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50% Gareth and Fiona / Chapter 9: Season 1, Episode 7, The Jail War -

Season 1, Episode 7, The Jail War - - Gareth and Fiona - Chapter 9 by Dark_Executioner full book limited free

Chapter 9: Season 1, Episode 7, The Jail War -

And as Cop played bored to death by blink 182, I hit Seth in his Jaw and Jonah on his knees and tackled them both down and grounded them, pounded them and smashed their jawlines hard, and one of them head butted me hard down and I bled blue to which I punched them both down hard and blue blood poured and Police Station became a Brawl Centre as I slammed Seth down the floor And then I got slammed down hard and I used my skills and pulled his leg and did a hells gate chock courtesy of UFC Organization I'd say that and then once in Seth tapped out and I left him after he said "tap, tap, tap" and I left him and speared Jonah down and slammed him through a Police Table and through a Wall down the lane.

People didn't see Gareth they saw The Black Wolf, this Batman will tell the world he's Bruce Wayne, I am not Immortal I can be killed too and I know that and I smashed Johan through a table and Calypso attacked me down and sat on my legs and kissed me saying "you loss" and with a little movement I got atop her and kissed back saying "you lost" and I got back up and got attacked by Augment and his bitches aka Black Angel, Dark Lucifer, Onslaught, Azrael and Demonic Horseman came by and attacked me again and I attacked back at them they've been killing people in Michigan and Minnesota and people there call them Super Klick and I elbowed the stomach of Onslaught and pushed him into The Horseman and attacked Dark Lucifer down they're the enemies of New Gods and Old Gods alike Nature gave birth to us to stop them.

Well we are craved and born into this world no doubt without family that's 100% sure and yes Germanic Gods or Viking Gods to you are our maker or we are the first of our kinds and Wodanaz aka Odin claimed us as his kids that's either way of the two and I smacked the jaws of Onslaught and I remember he brainwashed his servants into attacking us Remy Martin, Paul Baron, Walker Dude and Anderson and then I speared back him down and Atlas came by with an Army of his and Invasion is Happening now as we know it and I called everyone to my aid.

Laura and Frankie were the first ones to fall down and knocked out and Frankie's Crew (Wes, Mitch, Grim, Dinah and Scarlett) fell down too and I got my crew to have them go to a safe place and I called out Atlas and then I got down and called him out and Atlas climbed down the horse and came down and attacked me and we went to a war and he punched me and I kicked him in the side of his stomach and he slammed me down hard and I feel myself broke and I sidestepped and got back up and punched down Atlas and pushed him to a wall and kept punching him and then he slammed me down on a car and I got slammed again and Hesperia attached herself and Fiona Broke Out and attacked me and spin kicked Hesperia and saved me " Fiona Bruce " and " you're a brave little girl made by gods of the Norse Religions " and " I've to tell you the truth they did make you except your family did and they were Germanic and Scottish but they worshipped Zeus " and I said " Atlas Arminius told me a different story " and Arminius said " your parents were Night Hunters and Divine themselves they told us to do this so we can protect you " taking down Dozens of Titans and I asked " who were they " and he said " bunch of jerks TBH " and I said " Demeter was the name my mother used what's her name " and he said " she's the queen in The Underworld and she took you from the nature you've been fascinated by them so they told you what you know " and I punched down Atlas and Hesperia attached to him and Fiona attacked him down too and I got back up and took them down hard and speared them both down and then a Thunder Strick and people were tense and I saw who is in my family Achilles and Medea are my family and Arminius said " hail Zeus " and Fiona's family are Perseus and Andromeda herself and I asked how but before that Achilles took down The Titans and their allies and came down Patrocolus and Endolus and Odysseys and Ajax and I got my mind clear I'm Viking by Culture but I'm Helen by religion I am Germanic or German and I attacked fierce and shoved them down Achilles said " I'm your uncle kid your grandfather gave me another brother who married a Germanic New Goddess Night Hunter and that's how you came to be "

And he said " well your mom worshipped some aliens named Odin and Thor the guys with the movies and Christopher Hemsworth playing them " I said " Anthony Hopkins who plays Odin was in Alexander The Great movie as well " and he laughed Alexander The Great is a descendent of Achilles, Hercules and King Philip 2 of Macedonia and was tutored by Aristotle and Diogenes plus was having Selecus and Plotonomy 1 as General and he made 70 Cities throughout his empire from Egypt, Turkey and Greece to Afghanistan.

He treated everyone as equals and allowed Secular Government (Religion was a Big Deal back then), Multiculturalism and Multicultural things happened there and they were chill around the edges, and Achilles mentioned Alexander The Great is also here and he came around killing Enemies and then I threw a sling and killed another Titan and then I took down another Titan by spearing him down and I realised I can change my religion and as a New God I can change my anything and I am Germanic – Nordic American and I'm proud of it.

And I came across and used my batons and knocked out many of them and Achilles used his skills and knocked down many people himself and then we retreated off again and to a separate place and I told Achilles " thanks buddy " and he's like " no problem " and then I saw and I'm no superhero I'm a new God and I have to help America my country and for which I needed a plan and I decided to call Atlas out " and I say this why are you here " and he said " some Dumb Cartel tortured my Bears and Dogs they didn't lose limbs but I'll swore I want every Cartel on this Earth gone Drugs or Legal Businesses Cartels " and I said " Drug Cartels a Drug and Dealers should go but other Gangs I'm cool to them " and he agreed and stomped me hard and I woke up at a restaurant and Fiona said " another daydream " and I said " I had a dream about my family " and she said " they're Viking Germanic and Greek yes I know except they're non existent truth is Mother Earth made you Achilles isn't your uncle he's a friend sure but your dad you'll see him once you beat Dark Elves invading this Realm " and I said " yes Gods made us Germanic – Greek – Great Celtic ones " and she corrected by saying Germanic Gods did and I mentioned of the realms there is one for Humans called Human Land, Elves lives in Harmonia, Dwarves and Fairies inhabit Golden Lands, Asphodel Meadows are where Supernatural Humans and Immortals live at and there are Parrell Earth's Atop that all.

Fiona and I exchanged numbers and we began talking getting closer again and again, after a few weeks, I asked her out again and she hugged me, now truth is I'm 16 and she's like 19 except Human Years we can't grow up New Gods have a Secret Council they're everywhere in the world, Varus and Arminius discovered it first and so did Alexander The Great and Achilles and Hercules also Kanishka, Miyamoto Mushashi, Genghis Khan, Thutmose 3rd, Ragnar Lothbrok with Bjorn Ironside and Duke Rollo and Floki among more are there and they are all at war with each other.

Our Head is Alexander The Great himself and we all answer to him, Fiona's Godfather and my Godfather is I have None, and Old Gods and Divinities are connected to us but we are outside of them and their politics I call Odin for help when possible I can't believe world changed after that and I told her " in my book my crew, Ari, Varus, Folkwin, Berulf, Thusnelda, Frankie's Crew and you are family " and she smiled and pulled me close, I said " who's our enemy " she mentioned Augmented, Dark Lucifer, Azrael, Onslaught and Atlas are enemies plus another group led by Monster Ranks under Sky Demon, Tartarus, Shannon Cage and Dark Elf Lord Korn and there's the coalition of Hell Demons and Titans under Kronos and his brothers and there's Thrym coming at us and now we're in jail My Bad….. punched a policeman and beat him down.... Fiona and I in Jail and Officer Kevin Stryker said " nice job brother….. let's see how long can you live here " and 6 days later... came a man in a suit and he said " hi I am Simon Mayhem Peters aka Goldsmith and I'm here to take you down permanently " and he smiled like that dude Silas Prescott the villain from Choices story Hero Volume 1.

Dark Grey Three Piece Suit, nobody wears Suits and Sweaters, Two Pieces or Dinner Jackets anymore it seems and he said " you will need me and I will have need of you and your crew except no other crew is better then yours " and I agreed and he made me meet his crew Paramilitary Force Gang – Leader is Abel Young, Second is Erik Nicholas, Sergeant is Misha Smith, Sarah Edger, Karen Brass, Matty Ryder, Holly Edger, Jeff Jacob and Cole Coleman and then I brought my crew and Frankie's too.

Goldsmith told us to capture enemy Alessandro Pierce and that his crew harassed and poured Water on them and gave us champagne I drank but being underage I took one glass And then I drank Coca Cola and went out for them Alessandro Pierce runs a Arms Dealing Corporation and is Pierce by name a ruthless killer and then The Crew entered his compound and I saw Slaves around There was Fake Ass Dark Owl and Elven King there and I called Wes to make a move since Marines and Seals have better training is advice no kill they're good guys and I counter there were about 15 Marines and 5 Seals. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I called for a Stun Gun and Gas Grenade and I threw a Grenade at a Pack of 6 knocking them out and shooting a Marine with Stun Gun and 7 out and we tied them all up and moved upwards taking down 3 more 50% the fight is over and 50% remains and I entered the rooms and I saw Armed Thugs belonging to something they were The Peckerwoods and Rednecks and I sidestepped and tossed a man down and kicked the table at one and then Fiona and Michael came in and Michael took down another Peckerwood and I slammed down a Redneck into the table and broke it down and I speared the guys and Goldsmiths Army attacked the Compound with Gas Grenades knocking down The Army Personal and moving in and my crew (Fiona, Michael except Varun, Ari and the others) and Dinah popped up and knocked out a Redneck and kissed Michael and she said she wants in my crew I agreed and Wes came by too Mitch stayed with Grim, Frankie and Laura plus Scarlett and we moved in and into the compound.

We moved into the Jail Compounds and attacked by Demons and Fire Elves and fire blazed and I dodged as Fire Lasers attacked us all and I got down with a Brick hit a Fire Demon and some hand came by and snapped a Fire Elves neck it was my friend Scottish Monster aka Baron Fraser Maccabees and he wore a mask like Abyss from Impact Wrestling and he had an axe handle on his hand with Barbed Wiring and he beat the Demons to death with it and left a trail of blood behind and he looked at me " Black Wolf... you are Gareth " and " I'm joining your crew " and then he attacked more Demons and strangled more people down and Jail Closed and Goldsmith was Captured with his Crew but I had a Screw Driver in my hand and a Toolbox and I met Segimar and Sejaustus, father and father in law of Arminius Of Germania himself and Scottish Monster broke the walls and climbed out he has taken down Jewish and Cuban Mobs by himself and took down Russians, Mongolians, Eurasians and North African Mobs and Arms Dealers.

He was arrested by the police of all European Settled, Germanics and British are sensible whereas the others aren't Indians are very much friends of this man, Indians as well as Africans and Koreans too have Natural Red and Brown hair as Yellow hair is a Whites privilege some say especially Indians and Koreans and Chinese, I heard and went through the compound and Fraser and Frankie saw each other and Fraser moved towards him but I stopped him down.

Fraser was put against Frankie and his crew who landed him in jail and asylum that's what he thought it was the cops dressed as them and we decided to find out our ways in and out and we moved along and came more thugs and we were exhausted and I called a pipe and sprayed Water on them all and with that I swung it hard and found a Machine Gun and aimed at them and those guys knelt and surrendered and came down and finally met them Alessandro Pierce aka Pierce

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