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Chapter 27: Chapter 27: The Massacre Of Ratman Village [2]

"Hey there, handsome."

"May we share our IDs?" Asked the messy-haired red-haired halfling.

Her head was barely above my waist, but her breasts were quite impressive, and her face showed that I was likely younger than her...

Leather armour, two daggers and a small flute in the back of her belt...

Maybe some bard or singer, I thought to myself as the pretty blue-haired elf with a bow also came over with a light skip—her breasts were quite large.

She didn't wear a bra, so they swayed with her movements inside the light green tunic and robe she wore with all sorts of animal bones and two small bone daggers at her waist.

I didn't want to be a loser, and honestly, it seemed these girls knew more about the dungeon world than me despite us both being on the third level... Strange!

[I'm sorry, it's because your world is a new addition to the cycle; their families and ancestors have used the dungeons for hundreds of years, and some knowledge is passed down...]

No, it's fine; thank you for telling me, Nia. It was just a grumble...

[(Huh!? Was Rai sensible and mature!?)]

"Hello, beautiful maidens—forgive me, but I don't know how." I looked at the two girls with the slightly cute expression's when they heard my words as I continued with a more charismatic and soft voice.

"My world seems to have only been added to the dungeon's cycle, and we lack your wonderful world's grand lineage and history."

All my life, due to being ugly, there were only a few things I could rely on when working or socialising with people, my voice, tone, words and body.

So since my body was near perfect, I wanted to interest them using my words and rather than speak like a thug or loser, I wanted to be the ideal Rai that was always in my dreams or fantasies...

I don't know if other's do it.

But the Rai, in my thoughts, didn't stutter with beautiful women—he could easily deal with stressful situations and make friends easily.

I desired to make that Rai a reality.

[(Good... you can do it, Rai. I support you fully because that is who you are without constraints!)]

"Oh really!? New blood... amazing!" The halfling began to jump up and down, her body rubbing against me as she hugged me, she was a strange girl, but her scent was like berries and vanilla. It made me remember good times and soothed me.

"No problem; please allow me to help you." I watched the pretty elf brushing her long bangs behind her hair, revealing her long ears.

Seeing an elf in person was magical, nothing like the stories or books, despite seeming like an ethereal fairy, she was also very normal and down to earth, but she did smell like a flower garden as she leaned close to me and opened her interface.

"Eh, we can share these?"

"Oh? Yes. Open yours and scroll down—then, do you see that box? It should say "Share info" or maybe something different in your language." Her heavy unsupported breasts flopped onto my arm as it sank between her cleavage while she taught me.

[It seems flashing your cock was a good idea; elves are lustrous and enjoy being taken in the woods by orcs... so you are like a super orc to her now.]

I ignored the jealous voice of Eternia as she kept eating snacks... but where did she find them all?

[(Fufufu! Rai's "Debit Card" is amazing... I can purchase snacks on the go with this strange Ober Eatings! App)]

"If there are things you don't want to show, then once you press the box with your fingers, there should be a second box, only tick what you want to share, and it will be fine!"

"To share IDs, you just need to bring out your information and ask "Let's share IDs" or "Wanna trade IDs" in your mind, and the request will be sent to the other party!"

The elf was so lovely... her delicate fingers going through each thing with a gentle smile, while the halfling looked a little jealous, so I began to stroke her soft red hair; it got messier but was more glossy and sleek than I thought...

Cute little thing.

"Finally, be careful because not all people are kind and might try to take advantage of you!"

The elf's blue eyes looked into mine as if peering into my soul, but they were filled with concern before she suddenly realised how close we were and turned away, her cheeks turning as red as the halfling's hair.

Although it was arousing, the way she taught me was so detailed and even down to the basic things without a sign of mockery or insult.

"Haha, Lumia is blushing! So funny, what a little virgin!"

"Hah? Shut it, damn midget... Flora... you are jealous of my nice body!"


-> Lumia Sil Melarus Added you as a Friend

-> Flora Reginta Added you as a Friend

"Oh!? Your name is strange... but cute... Rai~ Rai, the handsome guy~" Sang the Halfling with her melodic voice. "I'm Flora, although the system tells you... Please, let's meet a lot in the future! Both dungeons and in the bedroom!"


[Stupid midget, don't seduce my Rai with your dumb song!]

I was a little amused by how their dynamic worked and saw they were both from the same world, but it was amazing to learn both were of high status, one a noble and the other a princess...

If you were to ask me who the princess was, I would have thought it was Lumia... but she is just a Countess...

This midget is a princess! I patted the hair of the princess like a rabbit!

No, Rai, there's no need. In the dungeon, only power matters; let's aim to become someone as great or even greater in the future.

I don't need to feel inferior!

While I was in a little moment of daze, the invitation for a party came—thanks to Lumia, I managed to turn on some basic hints for the future.

I didn't want to make stupid mistakes because I rushed something in the future.

-> Invited to Join Lumina's Party! (2/4)

Experience will not be affected—a simple round-robin system will be in place for items below the rare level.

Friendly fire will be disabled for all party members.

However, non-part members will still be hit, so be careful!


More people appeared as we chatted—some were gruff males, and others were silent. I enjoyed seeing many different races, like the tall lizardman with a huge axe and big muscles, but it was a woman...

My eye spotted a small group of rat people... and my instinct instantly told me to crush them... however, I noticed they were laughing and joking with other players.

So I had to ask Lumia, "Lumia are those people, not Ratmen? Why don't we kill them?"

She turned to look in the direction I pointed and began to laugh with a graceful sound, like those dramas with a princess trying to keep herself quiet not to seem rude.

"Oh Rai, those are Micefolk and are smaller and friendly creatures... Please try not to call them Ratmen; it's likely hard for them this early..."

"Ah... I almost killed them... phew! Thanks, Lumia... Our world is just humans, so seeing all you beautiful races, like elves and halflings, is a lot to take in for me."

"Eh? Do you think we are beautiful? Thank you~ hehe, the humans in our world only wish to kill us, so we were scared to speak to you... honestly!"

Suddenly Flora climbed on my back, sitting on my shoulder with her large ass, but due to her size, it wasn't as big as it seemed, just compared to her body. "Ugh... so tall, phew!"

"It's true, in our world, the humans were once our allies; sadly, a twisted mage shunned by an elven princess because she didn't want to marry him used his dark arcane arts to change the human king's mind, slowly...

"That king became an emperor, and they rejected the existence of demi-humans... It's really hard!"

"Sounds rough~ but seems relatable... My world had a leader who killed even his race by the millions because of differences in their beliefs or looks..." I whispered before a sudden warning sounded across the entire village.

-> Wave 1 - Commencing in 5 minutes! Prepare for combat!

"Let's speak later," I said with a serious voice, the flames dancing between my fingers now easy to control as I transformed them into different shapes to keep them from growing further.

"Mmmm! We were asked to defend the west wall. Will you join us?" Lumia asked, holding her bow and placing a quiver on her hips.

"Will they come at the walls or break the front first?"

"They will attack a single side for the first 4 waves, starting with West, then North, East and finally South."

"I see... sure, I'll join you, girls."

"Good, let's go!" Flora let her little feet kick my shoulder as if telling me to ride forth.

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