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Guide to tame my villainous husbands Guide to tame my villainous husbands original

Guide to tame my villainous husbands

Author: fairytail72

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Chapter 1: You are chosen be grateful!

" Human, are you awake?"

" Are you awake human?"

" Human!"

Mo Qiang felt like her head was going to explode. She couldn't understand what was going on around her, all she knew was —— that she was going to die! How can someone's head hurt this much? Was it because she drank too much? But did she drink last night?

As she tried to filter through her memories, she realised that last night, she did not get drunk instead she got killed!

Almost immediately Mo Qiang sat up straight as she looked around her surroundings—— she was sitting on moving clouds. Mo Qiang pinched her cheeks and then closed her eyes to make sure she was not dreaming, but when she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see that she was indeed sitting on a moving cloud!

" Haha, looks like I am still dreaming," Mo twenty-five years old virgin who did not even have any crush while slaving away for her boss Qiang, refused to believe that she was dead without getting a chance to live her life.

" You are not dreaming, you are really dead," a voice chimed from the front causing Mo Qiang to look up. In front of her on a floating cloud sat a very beautiful girl, with transparent wings with golden glitters and veins like that of a fairy.

Her golden hair that reminded her of rustling wheat was floating behind her and green eyes like fresh grass were locked on Mo Qiang, with her hand under her chin, the fairy-like little girl studied Mo Qiang with those green eyes, a frown decorating her face.

"I … I am really dead …?" Mo Qiang did not want to accept that she was dead or the fact that she was in heaven but the fairy in front of her was telling her otherwise.

She looked at her hands which were without a single wrinkle and then touched her face which was as smooth as she remembered before holding her head as she let out a cry, " Is this karma? Is it because I called that boss of mine a baldy? Or is it because I cursed that landlady of mine for increasing the rent? What is it?"

"It's because your karma was entangled with that of a bad guy," the girl who looked like a fairy replied to Mo Qiang who stopped her whining and stared at the little girl. " What do you mean by Karma? And who is the bad guy here?"

At her question, the little fairy fluttered her wings angrily and then said, " Isn't it the man who you call your boss? The one who plundered mountains, ruined nature and then drove many wild animals away? And you…." She pointed at Mo Qiang like she had done a great crime. " You assisted him by giving him those horrendous plans of yours!"

Mo Qiang thought that the little fairy was going a bit too hard on her which was why she licked her lips and then said, " I think you are getting angry for something really small——"

"Small? Haha, I will show you small," the little fairy scoffed with a nerve throbbing on her forehead.

She snapped her fingers and the clouds that were surrounding them faltered as the two came to stand in the middle of a dark alley where Mo Qiang could see that the sky was dark and gloomy without a ray of light —— the entire place was covered with gases and fumes at the bottom and the people who were walking on the streets were wearing a fish bowl shaped crystal helmet on their heads while the others who were looking rather well off had a watery looking mask on their mouth and nose.

The dark gloomy sky with red clouds was weird enough but when Mo Qiang looked around, she was shocked to see that there was not a single tree in sight! Not even the smallest one—— not even a shrub.

" You see? This is what you humans have done to this world!" The little fairy who was flying next to her scoffed as she looked at the place in front of her with heartache in her eyes. " You started with small things but then you all became greedy and started killing the wild animals, forest and the consumption of the natural resources don't even start me on that! To make up for the natural resources, you started making chemicals that only made the surroundings even more polluted."

The little fairy sighed and then with a reminiscent look on her face said, " How good it was when people used to rely on nature and in return made sure to repay the gratitude of nature two folds. But——" the fire lit up again in the eyes of the little fairy as she started nudging Mo Qiang in the side of her forehead. " People like you …started to get greedy! If you were taking down forests why did you not plant more forests? Why did you not breed more wild animals when you were killing them?"

" You..what are you saying? Are you upset with the use of natural sources or not?" Mo Qiang asked as she looked at the little fairy who was poking her in the head.

She was complaining that she harmed nature but at the same time, it sounded like she was more upset with her for not repaying the nature from which she took those resources.

" Of course, I am not upset with you humans making use of the natural resources," said the little fairy as she crossed her little arms in front. "Mother Nature is kind and generous, so, of course, she is happy when her children rely on her but when your greed exceeds the consumption limit, should you not repay Mother Nature as well?"

The little fairy narrowed her eyes as she looked at Mo Qiang and then announced, " Since you have taken, you have to repay as well. Be grateful human! That you have been chosen to revive this destroyed world!"

As she spoke Mo Qiang felt her eyes roll in her sockets as she passed out again.


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