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60% Game System in MHA / Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Bleak Falls Barrow Part 3

Chapter 18: Bleak Falls Barrow Part 3 - Game System in MHA - Chapter 18 by Unholy_Student full book limited free

Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Bleak Falls Barrow Part 3

Upon heading down the round staircase, I found myself in a dusty old room covered in cobwebs from time, at the room's center there was a table with a strange scroll and a small bottle of liquid.

Open storing them away in my inventory I found that the inventory could label what they were, apparently, the scroll was called 'Scroll of Fireball' and the bottle of liquid 'Paralysis Poison'.

That may be useful, although I have no idea how to use the scroll.

And the Poison would definitely be useful in a fight.

With those stored away in my inventory, I continued walking down the hall with my shield and sword ready for any fight.

As I crept down the hall I found more and thicker cobwebs until I eventually reached a doorway that was completely blocked by webs!

Just how many spiders are in this damn tomb?!

Sighing in annoyance, I began hacking away at the webs until I could continue through.

I then found myself in a large chamber filled with webs and...corpses of men and rodents wrapped in webbing...

Then I noticed someone wrapped in webbing who had his mouth gagged and closed by webbing.

Rushing over to the man I noticed his eyes grow wide and instantly felt my entire body grow cold as Danger Sense flashed within my mind.

Instinctively I jumped away once again and found that it was a spider even larger than the ones I fought with Ralof!

It was way larger than me and was way deadlier than those two big ones we fought previously!

Damn this world!

Why do they have to make spiders so deadly?!

Luckily I could use the same tactic I used on the large spider I fought previously.

Aim at its two front legs it used to attack and chop them off then proceed to drive the sword as deep as possible into the spider's head.

Although its legs were slightly tougher and thicker than the previous spider's, I still managed to cut off the spider's legs and kill it, but not without causing a few dents in my sword's blade.

With a sigh, I sheathed the sword and pulled an iron dagger out from my inventory before walking over to who I assume was Arven, the thief, and bandit who stole the claw.

Without any hesitation, I rose the dagger, and slit his throat.

Once he died I cut him down and found the Golden Claw and his journal on him.

Opening the journal I frowned upon finding that barely anything was written within it.

"My fingers are trembling. The Golden Claw is finally in my hands, and with it, the power of the ancient Nordic heroes. That fool Lucan Valerius had no idea that his favorite store decoration was actually the key to Bleak Falls Barrow.

Now I just need to get to the Hall of Stories and unlock the door. The legend says there is a test that the Nords put in place to keep the unworthy away, but that "when you have the golden claw, the solution is in the palm of your hands."

The palm of your hands...

Holding the Golden Claw I flipped it over and quite literally, found three symbols carved into the Claw's palm.

Going from top to bottom the symbols were a Bear, a Moth, and an Owl.

Well, since I am already here, I might as well continue where Arvel left off.

Chopping down all the webbing in my way, I continue down the crypt.

I soon found myself in some kind of storage room with a chest, a few urns, some kind of tools, linen wraps, and jewls and crystals.

I knew what the jems were, but upon inspecting the crystals in my inventory I was confused to find that they were labeled as 'Soul Gems'.

Although I did not know their vaule, I kept them in my inventory anyway to see if I could find some use for them later on.

I was quite thankful that my inventory was infinite in size, making it much easier for storing, carrying, and hiding goods, items, weapons, or armor.

If it wasn't then my life would be much harder now, especially since I would need to carry a pack of some sort which would only weigh me down in battle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Which, as you guess, can be quite detremental to a person's life in battle.

Either way, I continued down the crypt.

Soon I found myself in some kind of large...Catacomb?

I could see more than 3 dozen dried corpses that were either lay bare to the catacomb or wrapped in a linen sheet like a burrito or taco.

As I walked passed some of the dried corpses and looked at the corridor ahead that led deeper into the crypt, I froze as I felt a dry and old hand grab onto my leg...

Unholy_Student Unholy_Student

Word Count: 818

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