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94.52% Gilga Kill! / Chapter 69: Battle in the Valley Last Part

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Chapter 69: Battle in the Valley Last Part

" Lucky me! Death Tagool's core, get! " Gilga nodded with satisfaction while tossing a black orb on his palm.

The orb can be seen releasing a blue colored glow which has the same energy signature from the Death Tagool's beam.

How did Gilga get the orb?


A few seconds before the Death Tagool perished.

" Susanoo! I, as your master, hereby authorize- " Najenda said, however before she completed her words, blue light covers the whole area as time froze.

A single nlack haired boy with blood red eyes was walking leisurely towards the  Death Tagool.

" You needn't authorize anything. " Gilga smirked as he takes out Tyrant Nova and Black's Bane and stabs the Death Tagool's back and made a hole, big enough for him to enter.

After peeking inside the hole, Gilga spotted a suspicious spherical object which is floating there. So he just grabbed it before smashing the Death Tagool and then left the scene.

The blue light then fades away as color returns the world as everything moves again.

" -you to use your Trump Card! " Najenda continued.


" Hm... What should I forge using this core? " Gilga muttered. " Well, that can wait. For now, I'll focus on the fight first and make sure no one dies. " Gilga said solemnly as he continues observing the fight.


" ... " Kurome clicked her tongue in irritation when her troops have been reduced from 8 to 3 in this single fight. Not to mention those are her elite troops.

Kurome felt bitter at this loss. Although the bitter feeling she feels now isn't comparable to when she learnt about Akame's betrayal.

" Ugh. I'll make up the loss of today with you guys. " Kurome said with dark expression as she takes out a pill.

But, before she could consume the pill, a bullet passed the pill, smashing it to bits.

" That pill is no good. If you consume that, then you will have hard time on recovering later. " Gilga said after he shoot down the pill using Doppelganger which is in a sniper form.

Seeing the destroyed pill, Kurome's vigilance raised to a whole new level as she scans her surrounding to find the sniper, but to no avail as the sniper has once again leaves his previous spot and blends into the surrounding.

" Tch! " Kurome clicked her tongue in anger as she grips Yatsufusa tightly.

" ... Tatsumi. Help Bulat out. Me and Susanoo will handle Kurome. " Najenda ordered. " Be careful. With less puppets she needs to control, Kurome's strength will also return to herself again. " Kurome warned.

" No need to tell me. I have the slightest idea to underestimate her. " Susanoo said calmly before she confronts Kurome in a sword and mace fight.



Bols keeps using Rubicante to shoot fire at Akame and Leone who dodges it easily.

Leone then grabs Akame's leg and throws her towards Bols.

" Wait! They can do that? " Bols exclaimed.

Wall then jumps towards Akame to intercept her by kicking her. However, Akame swiftly and cleanly severed Wall's legs, preventing him from standing up anymore.

Bols then shoot another ball of condensed flame at Akame. And Akame dodges it by kicking Wall's body.

Seizing the opening, Leone pounced towards Bols. " You shouldn't just focus on Akame! I'm here too! "

However before Leone reaches Bols, a hidden arrow penetrates her arm. Causing her to lose balance as she is headed towards Bols' Rubicante's flamethrower.

" Ugh!!! " Leone growled angrily while glaring at Wall who has a hidden now under his sleeve.

" This is the end! " Bols said.

" As if! " Leone shouted before biting Rubicante's flamethrower, breaking it with the inertia and gravity force along with her weight, breaking Rubicante.

" Ptui! As expected I can't eat it. " Leone said as she throws away Rubicante's broken part.

" !!! To bite off a Teigu... " Bols said while looking at the broken flamethrower with disbelief.


Sound of flesh being cut can be heard as Akame severed Wall's arm before decapitating him.

" It's over Bols! You can't use your weapon now, can you? " Leone scoffed.

" ... TRUMP CARD activate! " Bols uddenly exclaimed.

Hearing the word " Trump Card ", Akame and Leone directly distances themselves from Bols.

Bols then takes off Rubicante and throws it towards Akame and Leone before started running away with a remote controller on his hand.

" Wait! Don't tell me! " Leone gasped.


With a push of a button from Bols, the Rubicante he threw just now starts glowing before an intense heated fire exploded out.


To the valley's east.

"AAAAHH!!!!! "

Screams of agony filled the entire area as a group of bandits are having it's number chipped off by Esdeath, Run and Seryu.

" Justice Taizan Cannon! "

Seryu shouted as she shoots the giant cannon, which is attached to her arms, towards the bandits, instantly killing them.

" Hey. Did you see the one that is reading a book there? " Bandit A asked while pointing towards Run who is looking at the book.

" Yeah? So what? " Bandit B scoffed.

" Let's get him and ask Esdeath and that savage girl to let us go by making him our hostage. " Bandit A said.

" I see. That's truly intriguing. However. Do you two have the ability to do what you planned? " Run asked with a smile as he is already behind the two bandits.

" What?! Since when- " Bandit A exclaimed, however a white light whizzed towards his forehead and pierces his head, instantly killing him.

" I have no grudge against you or whatsoever, but our captain's order is absolute you see... " Run said. " Ah. My bad. Esdeath-san had given us order to take two people alive so she can interrogate them later. Considering Seryu's character, she might just out them- "

" Hey. Are you talking bad stuff about me? " Seryu pouted as she is dragging three charred bandits, who are barely alive and had lost one or two of their limbs.

" Ah. I'm sorry. Looks like I've misjudged you Seryu. " Run bowed apologetically.

" Well, the evildoers' number have been reduced, and seems like captain is having fun. " Seryu said as she and Run looks at Esdeath who is dancing around while slaying the bandits.

" What's wrong with her? Even with half of our force, we still can't take her down! " Bandit C exclaimed.

" M... Monster!  Save yourselves!!! "  Bandit D shouted and then all of the bandits split up and run away.

" Hm... I can't have any of you escape, so I'm cutting off all of your escape routes! " Esdeath grinned maliciously as blue aura envelopes her hands.

" Weiss Sphere "

Esdeath swings her arms and then, a humongous white sphere is created around the forest, cutting off every escape routes causing the bandits to kneel in despair.


Hearing this sound, Esdeath, Run and Seryu looked at the South and had a bad feeling.

" That explosion... " Seryu muttered.

" Must be Rubicante's self destructing. Which means Bols-san, Kurome and Wave are fighting and considering that Bols-san need to use the self destruction... They also face enemies and are currently retreating... Or the worst case...dead. " Run muttered.

Ice spikes then are shot out and stabbed the three charred bandits Seryu is dragging.

" Seryu, Run. We're heading south! " Esdeath ordered after she annihilated the rest of the bandits.

" Roger! "

Seryu and Run then mounted their horses and following Esdeath, they head south to where Kurome and Bols were.


After the explosion subsided, the valley's surrounding has changed from what it previously was.

From a beautiful valley with beautiful scenery, turned into a burning valley with holes everywhere, just because of a single explosion by Rubicante.

" Ugh... " Leone groaned in pain as she stood in front of Akame with Wall's tactical shield on her back.

Thanks to Wall's tactical shield, which is fine even after receiving the full brunt of Rubicante's explosion, Leone manages to survive.

( Well, I wonder why his tactical shield isn't even considered a Teigu class shield. Like... It survived Rubicante's point blank range explosion without any scratch on it. )

' That shield... I swear it's the greatest plot armor in the whole series of Akame Ga Kill. Once they all left, I'll take it. ' Gilga thought as he made sure that both Akame and Leone survived the blow.

He then turns to look at Najenda's group and found out that Kurome has gone along with Natala. Mine on the other hand got stuck on a tree while Chelsea...

' Wait?! Chelsea's going for Bols right now! No time to stay here anymore! ' Gilga thought as he ran towards where Bols is.


In a forest no too far away from the valley.

Two figures can be seen travelling at high speed, traversing through the forest easily.

The two figures are Kurome and Natala.

" That explosion just now... It must be Rubicante's self destructing. To think that Night Raid manages to make Bols-san to resort to using that move. " Kurome mumbles while gasping for breath. " Thanks to that, I manage to escape... I hope Bols-san has escaped too. " Kurome said weakly as she closes her eyes and fall into slumber.


" Ugh... "

Bols groaned in pain as he slowly trotted further away from the valley after he had outran Akame and Leone thanks to Rubicante's explosion.

" I did a terrible thing to Wall and Kurome... " Bols muttered while looking down. " I hope Kurome is safe... But, with my Rubicante gone... " He continued while looking at his empty hand emptily.

Then the image of Kurome and the rest of Jaeger members appeared on his head as he recalled that event one night. When Esdeath took off his mask and asked him to have dinner together.

" I... wish I could... eat with everyone again. " Bols said with downed expression.

Then, right at this moment, Bols could hear sniffling voice coming from his front.

There, he sees a little girl, sitting beneath the tree while crying. Apparently, this kid hurts her knee as it has cut wounds on it.

" Huwaaaa.... " The girl cried out.

" Oh dear! That looks terrible. " Bols exclaimed as he kneeled down in front of the girl.

" !!! WAAAA!!!! IT'S A GHOST!! HELP ME!!! " The girl cried even harder.

" No, I'm not a ghost. I'm just a human like you... Don't worry! Don't worry. " Bols explained. " Oh! You're hurt there. " Bols said as he notices the cut wounds on her leg.

Bols then takes out a medical kit out of nowhere and starts dressing the wound, even though the girl keeps struggling and complaining.

" It's done. The pain will be home soon and you'll be better. " After a few moment, Bols finished dressing her wound and then assured her.

" Waa! Thanks mister! " The girl said with a huge bright smile.

" You're welcome. " Bols answered while smiling underneath his mask.

" Ah! That's right! Mister. Someone asked me to say this to you. " The girl said with voice that gradually getting weaker and weaker.

" What is it? " Bols asked as he closes in to the girl in order to listen what the girl's about to say as her voice has become very soft.

However, before he could listen to what the girl said, he felt a cold thin thing pierces his nape causing him to feel an intense pain.

" Mister you see... The village you burnt... They won't become better. " Chelsea said coldly as she reverts back to her real form.

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