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Chapter 3: 3、Strengthen, increase damage by 21 times!_1

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"Ding! Would you like to adjust your appearance?"

"Adjust it, decrease by 40%," Su Yu hurriedly responded.

In his last life, he entered the game without adjusting his appearance and ran into significant trouble.

Due to his high attractiveness, countless women swarmed around him, and he received more than a dozen suggestive private messages every time he logged on, which drained him.

"I can't be so reckless in this life. Women will only slow down my spell casting," Su Yu thought to himself.

"Entering the game, countdown 3, 2, 1, 0."

As the countdown ended, Su Yu was transported into the game.


The 006 Novice Village, Nolan Village.

Nolan Village is a bustling little village.

On the central square of the village, countless white flashes passed by as numerous players spawned here.

The newly spawned players were full of curiosity for this unfamiliar world.

Looking at the buildings around them that had no difference from the real world, and the shadows of the trees, they ran, jumped, and loudly discussed:

"This game is too realistic!"

"Yes! This is exactly like another world!"

"It's simply incredible! I was so disdainful when they claimed 100% reality simulation, but who thought they could make it reality?"

"Which country's black technology is this?"

"Incredible! The 30,000 yuan wasn't wasted. I will definitely invite my friends to play!"

Hearing the enthusiastic discussion of the new players, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Su Yu's mouth.

"Ah, to be young!"

When he first entered the game world in his previous life, he was also amazed by the game's outstanding performance.

But now he had grown accustomed to this world, so he didn't really care.

Su Yu left the crowded crowd and opened his attribute panel in a corner of the square.

Character: [Nemesis]

Level: lv1

Class: Mage

Bloodline: [Star Bloodline (Legendary)]


Strength: 5, Agility: 5, Intelligence: 8, Constitution: 4, Luck: 10

Spell Power: 9

Life Points: 80

Mana Points: 100

Defense: 6

Spell Critical Hit Rate: 0

Movement Speed: 1.2

Experience Points 0/1000

Wealth: 7,378,888,890 spiritual energy coins

Equipment: [Novice Wand lv1 (Common)] Spell Power +1

[Novice Robes lv1 (Common)] Defense +1

Skills: [Magic Bullet (Common)], [Point Star Hand (Legendary)]

[Magic Bullet (Common)]: Launches a magic bullet, dealing 100% spell power damage to the target. Casting time 1.5 seconds, mana consumption 5.

[Point Star Hand (Legendary)]: Consumes Experience Points or spiritual energy coins to enhance the quality of an item or skill.

The quality of equipment and skills, like the bloodline quality, is also divided into Common (White), Excellent (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), and Legendary (Orange).

And his skill [Point Star Hand], can enhance the quality of items and skills.

Su Yu tried it out:

"Ding, do you want to spend 10 spiritual energy coins to strengthen the [Novice Wand (Common)]?"


"Ding, [Novice Wand (Common)] quality increased to [Novice Wand (Excellent)] with spell power +4, additional attribute: spell penetration +3."

"Ding, do you want to spend 100 spiritual energy coins to strengthen the [Novice Wand (Excellent)]?"


"Ding, [Novice Wand (Excellent)] quality increased to [Novice Wand (Rare)] with spell power +5, additional attribute: intelligence +3."

Regrettably, when Su Yu chose to fortify again, the system prompted "Level 10 required to continue strengthening."

So, he had to stop.

However, the attributes of the [Novice Wand] now became:

[Novice Wand (Rare)]

Spell Power +10

Spell Penetration +3

Intelligence +3

"These attributes are really powerful! After strengthening, it's almost on par with a level 10 green quality wand!" Su Yu admired.

Never one to leave things half done, he also strengthened the [Novice Robe] to rare blue quality.

[Novice Robe lv1 (Rare)]

Defense +10

Physical Resistance +3

Mana Recovery Speed +3

"It seems as though I can wear level 10 equipment at just level one, making me worthy of the [Legendary Bloodline]!"

Su Yu couldn't help but think of his past life, where he only had a common quality [Human Mechanic Bloodline] (-10% repair costs). It was totally incomparable to now.

Besides equipment, skills can also be strengthened.

"Ding, do you want to spend 100 spiritual energy coins to strengthen the [Magic Bullet (Common)]?"


"Ding, [Magic Bullet (Common)] quality upgraded to [Magic Bullet (Excellent)], spell damage increased by 100%, casting time -0.5 second, mana consumption increased by +5."

"Ding, do you want to spend 1000 spiritual energy coins..."

Upon completion of the strengthening, the [Magic Bullet] quality had been upgraded to [Magic Bullet (Rare)].

[Magic Bullet (Rare)]: Launches a magic bullet, dealing 300% spell power damage to the target. Casting time is 0.5 second, and it consumes 15 mana points.

Compared to the original skill, [Magic Bullet (Rare])'s damage increased from 100% to 300%, which is three times the original! Casting time also decreased from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 second!

The only drawback might be that the mana consumed for casting also increased by three times.

But that was a minor defect.

Su Yu was very satisfied, "Now I understand why the experts in my previous life had such high damage! Even the level 20 signature skill, [Snipe], of the Archer only has a panel damage of 300%!"

"Wait a minute! If [Magic Bullet] can be strengthened, can't [Point Star Hand] be strengthened as well?"

Su Yu quickly tried it out.

But he soon received the game notice, "Ding! Strengthening a legendary quality skill requires level 30."

He had to give it up.

However, after a round of strengthening, Su Yu's spell power increased from 9 to 21 points.

In addition to the threefold increase in [Magic Bullet] damage, along with the threefold decrease in casting speed, his DPS (Damage Per Second) was at least 21 times that of other novice mages!

"No rush for the hidden mission, I should first try out my monster slaying efficiency in the wild!" Su Yu was itching to try out his monster slaying abilities.

But before that, he had to buy a substantial amount of mana potions.

His mana points were only 100, and the mana consumption of [Magic Bullet] was 15. He would run out of mana after casting only six or seven spells. That would not do.

With this in mind, Su Yu hurriedly walked towards the mage hut in the novice village where there were sufficient potions for sale.

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