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Chapter 2 Old Monster’s New Disciple - Grasping Evil - Chapter 2 by I'm Ink full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 Old Monster’s New Disciple

Translator: GE_Team

The night was almost over as the faint moonlight and the stars scattered above.

Ning Fan sat up and looked at the jade locket in his hand in silent contemplation.

He didn't die and was saved by the jade locket. It appeared to be an ordinary jade that wasn't worth anything in the cultivation world, yet it had a magical property.

The green jade contained a thin blood string, like the blood of a seductive and beautiful virgin. With the jade in his hand, Ning Fan felt a warmth throughout his entire body, giving him a sensation of endless energy. Some of the pain in his body was erased as well.

He did not die! Could it be that this jade locket saved him!? 

He didn't know that when he was unconscious, the red light of the jade locket had opened his cultivation vein. He had become a first level Vein Opening cultivator, and a cultivator of the Evil Dao on top of that. 

He was also unaware that his opened vein was of the Immemorial Evil Vein that only appeared once every thousand years. 

Looking at the jade locket, Ning Fan coldly sneered and tightly clenched his fists while thinking of the humiliation he previously received.

"This is probably an Immortal's magical treasure… Haha, Immortals… Immortals, so powerful ah… Even when near death, they could still use a treasure to restore the Yang essence to stay alive. With heaven frightening cultivations, they can view mortality as nothing and bully all mortals at their whim."

Ning Fan was praising them as Immortals, but his eyes were only full of contempt and a faint trace of resignation.

This was the first time he hated weakness. If it wasn't so, then how would he be left in this situation — separated from his family!

"An Immortal's item, I disdain it!"

He lifted his hand, wanting to throw it away, but suddenly lowered it and turned silent.

In the end, this jade locket saved his life. The magical treasures were not wrong, the blame was on the Immortals who abused them to do evil things. What was the point of placing his anger on the magical treasure?

"I want to run. Before the day arrives, I need to escape from the All Pleasure Sect! I will search the rivers and mountains to find the whereabouts of my brother! I want to cultivate, I want revenge!"

He stood up and pulled off the clothes on the black buddha statue in front of him and wore them.

This dao robe was meant to worship the black buddha statue and was not an ordinary magical treasure. However, he didn't know this, he merely wanted it to cover his body.

He crept out of the Intercourse Chamber. At this time, the evil women of the All Pleasure Sect were still resting and cultivating, only a few disciples were patrolling the mountain.

He tried to find the way in the dark and hid behind the tree in the small road next to the mountain. He held his breath like a cautious beast. With only a few more steps, he would be able to escape from this place.

With only one step to freedom, he stopped at the end of the coarse path with hesitation and contemplated whether he should escape or not?

He remembered Zhihe, the girl who saved him. If she didn't give him the jade locket, he would have surely died. Should he escape by himself or bring her along? But if he went back now, the patrolling disciples might notice him.

While he was hesitating, the entire Li Meng Mountain suddenly shook as if there was an earthquake. The mountain seemed capable of collapsing at any time.

An arrogant laughter filled the air and resounded across the entire night curtain above the All Pleasure Sect.

"Only a second rate evil gate, yet still dared to kill my disciple. This is truly seeking death! Sha Jiuyou, get the hell out here right now!"


A loud explosion occurred and it violently shook the whole mountain.

Ning Fan suddenly looked up and saw that there was a black-clothed old man standing on the void under the faint moonlight, staring down at all of humanity as if they were insects.

The man's finger alone was enough to exert a mighty force that could spread the heaven and earth, shaking the mountain even more.

The sudden appearance of this person alerted the entire All Pleasure Sect, all lights and lamps were turned on. Countless female cultivators not wearing enough to hide their bodies rushed out to see. The moment they saw the old man in the middle of the sky, they instantly turned pale.

"Stepping on the void, a Harmonious Spirit realm old monster!"

In the four heavens and nine worlds, cultivation ranks were divided into seven different realms: Vein Opening, Harmonious Spirit, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, Divine Transformation, Void Refinement, and Void Fragmentation.

A second rank expert of the Harmonious Spirit realm could escape the shackles of heaven and earth and was able to stand in the sky.

The All Pleasure Sect in the Yue Country was only a second rate sect. Their sect master, Sha Jiuyou, was only a level ten Vein Opening evil woman. Because she once had sex with a Harmonious Spirit realm old monster, no one dared to mess with her.

Sha Jiuyou was standing on the ground, she couldn't fly into the sky. Under the pressure of the old monster, she couldn't even stand straight. There was killing intent in her beautiful eyes, but she essentially didn't know how she had offended this old monster.

"Senior, you said that my All Pleasure Sect killed your disciple — this is ridiculous. I know that my cultivation is shallow, so when I catch cauldrons and ride men, I never caught anyone with cultivation because I was afraid of offending someone I couldn't afford to. I absolutely didn't kill your disciple. Please reconsider! Without evidence, please don't blame the innocent. My husband is also an expert of the Harmonious Spirit realm…"

Sha Jiuyou's words carried threats, but her words only met the cold smile of the old monster.

"Evidence? Haha! When this old man kills people, why do I need evidence! Dan (1) Fragmentation Cauldron, strike down for me!"

The old man coldly laughed and took out a small cauldron from his waist. It had six corners, eight edges, and three legs, along with a black aura that encompassed the sky.

He didn't say another word and threw the small cauldron down, then he formed some seals. The small cauldron suddenly turned bigger, into the size of one hundred zhang* (3.33m per zhang). A huge crash occurred and the cauldron heavily slammed into the mountain of the All Pleasure Sect.

In the blink of an eye, half of the mountain was annihilated by the cauldron, and dust flew all through the sky. The old monster simply lifted the cover of the cauldron, and dragons' roars emancipated from inside. Nine Black Flame Dragons rushed out as if they had their own spirits and wantonly massacred the people inside the All Pleasure Sect.

Any female cultivator who was bitten by the dragons all pitifully bellowed and turned into dust in a second.

Sha Jiuyou turned pale. She recognized who the old man was from seeing the evil cauldron.

"Dan Fragmentation Cauldron, Han Yuanji, you are the Old Monster Han of the Sinister Sparrow Sect!"

Sha Jiuyou couldn't help but become frightened. The Sinister Sparrow Sect´s Han Yuanji! With his Dan Fragmentation Cauldron and Black Dragon evil fire, he used his Late Harmonious Spirit realm power to angrily slay a Gold Core realm old monster and became renowned!

This person was one of the ten grand masters of the Yue Country's evil sects. Even the Harmonious Spirit realm old man that had sex with her once would have to stay away from Han Yuanji.

Today, the All Pleasure Sect might be facing its destruction! However, she still didn't know how she offended such a frightening old monster like this!

Within a few breaths time, more than half of the female cultivators of the sect had died. However, Sha Jiuyou no longer cared, she only closed her eyes while awaiting death.

With Han Yuanji wanting to kill, no one could ever escape!

At this moment, Ning Fan was alarmed for the first time. The image of the old man hovering in the sky under the faint moonlight was imprinted into his mind!

Without power, one had to accept other people's insult. However, once power was obtained, one could stand in the sky and look down upon all other existences!

He was moved; one day, he will stand on top of people. This was the only way to not be oppressed!

As his mind was in shock, the jade locket held tightly in his palm exuded a faint, red light that no one could see.

However, as he was lost in his thoughts, he suddenly changed his expression. He remembered that the old man came here to destroy the sect. He wanted to kill all of the female cultivators, then even Zhihe would have to die?

 'I definitely have to bring her along. Otherwise, she would be wrongfully killed by the old monster!'

Only one more step and he could have gone down the mountain, but he made his decision and turned back around to the All Pleasure Sect. This action, this decision will completely change his life.

Now, the All Pleasure Sect was in chaos. No one noticed Ning Fan. He turned left and right and checked the rooms of many disciples before he finally entered one of them and found Zhihe.

Zhihe was hiding in a corner. Her slender face was pale and trembling. In front of her were many disciples who died horrific deaths. The culprit was a ferocious Black Flame Dragon.

"Save me, Big Brother, save me…"

Zhihe saw Ning Fan entering and woefully pleaded for help.

However, it was too late. The Black Flame Dragon opened its flame-filled mouth and unleashed it towards Zhihe.

In this moment, Ning Fan didn't have anything in his hand. Lost in distress, he threw the jade locket towards the Black Flame Dragon.

At the end of the day, this locket was a magical treasure, maybe it could stop the Black Flame Dragon.

The locket struck its body. He didn't bother to look at the result and dragged the frightened Zhihe to quickly escape towards the door.

He didn't expect his locket to kill the dragon, but the proceeding unexpected event surprised him.

The Black Flame Dragon was struck by the jade locket and gave a towering scream. It turned into black fire and was absorbed by the jade locket. Many blood runes then appeared on the body of the jade locket.

Ning Fan picked up the locket. He knew that it was a magical treasure, but he didn't expect it to be so powerful.

The event happened here so no one knew about; not Sha Jiuyou nor the other evil women. However, the old man who was stomping on the sky and arrogantly laughing suddenly changed his expression and became solemn.

"Nine Flame Dragons, one is dead, how is this possible!"

He used his spirit sense to sweep through the entire mountain and found the room where the Black Flame Dragon died. He only saw Ning Fan and Zhihe.

"A junior with level one Vein Opening and a mortal... They destroyed my Black Flame Dragon? Wait, this is…!"

His spirit sense swept through Ning Fan, but it couldn't see the amazingness of the jade locket. Instead, it found the mystery in Ning Fan's body.

"This junior is an Immemorial Evil Vein! Interesting, haha, interesting!"

At this second, destroying the All Pleasure Sect or not was no longer important. He had a different thought in his mind.

He took a deep breath and recalled his eight Flame Dragons along with the black cauldron. He swung his sleeve and a huge gust of wind appeared, directly knocking the houses of the disciples over.

It revealed some female disciples who were hiding, along with Ning Fan and Zhihe who were escaping.

"You destroyed my Flame Dragon yet you still want to escape?"

The old monster coldly smirked and rushed forward, turning into a black shadow and appeared on the ground next to Ning Fan. He gripped his neck.

"Junior, how do you want to die?"

He released all of his killing intent, and it solidified. Ning Fan, under this pressure, felt as if all of his internal organs were shattering into blood. As long as this old monster released his power, he would die without a doubt.

'He wants to kill me!'

Ning Fan instinctively flashed a hint of fear in his eyes, but suddenly, this fear was gone.

He was always kind and lived with people, but he was betrayed and shamed by others. In his bones, there was already an unyielding stubbornness.

The old monster asked how does he want to die, but on what basis should Ning Fan die?

"I want you to die!"

Ning Fan lifted the jade locket and immediately slammed down on the temple of the old monster. The old man didn't bother to dodge at all.

The jade locket could easily kill a Black Dragon, but it didn't cause any damage when it struck the old man's head.

The old monster was not angry after being stuck by Ning Fan. On the contrary, he lifted his head to the sky and was loudly laughing instead.

"Good, good, very good! This brat isn't bad. You have courage and the potential to cultivate the Evil Dao!"

He withdrew his smile along with his killing intent and his expression became serious.

"Junior, do you want to be my disciple? Looking at your huge loss of Yang essence, you must have been a cauldron for others. You also lost your virginity... Although this is unfortunate, it is not a problem. You just need to agree, and I will help you flatten the All Pleasure Sect!"

"I don't want to!"

Ning Fan stubbornly retorted. He hated evil, he wanted to become an Immortal instead to punish evil!

"Don't want to? Haha, when I want to take an apprentice, why would I care whether you want to or not! If you dare to say the word 'no', then I will bring back this little girl next to you and strip her naked, then turn her into a cauldron for everyone back at the Evil Sect! I will give you three breaths time to decide. If you don't nod your head, you will regret it!"



Ning Fan bit his teeth and, with his fists clenched, glanced at the frightened Zhihe next to him.

'There will be one day when I will let you know that taking me in as your disciple will be the biggest mistake of your life!'

Ning Fan gritted his teeth and finally nodded his head.

"Good! Smart, I like it! At this moment, you are my disciple. As for the All Pleasure Sect, I will let you deal with it. If you say kill, then I will immediately kill everyone!"

The eyes of the old monster were cold. He was always protective of his own!

'Leaving it to me…'

Ning Fan stared at the black sky and quietly closed his eyes.

He hated Immortals, and he hated the Evil Sects even more. However, from today on, he would become a member of the Evil Dao.

But so what if he was part of the Evil Dao? Maybe, compared to hypocrites and pretenders, the Evil Dao was more fitting for him because he had seen how ugly this world was.

Ning Fan let go of Zhihe and gazed at the disciples. He walked in front of the All Pleasure Sect´s sect master, Sha Jiuyou.

Yesterday, he was a lowly cauldron in the eyes of the All Pleasure Sect´s disciples. Today, he was the official disciple of Old Monster Han.

The female disciples who managed to survive saw Ning Fan come forward and all quietly avoided him like the plague.

The girl with two buns on her hair yesterday, the one who humiliated Ning Fan, was frightened and fell to the floor after seeing his gaze.

Today, Ning Fan just needed to open his mouth to ask the old monster to destroy the entire All Pleasure Sect. An Evil Sect, yet its survival depended on a single thought of Ning Fan.

Ning Fan went next to Sha Jiuyou and lifted her chin. Sha Jiuyou was the leader of a sect, but was now humiliated by a mortal. With killing intent in her beautiful eyes, she seemingly wanted to kill Ning Fan with one palm, but she didn't dare to.

Her life depended on a single thought of Ning Fan today.

"Haha, honey, are you interested in me? If you promise not to kill me, I am willing to serve in your bed every night."

Sha Jiuyou's appearance was supreme, but Ning Fan didn't place it in his eyes. He only coldly sneered:

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"Where is Ning Gu, my brother?"

"Your brother, Ning Gu? The 'Mysterious Evil Cauldron'? He was sold to a female senior of the Heaven Separation Evil Sect..."

Sha Jiuyou had no impression of Ning Fan, but she had a very deep impression for Ning Gu.

Ning Fan didn't have any cultivation so they were happy to leave him here as a plaything, but his brother was sold to powerful cultivators at the Heaven Separation Evil Sect.

At this moment where her life depended on Ning Fan, she naturally said everything she knew.

Sold! His brother was sold away!

The Heaven Separation Evil Sect? He had not heard of it, but thinking about it, it must be a dirty place just like the All Pleasure Evil Sect!

This was the style of the Immortals!

"Senior, I have decided — kill them."

Ning Fan closed his eyes. His cultivation was not high, but his mind was sharp; he was not foolish.

He could vaguely speculate that this was a test when the old man allowed him to deal with the All Pleasure Sect.

It was a test for whether he had the qualification to join an Evil Sect or not. The Evil Sect naturally will kill people, not to mention the enemies!

He did not want to save the lives of the All Pleasure Sect´s people, but Zhihe cannot die...

"But I want her to live."

He pointed at Zhihe since he could never watch his savior dying to the hands of the old monster!

"This is your decision?"

Old Monster Han looked at Ning Fan, exerting an invisible and heavy pressure.

After a while, he only laughed and said:

"Fine, I will listen to you! This little girl can live, the rest will have to die!"

The old monster satisfyingly smiled. If Ning Fan showed a trace of mercy, he would definitely kill Ning Fan mercilessly. Even if Ning Fan had the Immemorial Evil Vein, if he didn't have an evil heart, he wouldn't be qualified to become a devil.

"Brat, not bad… What is your name?"

"Ning Fan!"

"Little Brat Ning, is it? Well, keep your eyes open now and observe well, your master will teach you how to kill!"

Old Monster Han looked at Ning Fan and walked towards the others with a murderous expression.

A one-sided killing began.

'Han Yuanji is a true devil. Living together with him... I will need to be alert. Otherwise, death would be absolute! The Sinister Sparrow Sect is a ferocious place with danger everywhere, but I need to live on.'

Holding the jade locket, Ning Fan secretly swore. At the same time, the red light of the jade locket faintly shone again.

From the jade locket, the sweet voice of a woman appeared. It was as if she was waking up from a deep slumber, but no one noticed.

"Is this the Rain World…?"



Credit: (the former team)

Bao (TL)

Chi (Honorable Editor)

Nerebear (E)

Nahct (E)

Lace1010 (TLC)

Wayfinder (E)

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