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Chapter 18: Black Ape Tribe’s Land, Precious Ape Wine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Top-grade mountain and river painting, the most precious item in the monthly gift bag.

When Su Yi took out this painting, he could not help but feel a little emotional.

Unknowingly, it had been a week since the activation of the seal of immortal destiny, and his current strength was actually comparable to the foundation establishment stage.

Before the Dao calendar was activated, there was a noun related to immortal cultivation, and that was: one hundred days of foundation establishment.

This was a goal for cultivators. Of course, the higher the talent, the faster the foundation establishment.

However, after the activation of the Dao calendar, people found that it referred to the goal that only those with extremely high talent could reach. This was mainly based on their cultivation level.

Ordinary people had no hope of reaching the foundation establishment stage in their lifetime.

However, Su Yi had done it in seven days. In addition to his cultivation level, he actually had the strength of a foundation establishment stage cultivator.

"Next, my most important goal is to condense innate superior pure qi."

Holding the top-grade mountain and river painting, Su Yi muttered to himself.

Right now, his direction was no longer focused on cultivation speed. Instead, he had to seriously master every cultivation level.

Before breaking through to the foundation establishment stage, condensing innate superior pure qi would definitely allow him to last longer than other cultivators in battle.

Thinking of this, Su Yi slowly opened the scroll in his hand.

On the mountain and river painting, the sun, moon, and stars patterns gradually lit up, and the entire scroll was spread out.

In the next moment, with a flash of light, Su Yi's figure disappeared.

[Hint: You have used the top-grade mountain and river painting. You have entered the black ape tribe's land.]

When Su Yi opened his eyes, he saw a spacious, bright, and surprisingly clean cave appearing before his eyes.

The path in front of the cave was paved with patches of full moon grass on both sides.

At the end of the path, there were also boxes that had their lids opened, and a large number of spirit stones were piled up together.

In the distance, there were tools carved from hundred-year-old trees. They were strangely shaped and did not seem like wooden shelves made by humans.

Most importantly, there were numerous exquisite small wine jars placed on the shelves. A rich wine fragrance wafted over from them.

Seeing this scene, Su Yi could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. At this moment, the resources in the cave were enough to make even foundation establishment stage cultivators go crazy.

"The land of the black ape tribe seems to be a treasure trove of the tribe."

"Is this the function of the mountain and river painting? It's so rich, it's almost an exaggeration!"

In the next moment, Su Yi did not hesitate and immediately started to sweep through the area.

[Hint: You have collected the full moon grass x 5.]

[Hint: You have collected the full moon grass x 8.]


The full moon grass in the cave was completely swept away by Su Yi at a speed barely visible to the naked eye.

When the full moon grass was no longer visible in his sight, the number of full moon grass in the immortal destiny seal was also shockingly close to 700.

In other words, in this black ape tribe's land, he had collected more than 650 full moon grass.

"I have more than enough materials needed to refine the mystic condensing pill. When I return to the outside world, I can continue to collect the demon cores."

Su Yi said this and walked toward the few boxes with spirit stones in them.

[Hint: You have obtained low-grade spirit stones x 60.]

[Hint: You have obtained low-grade spirit stones x 70.]


Su Yi obtained 630 low-grade spirit stones from the ten boxes. For a qi condensation cultivator, this amount was simply a sudden fortune.

After sweeping through all the spirit stones, Su Yi turned his gaze to the wine jar placed on the wooden bench. There were five jars in total.

It was obvious that this was the most important thing in the entire black ape clan.

At this moment, Su Yi stepped forward and picked up a jar of wine. Even though it was covered, the wine jar emitted an extremely pleasant wine fragrance.

[Treasure: Ape wine (jar).]

[Description: A spirit wine brewed by the black ape tribe after generations of gathering the essence of the mountains.]

[Effect: Every cup consumed will increase cultivation by 300.]

[Treasure: Every cup consumed will permanently increase cultivation effect by 1.]

[Consumption limit: 1 jar (1 jar = 10 cups).]

After seeing this attribute, Su Yi's gaze focused.

A jar of ape wine can be divided into 10 cups to be consumed.

The total increase in cultivation was comparable to the celestial grade qi condensation pill that Su Yi obtained with the help of the Starry Sea Bottle.

Most importantly, it could permanently increase the effect of cultivation. If a jar was consumed, the effect of permanent cultivation would be + 10.

What kind of concept was this? Su Yi's low-grade spiritual root was nothing more than the effect of cultivation + 3.

This jar of wine was comparable to accumulating a middle-grade spiritual root talent.

"Treasure, it really is treasure!" Su Yi slowly exhaled.

Even with the existence of the Starry Sea Bottle, Su Yi was still excited about this treasure.

In the next moment, Su Yi opened the wine lid without hesitation, and the fragrance of the wine and the spiritual essence entered his nose.

It made his entire body involuntarily feel refreshed and at ease.



Picking up the wine jar, Su Yi gulped it down.

Immediately, spiritual essence gushed out from the pores of his body, and a wave of spiritual essence circulated in his body, nourishing it.

After some time...

[Hint: You have consumed a jar of ape wine, increasing your cultivation by 3000. Permanent cultivation effect + 10.]

[Hint: Your cultivation has reached 3000 points. You have broken through to the fourth level of the middle stage of the qi condensation realm. Strength + 110, physique + 110, inner breath + 110.]

After hearing the hint, Su Yi stood up and opened the interface to check.

At this moment, his cultivation effect had already jumped to 63 points.

Although his talent was completely ignored, the cultivation effects of the art of longevity, ape wine, and realm allowed him to accumulate all these points.

What kind of concept was this?

One breath was divided into 12 cycles and one cycle was 63 points. It represented that Su Yi could increase his cultivation by 756 points with one breath.

He could increase his cultivation by 1,500 points with two breaths.

"Hmm, I guess even Li Mengxi's top-grade spiritual root can't keep up with his cultivation speed."

"Ten days is enough for me to reach the foundation establishment stage," Su Yi pondered out loud.

According to the academy, from the mortal early stage to the qi condensation stage, a total of 900 points of cultivation were required.

And from the qi condensation stage to the foundation establishment stage, he would need a total of 21,000 points of cultivation.

Now he was at middle stage of qi condensation stage, level four. He only needed to get through the remaining levels five and six before reaching the foundation establishment stage. He required only 15,000 points of cultivation for that.

Therefore, in just ten days, they would be able to break through to the foundation establishment stage.

'Whew! I have to stop the breathing exercise and focus on the refinement of the mystic condensing pills!' Holding the empty wine jar in his hand, Su Yi thought.

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