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Chapter 364: Fighting Deidara part 1/2

Meanwhile, Naruto was chasing after the still flying Deidara with an annoyed expression on his face. He noticed another batch of animated clay spiders coming at him and dodged them with practiced ease. Moments later, said spiders exploded a few meters behind him, missing him completely.

'This is so annoying; where does he get all these clay figures from? Although I can't see it properly from down here, he barely moves his hands, so I don't believe he makes them on the spot. Does he have a storage seal filled with clay statuettes or something like that?'

"Oi, blondy, for how long do you plan to run away? This is getting boring."

Deidara sneered at Naruto's question and took out a few more clay figurines, tossing them at Naruto.

"Well, I'm quite satisfied with the current situation. I can freely attack you, while you can't do anything about it. I see no reason to break the current status."

"Wait, seriously!? I thought you wanted to lure me into some kind of trap, so I obediently followed you around. Since you didn't have a proper plan from the beginning, I might as well have directly shot you down."

Deidara's sneer widened when he heard Naruto's words.

"Oh? You think you can shoot me down when I'm this fa..."

Before Deidara could finish speaking, his mouth closed shut as he noticed the ungodly amounts of chakra Naruto was currently gathering.

"Oi, oi, what in th..."

"[Wind Style: Thousand Wind Blade Gale.]

Deidara's eyes bulged out when he saw the massive storm of razor-sharp wind blades shooting towards him. Without a moment of hesitation, he jumped off of his mount and controlled it to fly into the storm, where he swiftly exploded it, weakening the storm a little.

This gave him just enough time to weave a few hand signs before the storm reached him and cut his body into thousands of pieces.

Instead of being happy about that, a frown appeared on Naruto's face as he did not believe that an S-Rank shinobi would go down so quickly. As is Deidara wanted to confirm Naruto's guess, two clay snakes burst out of the ground and swiftly entangled Naruto. Unfortunately, Naruto was still surrounded by his wind armor, so the sneaks were ground into dust.

Despite being destroyed, the shredded parts started glowing, and moments later, Naruto was engulfed by an explosion.

"Hahaha, how do you like my art!?"

Deidara emerged out of the ground, revealing that his previously destroyed body was nothing but a clay clone, and immediately started mocking Naruto.

However, Deidara's mocking laughter got stuck in his throat when Naruto casually walked out of the dust cloud produced by the explosion without a single singe on his body and while mockingly dedusting his clothes.

"Well, that had about three standard explosive tags worth of power. Sorry, but that is far from enough to penetrate my wind armor."

Deidara's face grew solemn when he realized that this fight would be far from as easy as he expected.

"Very good; it seems like I will be able to show you more of my art. Since C1 didn't show any effect at all, I might as well skip directly to C3."

Deidara's hands vanished into the two bags he had by his sides, and moments later, loud chewing noise was heard, confusing Naruto.

'No idea what C1 or C3 means, but I guess that is the strength of his explosives? Where in the world is that chewing noise coming from?"

Naruto glanced around the battlefield, and momenta later, his gaze landed on Deidara's bags that still had his hands inside of them.

'No way...'

The chewing stopped, and Deidara took his hands out of his clay bags.

'It can't be true...'

Then, he revealed the palm of his hands, which both had a mouth on them.

'You have got to be joking...'

Then, the mouths opened, revealing two tounges with an expertly crafted miniature of a dragon on each of them.

'H-He, formed those figures with the mouths he had in his hands!?'

"Hehe, let me show you the power of my ar..."



An awkward silence covered the battlefield after Naruto's outburst, which was broken after Naruto uttered a slight cough.

"*Cough* Sorry about that. I was just a little bit surprised by the...err skillful display of your art. So, please go ahead and do your thing, Handblowjob."

A tick mark appeared on Deidara's forehead when he heard Naruto's nickname for him, and moments later, his anger exploded as the two miniature-sized dragons grew huge and started flying, with Deidara sitting on top of one of them.


The tails of the two dragons grew one segment shorter as they opened their mouths, revealing dozens of bird-like statues that were swiftly launched towards Naruto.

"Geez, what are you so angry for? I think that nickname is rather fitting."

Naruto lifted his right hand, causing a small chakra sphere to appear on it, which quickly grew in size. While growing, four shuriken-like protrusions grew at the sides of the chakra ball, but moments later, it started destabilizing, causing Naruto to frown.

'Still can't do it one-handed, huh?'

His other hand rose as well and was quickly placed close to the ever-growing chakra ball, stabilizing it instantly, and moments later, he threw it towards Deidara.

"[Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken]"

Naruto's jutsu cleaved through the approaching swarm of flying explosives like they were made out of paper, and before Deidara could react, it appeared in front of the dragon he was riding and crashed into it.

Deidara immediately realized he was in trouble and instantly abandoned the dragon he was riding and jumped towards the other. Meanwhile, the Rasen Shuriken exploded, creating a massive sphere of rampaging miniature wind blades that instantly shredded the dragon and the surrounding explosive clay birds into pieces.

At first, Deidara believed he was out of the blast zone. However, he quickly realized that Naruto's jutsu was still expanding, so he promptly created another tiny clay spider and immediately detonated it in front of him, blasting him further away from Naruto's attack radius.

Although his desperate move managed to save him from Naruto's attack, blasting himself away with his own explosion resulted in him having some burn marks all over his body, which caused his anger to spike.


Frankly, he wanted to save what he was about to do for Itachi, but now he no longer cared about it. He would win this fight, even if it meant killing Naruto, which he was not supposed to do.


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