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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Monstrous Energy

For the next couple of months Harry was extremely busy as he spent his time in making the potion for Natasha and invent another material that had a couple of properties of Mithril. Mithril had a large number of matter and antimatters in it and the reaction of those two could led to a power source that could power the whole earth for about half a year but the problem was Mithril other properties interfered with the reaction and destabilize it. It took Harry two months of constant experimenting and sleepless nights but he finally created a white translucent crystal that he believed was capable of being used as a power source.

Harry set the newly formed crystal aside and stood up to go to bed since he was feeling really tired and sleepy, suddenly there was a flash and Harry saw Fawkes teleporting to Hogwarts with a naked unconscious man with him. "Really Fawkes, I was about to go to sleep right now. Who is this Man? Why did you bring him here?" Fawkes squawked in irritation and glared at Harry, Harry moved forward and rolled the unconscious man on the floor but what he found nearly shocked him. "What the hell, it's Dr Bruce Banner. How come a brilliant man like him doing as a naked helpless man, something should be really wrong with him if you brought him here Fawkes."

Fawkes nodded and flashed away, "Yeah go away you irritating buffoon. Mipsy." Harry shouted. Mipsy popped up and Harry instructed her, "Please take this man to the guest room and put him on the bed, tell me when we wake up. I am going to sleep as well oh and Mipsy, put some clothes on him will you."

Mipsy nodded, "Will do master Harry." She popped away with Dr Banner in tow.

"Let's go and get some sleep Potter before someone else tries to interrupt again." Harry said to himself and headed to his bedroom with sleepy eyes.


Dr Bruce Banner woke up in a nice comfortable bed in a luxurious room, he wasn't sure what happened and how he came here. He recalled going bat shit crazy as a monster after General Ross found and tried to capture him again, the monster that he was nearly destroyed the military and he came nearly close to killing Betty. He escaped from there and ran to a quiet and lone plance and the everything was blurry, all he remembered was the monster inside him giving him back the control after listening to song of a beautiful bird and then he passed out.

Suddenly a small creature with pointy nose and big ears popped up in front of the bed he was currently in, Bruce reeled back in shock and he just hoped that he doesn't become a monster again due to getting suddenly shocked by the appearance of the small creature. "I be a house elf Dr Brucy, me name be Mipsy."

Bruce stared at the creature in confusion, if his mythical knowledge were right then elves were humanoid creatures with pointy nose and big ears like the one standing in front of him but they weren't this short or used broken English. "My name is Bruce not Brucy."

"That's what Misty said, Brucy." Mipsy replied confusedly as to her Bruce was now Brucy.

Bruce sighed, "Where am I anyway? What is this place?"

"You be in Hogwarts Dr Brucy and this being Master Harry's home, he wants you to get fresh and come down to meet him." Mipsy replied and popped away.

"What in the hell is Hogwarts?" Bruce looked around the luxurious room and decided to do what the little elf said and take a bath.

When Bruce came out of the room he was dumbstruck by the beauty of this place, he pinched himself to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. He found a staircase and went down on it, once down he could see a human figure sitting in hall which looked like a dining room. Bruce went to the hall and found the one sitting there was none other than Harry Potter, owner of Marauders Ltd. "Is this your place?" Harry nodded, "It's impressive to say the least."

Harry smiled, "Thank you Dr Banner, last night a friend of mine brought you here completely naked and extremely tired and exhausted. Now why don't you tell me what really happened with you because last time I checked you were working with US military on something."

Bruce sighed as there was really no reason in hiding it, "I was working to recreate the Super Serum that gave birth to Captain America, in an accident I was trapped in the chamber where gamma radiations was getting ready to burst out, I had no way of surviving but I made the biggest mistake and injected the uncomplete serum in the hope that I would survive. The serum let me survive but turned me into a big green rage monster that is now called Hulk by the US military, General Ross who was supervising the research is now after me as he wants to capture me and do god knows what. When I get hurt or angry I hulk out into the big green unstable monster and then I have no control on myself. I have been on the run for two months but General Ross finally found me and then I hulked out again, I don't remember what happen much after it. I just remember running away and then a bird came out and started singing, the song calmed down Hulk and I was back and after that I remember waking up here."

"Whew, that is really new thing for me and that is something. The bird that bought you here is a Phoenix and his name is Fawkes." Harry said.

Bruce stared at Harry, "Phoenix right, if elves are real then why not Phoenix and then what dragons."

Harry just smiled and continued, "Phoenix song bring calmness and give you a feeling of happiness and calmness, if you change back due to Fawkes singing then that means when you are angry you become Hulk and once you calm down you are yourself." Bruce nodded, so Harry continued. "Well maybe I can help you out with your problem."

"Your company work on technological advancement not in the field of biology, how would you be able to help me out?" Bruce asked.

"My company works on anything that pique our interest Dr Banner but I am not talking about curing your problem because frankly your case is pretty unique and will take lot of research to make a cure even if that is possible. I want to help you with getting your alter ego under a bit of your control, it won't do if you just hulk out anytime you get angry or are in a bit of danger." Harry replied.

"I am thankful for your help but I have to reject your offer Mr Potter, Hulk is a monster and he can't be controlled. I don't want to put your life or this place in any kind of risk." Bruce said with sigh but he was taken aback when Harry started laughing.

"Dr Banner believe me when I say that you can't kill me maybe hurt me a bit but that's the most you can do and this place is strong enough to counter you Mr Banner you don't have to worry about it. The Hulk is a part of you now Dr Banner whether you like it or not and it won't do if you don't try to connect with it, it is a part of you now and I am sure with some work you can have Hulk agree with you. If you think you are a monster Dr Banner then come with me."

Bruce was not sure what Harry wanted but Harry led him to in front of a plane wall but suddenly a big door started to manifest itself, "Whoa, that is cool."

Harry smiled and led Bruce inside the ROR which was now a very big hall with many shielding runes, this place was strong enough to withstand the Phoenix Force so Harry was sure it can take whatever Dr Banner could dish out. "Let's see what Hulk is capable of Dr Banner."

"Please don't, if Hulk comes out then you and this place won't survive in front of his anger." Bruce requested Harry.

Harry just smiled and moved into the middle of the big hall and then to the surprise of Bruce he started changing, Bruce was shit scared and was searching for the doorway when he finally saw what Harry turned into. It was a big scary Dragon that made Bruce looked like an ant in comparison, the Dragon roared loudly and Bruce nearly shit in his pants but Hulk started surfacing. With a loud shout Banner turned into the Hulk, the Dragon was still towering over Hulk as Hulk was just 8 feet long but the Dragon was about 70 feet.

Harry in his Hungarian Horntail Animagus form stared at the Hulk who just changed himself from Dr Banner, he may look like a monster but in front of his dragon form he looked like a miniscule ant. Hulk was surprisingly very agile as he jumped high into the air and hit the Dragon face with a powerful Punch, the Dragon didn't back down as he recovered from the Punch and hit back Hulk with Dragon Fire. Hulk was sent flying and he was smashed onto the magically shielded walls of ROR, Harry was worried about Bruce as he got really angry when Hulk hit him with that mighty punch of Hulk and it wasn't easy to control the rage when he was in the form of meanest and baddest dragon that is Hungarian Horntail.

Hulk was burned badly and he shouted in pain but slowly and slowly his body started healing and he started became angrier than he already was, Harry watched as Hulk healed itself automatically and started to grow a few feet bigger as he got more angrier. Hulk jumped at the Dragon again but this time it was ready, just when Hulk was near the Dragon the Dragon smashed him with its big spiky tail. Hulk was again sent smashing onto the walls, the Dragon quickly moved forward and pinned down Hulk. Hulk wasn't ready to back down as his anger increased and he became much more powerful, he was able to free his hands from the Dragon's grip and hit the Dragon with a mighty punch. The Dragon was sent flying as it was smashed to the wall on the opposite side of Hulk, Harry was clearly taken aback by that punch and he quickly changed back to human again.

Hulk stared at small human who was moments ago a Dragon but his anger wasn't gone, he glared at Harry and said. "Hulk Smash puny man." And with that he dashed at Harry, Harry composed himself as he was still feeling the effect of Hulk's punch but he quickly changed to his Phoenix Form and flamed away from Hulk's reach. Harry started to sing in his Phoenix voice and the Hulk started looking confused but then he slowly and slowly he started to let go of his anger and slowly he turned back to Dr Banner.

Bruce sat down half naked and heavily panting as for the first time he felt the extent of Hulk's anger which was limitless, Harry changed back and with a wave of his hands Bruce was dressed again. Bruce stared at Harry in shock as he too sat down beside him, "Are you a mutant or what, you can change into mythical animals and you can create cloths with a wave of your hand. What are you?"

Harry smiled although it was a bit strain because he was still feeling the effects of Hulk's punch, "No Dr Banner I am not a mutant, I am much more powerful than a simple mutant. I have to say Dr Banner the Hulk is something else but still I think you can make a sort of deal with it."

"How?" That was the only question on Bruce's mind.

"There is a practice called Occlumency, you may not be able to achieve the real purpose of Occlumency but I am sure with a bit of help you can have a civil conversation with Hulk and maybe make some sort of a deal with him."

"What do I have to do?" Bruce asked without missing a beat.

"It requires a lot of meditation and I'll help you with that since I am a master Occlumens myself, but you can't go back to your home right now since military will be searching for you."

Bruce nodded, "You are right but where are we right now?"

Harry smiled, "I can't tell you the exact location but right now you are in Europe, you know I think I have a perfect job for you."

"What do you mean?"

"I am currently working on a project that could use your expertise, I am trying to make a Spaceship and I want to be a part of the team working on the project. You can stay here until you can have some control over your alter ego and I will have Mipsy transport you from here to the place you will be working on and then bring you back. So, what do you say Dr Banner?" Harry asked.

Bruce sighed, "I don't have anything else to do anyway, sure I'll work with you."


Tony Stark walked out of the cave in an armour made of iron as every terrorist stared at him, they started firing at him continuously but the armour was bulletproof. "My Turn." With that Tony started to burn down every gun powder, terrorist and weapons of his own company with a Flamethrower, there was a tank heading toward him but a single missile took care of it. But the ammo of the armour was empty and there were still many terrorists alive, "Oh oh, let's get out of here." With that he activated the thrusters on the legs of the iron armour and flew up like a launching rocket.

The armour gave up in mid flight and Tony came crashing down on sand in the middle of a desert. Tony groaned as he broke out of the destroyed armour and stood back up. "Not Bad." There was a glowing circular thing on his chest which was actually an arc reactor that was keeping him alive. Tony travelled on the desert with no sense of direction and getting badly thirsty in the heat of the desert, lucky for him he saw a couple of US military helicopter flying overhead. "Hey, Hey." Tony shouted happily as the helicopter came down toward him.

A few soldiers and Colonel James Rhodes came running out of the helicopter toward him, "How was the Funvee." Rhodes couldn't help but ask. Tony just gave a small laugh, "Next time you ride with me, ok" Tony smiled and hugged one of his best friends.


"Tony Stark is back sir, the military found him running alone in the desert." Coulson said as he entered Fury's office.

"Really, how did he escape from his capturers?" Fury asked.

"We don't know sir." Coulson replied.

"Then find it Coulson, Tony Stark must have done something big if he was able to escape."

Coulson nodded, "We will sir, I'll try to talk with Stark and see what he says."

"Do that Coulson, I have some suspicion that this whole thing was planned by one of Tony's own people and whoever he or she is won't be happy with Tony being back. Do you have any update on Banner and Hulk?" Fury asked.

"Yes sir, but I think you are not going to like it." Coulson said warily.

"What do you mean Coulson?" Fury asked.

"Banner is now working under Harry Potter."

That had the exact reaction Coulson expected, "Damn it." Fury shouted, "How did Banner get to Europe with Ross breathing down on his neck, I don't know what but that Potter is up to something. He recently hired few brilliant scientist and researchers to work on some project and he has made Emma Frost his company's MD, I don't know what Potter is cooking up but he is doing something big and we still don't have a single man inside his company."

"There is more sir, Betsy Braddock a powerful mutant with telepathic abilities who was the brother of Captain Britain has started working as his secretary." Phil said.

"What? Last I heard of her, the Hand was transferring her powers and mind into another body. From the reports of our spy, I heard that she was in control of Hand and was their prime assassin."

Phil nodded, "Yes sir, her first mission was to assassinate Potter but she failed as Potter broke Hand's control over her. From the reports I got she has been staying with Emma Frost and is the personal secretary of Potter."

Fury sighed, "I am very close to give up on Potter Coulson, we don't have anything on him and we can't breach his company to know what he is doing. Tell me if you have anything that can help us?"

"No sir, we have nothing on Potter."

Fury gave a frustrating groan that was so unlike him, "Stop wasting your time on Potter from now on Coulson because it is fruitless, I'll have another agent keep an eye on him but you take care of Stark's case."

"Yes sir, I'll look right into it." Coulson replied and left.

"What have you been doing Potter, what are you planning?" Fury said to himself with a sigh.


"I am Iron Man."

"You know you were right, Tony Stark wasn't really done and now he is finally going to leave a mark on this world with his Iron Suit." Emma said while looking at the press conference where Tony Stark declared that he is the Iron Man who fought another man in a metal suit and was responsible for wiping out the terrorist organization that captured him.

Emma was watching it in TV in Harry's office with Harry and Betsy, "He is a brilliant man and I think the three months in captivity has really taught him the value of life." Harry said.

"You mean to say that he has changed." Betsy asked.

"A person no matter who he is will have some changes after going through what Stark faced but I think Tony Stark is still the flamboyant playboy and an egotistical bastard but now he cares about the result of what he does. Previously he made weapons and was termed as 'The Merchant of Death' but now he realized what his weapons were doing." Harry replied.

"But we have a competition as well, with Stark stopping the weapon manufacturing he is going to go in the field of green energy which we were working on as well." Emma said with a frown.

"True, but it will be good to have some competition in the market." Harry said.

"I don't think there is really any competition" The three turned to see Dr Banner entering the office, "Sorry, I heard you talking about Stark's arc reactor technology and I decided to correct you."

"No problem Dr Banner, but what do you mean by correcting us." Emma asked.

"That's the reason I came up here, you see the crystal that Harry created and named Dilithium is much more than what was expected. That crystal when exposed to high temperature and electromagnetic pressure it can lead into a reaction between matter and antimatter, the crystal particles converts into pure energy and the crystal that we have right now can produce 6.5e19 Joules of energy." Bruce said.

Betsy frowned and said, "For someone who speaks common English can you please simplify it to me."

Emma snorted, "In simple words Betsy, the Dilithium crystal that we have is capable of giving power to every corner of earth for a full year."

"Wow." That was the only thing Betsy could say.

Harry nodded, "Wow indeed, I don't think Tony Stark arc reactor is capable of doing that. What else can you tell about it Dr Banner?"

Bruce replied, "Well if we could get enough of the Dilithium I would say that we won't have to worry about electricity problems ever and there will be no need of Petrol and Diesel for running vehicles, the energy output can be controlled as such that there is no wastage of energy. But the most interesting thing was proposed by the young Amadeus Cho who was working with me on the spaceship project, he proposed that it is possible to create a Wrap Drive by using Dilithium. Basically speaking, we can now travel faster than light although it is purely theoretical but Cho said that he can do it and I agree."

Emma nodded and said, "Going faster than light will solve the distance problem while travelling in space but there are some drawbacks as well."

Dr Banner was thoroughly confused, "What drawbacks?"

Harry answered, "I think what Emma is trying to say is that if you travel at such a high speed then it will be very difficult to change directions, if you travel at speed faster than light then you will not be able to change your direction like you do on a road."

"Oh, I didn't think of that. I was pretty excited by the prospect of going higher than the speed of light that I never thought of its drawbacks, if we go at such a speed we would have to build brakes that could take the force of stopping an object while it is travelling at the speed of light or higher." Bruce added his own thoughts.

Harry smiled and said, "Don't worry Dr Banner, I am sure you and your team will find the solutions to your problems. But just imagine, a spaceship that can go faster than the speed of light made with the combination of Vibranium and Adamantium, it will be unstoppable."

Bruce eyes widened, "Didn't you use the combination of Vibranium and Adamantium in the super bike DCT?" Harry nodded and that gave Bruce a shudder, "A Spaceship made of that material at a speed faster than the speed of light could theoretically destroy everything in it's past even a planet."

Harry grinned as Emma too figured out what Bruce meant, "What? We will definitely need high calibre breaks to stop the spaceship then, we don't want to accidently destroy a planet."

Harry laughed, "True, Emma you should contact the Energy Department of England and other countries to try and install a Dilithium Power Source. This way we will have a coalition with government and it will free us from the pressure of military contracts for some time. Oh, and do give young Mr Cho a nice bonus for his work, he is doing exactly what the purpose of our company is that is to convert fiction into reality."

Emma nodded, "I'll see to it then. Our designers have also completed the design of DCT II and I think it's pretty neat, I have kept the file of it in your table so see to it and tell me if any changes are required."

"DCT II, is it another super bike?" Bruce asked.

This time it was Betsy who answered, "No, DCT II will be a car and just like DCT it will be made of Adamantium and Vibranium alloy. It was actually my idea; won't it be super cool to have a Super Car just like DCT or maybe a bit better than it."

"Yeah it will be cool alright." Bruce turned toward Harry, "Are you going to use the shrinking feature in normal motorcycle and car models because I have seen some people who are rally in wait for it."

Harry nodded, "It's a work on progress, I am hoping to launch PF II, TL II and DCT II on the same day in a year or two maybe. By the way Dr Banner, I am going to give you a large amount of Vibranium and I want you to work on it. I want you to find out anything that can be done with Vibranium even if it is only theoretically possible. Emma, tell Dr Venkat to research more on recreating or repairing human cells or create synthetic cells as a replacement."

Emma and Bruce nodded and left to do their respective work leaving Harry and Betsy alone in Harry's office, "Do you have anything on the Hand?" Harry asked.

"No, I have seen a couple of Hand's operative in the city but I have taken care of them with Emma's help. We did scan their minds but we didn't find any information on the one who ordered for your assassin."

Harry sighed, "I have a bad feeling about all this, I think that the one who ordered for my assassination wanted something much more than just kill me. Whoever it was, it had an ulterior motive of sort and I want to know what. When you are free do try to actively search for any Hand members in this city or nearby with your telepathic abilities."

Betsy nodded, "I'll do that."


Tony Stark was working on his suite as his pa Pepper Potts came inside his lab, "We have a big problem Tony."

"There is always some problem Pepper, what is it now?" Tony asked without even turning toward her still busy on his work.

"The arc reactor technology has got competition now." That brought full attention of Tony, "The Marauders Ltd has found a way to use some type of crystal and produce clean energy from it, the England government has given its approval to use their technology to power up the grids in Windermere and the nearby cities and if it works perfectly they would expand it to the whole country."

"Really, Jarvis you there?" Tony asked his personal AI.

"I am always here to help you sir, from what I have gathered the Marauders Ltd has created an element which is a translucent white crystal and they call it Dilithium. There is not much about its property but from what Marauders Ltd MD said, the Dilithium has a large number of matter and antimatter particles in it and that is the source of the power," Jarvis replied.

"A new element huh, it is possible to make a reaction between the matter and antimatter in high temperature and electromagnetic pressure but there was never an element or substances that has the sufficient amount of matter and antimatter combination in it. The Marauders ltd is coming along nicely, there flying technology is a mystery that I can't seem to solve and their shrinking technology is brilliant." Harry said in an afterthought.

"Please don't tell me you have dismembered the DCT?" Pepper asked with a horrifying face, "That cost $110 millions and it had big written warning to never try and dismember it."

"Relax Pepper, I have been dismembering the couple of TL I. It has proven to be useless and now they have also found an element that can work as a power source, I still don't understand how Harry Potter got such rare material in the first place that even I have trouble in getting and then he has discovered a new element as well. We have already gotten the approval to power New York with our Arc Reactor, let's wait and see how effective this new Dilithium is?"


AN: - Harry wasn't needed in the fight between Iron Man and Iron Monger, the story went on just as the movie plot line. Harry will be there for the second Iron Man which comes next. Harry also need a good code name if he ever publicly helps people, if you have some good code names please suggest.

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