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Guide to raise my cutie husbands Guide to raise my cutie husbands original

Guide to raise my cutie husbands

Author: fairytail72

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Chapter 1: Woke up in a weird world

" Dong Dong ! Dong Dong !"

Who ? Who was calling her ? Yu Dong was stunned and confused , her mind felt blurry and woozy like someone has hit the back of her head with a brick, where was she ? What was she doing ? The last thing she remembered was being outnumbered by a group of zombies - and why was her spiritual energy in so much chaos ?

Even though Yu Dong had no idea what was going on , she still used whatever energy she had to check her internal condition - did she suffer from some internal injuries or something ?

Her spiritual energy responded at once after checking her meridians and the result was - she consumed too much drugs ! Drugs ! DRUGS ! That made Yu Dong sit up straight alright , she was a zombie control officer with an apocalypse over her head where will she get the money to do drugs ? Has her inner world gone crazy ?

But if this much wasn't enough to confuse her - what was more , the sky above her head was blue - freaking blue like she has seen in the old pictures of her ancestors and the surroundings were flourishing with greenery - there were trees that were a shade of beautiful green and a river stream that was clean and crystal clear .

Yu Dong was confused - where was the red smokey coloured sky of the apocalypse ? Where were the muddy rivers which they have to filter with their spiritual energy before they could drink it ? And how come so many plants were growing up without the special care of agriculture experts who like her had awaken spiritual energy of nature .

And why was her body not hurting ? Wasn't she buried under a pile of zombies ?And why was she feeling like she needed to vomit.She waited and waited and waited for the pain of being ripped and chewed apart to come but nothing - there was no pain except the emptiness and wooziness of being drunk as a skunk .

" Oh you are awake " exclaimed a gruff woman's voice , then maybe the woman caught sight of her green complexion and severely scolded " don't you dare to vomit on my cart , Dong Dong ! I had used up all my savings and strength to pull you out of that tavern - dodgy place , Don't know what you were thinking !"

Huh ? Tavern what Tavern ? Wasn't she at the town squire ?

Yu Dong looked up , her head was still throbbing but thanks to her spiritual healing she could at least repair some of the damage done

to her body , unlike before where her eyes couldn't focus on one thing - now she could finally have a clear view of the woman who was driving the ox cart - she was middle aged , yet she looked sturdy except for her skin was a waxy yellow colour that showed lack of nutrition .

Yu Dong was even more confused ,a second before she was fighting with zombies now she was being reprimanded by this woman in just another second , what was happening ? Who was this woman ?

The woman sighed "Dong Dong you are really good ! Drinking and frolicking around when your wife is giving birth ? How can you - is your wife and child more important or that little slut in the tavern ?"

Then the woman paused and looked at Yu Dong sympathetically "I know that you don't like your wife and even if - even if your wife is like that , they are still kind to you aren't they ? How can you abandon your wife when - you still carried your wife through your doors and made your wife your own person , didn't you ? Now that your wife is in labour how can you go frolicking leaving your wife in hands of others ?"

Yu Dong , understood none of this - she subconsciously reached for her sword , finally coming on to the conclusion that the person in front of her was most probably an illusion flower but just as her hand reach to her waist , she realised that her sword was missing .

Bloody hell ! This was not her body ! Her sword 's existence was branded in her own body , meaning that only with the destruction of her body would the sword be severed , if it was not here - then - then where was she and whose body was this ?

Yu Dong pinched her cheeks , then looked around a little more attentively - this wasn't her world . There was nothing so clear and clean and beautiful in her world ( keep your surroundings safe and clean or the apocalypse ain't far from us either ) , so she died ? Yu Dong did remember being out numbered - the latest mutation of the zombies were highly intelligent and smart , they learned how to hide and lure humans and this was why she was attacked , if her sword wasn't here and she was not in her own world - tears sprung in her eyes , Oh God , she died didn't she ? Now what will happen to her little brothers ?

For ten years they were dependent on her now all of sudden they have to rely on each other ? At least they had enough food and water stored in their inner world for quiet a few years .

Maybe by then , they will grow up ? And learn how to use their spiritual energy - Yu Dong knew there was no chance for her to return not when her body was torn and eaten - she could only hope that her brothers would be able to live a proper life without her .

After grieving for a few minutes , Yu Dong finally recovered and sniffed - this was what she had learned from her experience how many officers sacrificed themselves so that the common people could live their lives safely ? She wasn't the first and she wasn't going to be the last either .

At least she was lucky enough to get a chance to live again - even if it was someone's else body .

Yu Dong sighed , now that she finally calmed herself down she finally started to understand what happened - while she was fighting the zombies , the Yu Dong of this world was having a nice time , drinking and having fun with the number one prostitute of the town . The Yu Dong might have overdosed herself on drugs maybe And died at the same time she lost her life .

" you said my wife is in labour ?" Asked Yu Dong finally grasping the most important bit of the conversation at the same time , she reached to touch her chest and only relaxed when she felt the squeezy soft feeling .

At least she still had these - wait what if ? She looked down at her tattered pants and gulped - oh no , please no .

That would be down right weird .

" yes , your wife went in labour an hour ago "the woman saw that Yu Dong didn't look a lot concerned about Mrs . Yu and felt bad for Yu Dong 's wife .

Yu Dong was actually nervous but she was a spiritual cultivator it just wasn't her nature to act in a frenzy or anxious way .

Yu Dong wasn't anxious but The woman was , she hurriedly whipped her ox and the ride became even more bumpy - Once or twice Yu Dong felt an urge to vomit .

God , how she missed her strong and sturdy body - not only did she died , she transmigrated in an alcoholic's body with a wife and child on its way - she , Yu Dong , the old bachelor of her squad was finally married , just like that ? And why was this woman driving an ox cart shouldn't it be a job of man ?

After what looked like a promised bumpy ride until her body might crumble to dust , the ox cart finally stopped and the woman dragged her to her house - calling it a house was really giving it a lot of face through it had a lot of rooms all of them were cracked and the roofs were leaking .

The fences were almost breaking but at least the yard was big , that was comfort to Yu Dong .

The woman dragged her all the way up to the room where the screams of pain and agony were resonating - the woman pushed open the door and Yu Dong wanted to stop her from doing so because they haven't sterilised themselves but it was too late the door to the labour room was opened - and laying on top of the bed was a gorgeous looking through a sickly complexion with a nine months pregnant belly - man !!!

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