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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Boy Enters Eternal Dungeon (3)

[Are you done playing the hero? Please don't forget who you are.]

I am quite sure I know myself well...


"Then, according to you, who am I?"

Because I was irritated, the first thing I did was snap back, and the sound echoed off the walls, although I knew my life was shit, hearing someone speaking down to me, even if they might be some god or superior being.

Despite that, I tried my best to do what I could with what was given.

[A child born to an unknown mother, your father chose to leave you with his new woman, whom he scammed, leaving you both in over 50,000,000 credits/$5,000,000 worth of debt]

[Because of your poor family, your first love broke up with you at the behest of her parents, and from that moment, you slowly spiralled out of control, using drugs, drinking and dropping out of university.]

[Then claiming it was for your sister's benefit.]

[You are known as the Jaguar by local thugs due to your speed and the fact you enjoy getting revenge from the shadows.]

[Each day, you find your adoptive sister and mother more attractive; the amount of times you've masturbated over them both is..]


I knew it... The dirty and vile things I had done while tempted by their beauty, it was my pitiful self who acted like a beast. A dirty rat that repaid the grace of his adoptive family with a dirty desire to defile them and make them my own.aa


[Fear not; nothing is impossible in the Eternal Dungeon.]

[Whether you find redemption, rebirth, or a new path is up to your efforts.]

[Shibuya Rai, this moment is your last chance.]

[Make your choice now]

Somehow, it feels like this woman misunderstood that I didn't want to explore the dungeon, but even if she continued to berate me and call me all the most horrible things under the sun, well... I won't deny this sword feels nice.

"Is it possible to change myself and live a healthier life?"

[Attributes gained from levelling up are permanent. Even in the real world, you can protect those you love.]

Listening to her words, the twisted, dark feelings and my honest desire to help my family began to clash as my heart began to beat faster. The thought of becoming powerful caused me to feel excited, the ability to be the strong man instead of the weak!

I don't think anyone would not want this, as my mind was filled with ideas of the future.

[Gold found in the Eternal Dungeon is converted into 10 Credits per piece. Your debts can be cleared.]

"I see... we can pay off our debts?"

[Looks can be altered, improved and perfected. Be it potions, elixirs, or even increasing your charm naturally!]



Suddenly, the world, the strange dark hallway that seemed never to end, started swirling, and my body became like jelly falling to the ground. No matter how hard I put effort into moving, my muscles melted.

[Relax; your body is being adapted to the existence of Magic and the fuel of that Magic.]


E-ether? It sounded annoying to pronounce like someone from the Empire might suddenly say, "It's pronounced "Ee-Thar" or something stupid.

However, the concept wasn't too foreign, but weren't Ethers normally used to restore Magic Power in games? I am pretty sure Last Fantasy used Ether's that way.


[The process will be quite long—however, do not worry. You will not be injured while your body is adapting.]

[Please choose how to distribute your attributes.]

The process feels mighty painful! I wanted to cry out, but my mouth didn't work. Damn, slowly, it felt like my body was being crushed in a pestle for somebody to put in a herb pot.

[Displaying Status]

[Reminder: the average amount for each attribute for Humans on your planet is five.]

[I have given you 32 Attribute Points; two are bonuses for your hidden race.]

[For each level, you will gain 2 bonus points with an additional 2 due to your hidden race.]

[I can not tell you anything about the hidden race.]

[Because you are useless, the Eternal Dungeon Support has gifted you a skill for the weapon you are holding.]

Her voice began to assault my mind rapidly; somehow, it felt like she was trying to trick me completely.

Yet, somehow, in this strange state, the Magic bloomed in my body... I could remember things better, like those students I was jealous of.

[Name: Rai Shibuya]

Race: Human/----

Sex: Male

Class: None

Title: None

Eternal Rank: 1

Level: 1

HP: 10/10 MP: 6/6

Attribute Points: 0

STR: 8

DEX: 10

VIT: 8

INT: 3

MAG: 3

Charm: 2 (Temporarily Locked) (Kinda disgusting)

Luck: 3 (Cannot be increased with Points)

Skill: Low-Rank Boxing Arts (Lv 6), Low-Rank Damage Reduction (Max), Low-Rank Greatsword Skill (Lv 1)


When playing games, I liked to make countless different builds...

In games, I could be something else, a hero, handsome or even have countless friends surrounding me.

The stark contrast to the man in reality who spent his birthdays working two shifts, coming home to my beloved mother with love bites on her neck...

A sister who doesn't speak to me, only asking me not to look at her with my disgusting eyes.

But this was my life, reality...

Originally, it showed me my former attributes, with only four points of strength... So I chose to double it! I wanted to be strong... able to crush my enemies, yet something that always saved my life was my speed.

So, I made sure to make my agility double the standard human...

The magic process imbued into my body was like having needles poked into my flesh repeatedly, the needle twisting and pumping my body with a strange substance, causing my entire body to burn with a horrible heat.

Can you imagine the sight and smell of your skill boiling, bubbling while you watch helplessly, a strange scent like bacon cooked in the streets at the market?

That's the process of them burning the needed routes for Ether to flow through a human's body.

I was a little confused.

The things I saw and felt were completely different. My blood and muscles were now visible, yet I felt slight pricks and pinching; there was no intense pain.

[Do not worry; your pain threshold is 0.1%. Otherwise, you would have died from shock five times over by now.]

Ah, I see...

Fuck you! What is this shit about me dying!? The voice keeps getting more sassy, and she speaks like I am worth nothing in her eyes each moment that passes.


Haha, you can read my mind.

Does it feel good? I bet you're one hell of a beauty; how about when I reach the top, you serve me fruits and massage my feet-

Before I could realise the foolishness of speaking back to what could be anything from a customer service AI to a Goddess...

My world ended.

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