a 1 for your agility?"

"Ah…I don't really like to tell people this but I guess here I can't really avoid it."


"Never mind that. My legs are paralyzed."

"…Really? Then why don't you just kill yourself so they go back to normal?"

"I can't do that actually…"

"Does it have something to do with this "Master of Genre" thing?"

"Eh?! Uh, no, I don't really think so…If I told you the truth you'd probably think I'm crazy…"

"No I doubt it. A lot of stuff in this world is weird in it's own right. So I'm sure we'll believe you."

"O-Okay…Here goes then."

Yuki told them about him being from Japan and all the events that led to him being where he was now. This also let him explain why killing himself wouldn't help with the situation with his legs.

"Y-You met the Game Master?"


"That never happens! That must mean you 20 are special! What's going on?!"

"Huh?! What's going on?!"

"Don't you understand?! No one in this world has ever seen the Game Master! We've only ever heard him announce when a new tournament is starting and the rules to go along with it! This is incredible, you're the first people to ever meet the Game Master in person! But the reason you were brought here doesn't seem like something he'd do…There must be something else to it!"

"O-Okay? Is it that big of a thing?"

"Yes! I can't believe that I'm meeting someone this important! You have to make your appearance at the city! Tell them everything you know, make them know you're one of the special!"

"W-Why would I have to do that!"

"I-It'll make you more well known and then maybe you could get more prizes in the tournaments!"

"What if I don't want to participate in the tournaments?"

"Huh? Everyone in this world wants to partake in at least one. Even i entered one when I was 12, I gained 2 lives because of that. You could be set for life if you even just participated in one! And you said it yourself, the Game Master stated that you 20 are easily the most skilled out of anyone in this world!"

"Eeehhh??? But what if I lose all my lives?"

"Than you die, but I don't think that'll happen! You're special after all! You even have a Third Eye skill!"

"But without my legs it's kind of hard…"

"You were able to become a skilled person in your world even with this problem!"

"I-I think you're misunderstanding something about my world!"


Yuki then began to explain how video games worked and why being unable to move didn't really affect much.

"Oh…So you never actually had to move your legs…This may change my whole idea now…"

"See? It's going to be hard if I participate, I don't even have a wheelchair! It's really hard to move around because of that!"

"I think you may be able to succeed even with no legs! I mean the Game Master still said that you're one of the most skilled in this world! You definitely have a chance!"

"…I'm just going to give in…I won't be announcing myself to the world though. I'll only participate in a single tournament, that's it."

"Then I will join you! You and I together will fight through the tournament together!"


"Let me add you as a party member…Yuki Yamasaki…Okay! I've added you."

He opened his menu and saw that in the list of party members he now had a single name: Saraph Adreanes. He closed his menu and looked out the window to see that he was now in the city.

"This is the city?! It's so different from my world!"

"You're world also sounds pretty impressive from how you talked about it. I'd really like to see it for myself."

"I don't think that'll ever be possible unfortunately…Of it was I'd at least like to say sorry and goodbye to my dad, I really hate the fact that he's going to walk into our house and find my corpse just sitting there…"


"Ah! Sorry for suddenly making things depressing…How much longer until we reach where we have to go?"

"About 30 minutes…But we could make that longer if we walked! …Oh wait…I just remembered that you can't…"

"Yup. I could get around fine with a wheelchair though."

"Then let's go and get you a wheelchair! Deutch, can you get us a wheelchair?"

"Of course my lady."

He pulled out a bag and opened the top. Something similar to the likes of a phone popped out and he began to talk into it.

"A smartphone?"

"Hm? Is that what they're called in your world?"

"Yes, what are they called here?"


"…That's long, I'll just stick with smartphone."

"I think I like the sound of that better as well."

Deutch finished talking on the phone and put it back into the bag.

"It will arrive shortly, in fact just about now."

A panel on the floor lit up and a chip came out of the light. It had the image of a wheelchair and Saraph grabbed it.

"What's that?"

"Hm? Oh this is a delivery chip. I guess you don't have these in your world."

"Yeah we don't. We only have normal delivery services."

"Then maybe this will impress you!"

She held the chip out and threw it into the air. In a burst of light a wheelchair appeared and landed on the floor beneath them.

"Now we can go about the city. Want to go take a stroll?"


She picked him up and placed him in the wheelchair which was extremely comfortable. There was a controller on his right armrest so he didn't have to manually roll the wheels.

"Okay, let's go."

The door opened and he wheeled out of the car. There were people everywhere and there were thousands of lights, advertisements, roads, cars, shops, homes and so much more.

"This is amazing! Where exactly are we going?"

"This way. Follow me."

He followed Saraph through the city and noticed that a lot of people were looking at him.

'I guess it's unusual for someone to be going through the city in a wheelchair…'

They explored the city and she showed him many places around that he would have probably never found on his own. After exploring for a day they went to Saraph's 2nd family home for the night.

"So this is what my new world has to offer…A lot more than I was expecting…It really tired me out."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's late so we should be going to bed. I'll be in the room across from you if you need anything."

"Okay, I'll be in here."

She left the room and closed the door behind her leaving Yuki alone in a brand new space he's never been in before.

"Wow, this room has a lot…Guess I should probably go to bed…"

He wheeled over to his bed and jumped on it. He pulled the covers up and began to feel his eyelids become heavy.

"I managed to…Have quite the…Lucky…Start…"

He fell asleep and awaited for the next day to arrive so he could see even more of the new world he found himself in. Even without the ability to use his legs he was making out pretty well for the start of his new adventure.

SixSenses SixSenses

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, I don’t know how often I’ll update the novel since I do plan on having the chapters for this one be longer. Of course be sure to check out my other works if you want to see what else I’ve come up with!

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