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15.76% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 66: Demon of her life is returning back.

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Chapter 66: Demon of her life is returning back.

"Father, I forget I have something to show you ," Xin Mei remembered the bracelet which she had received that day. She retrieved the small box from her dress pocket and placed it in front of her family.

"S.Z. has sent me this gift this time." She opened the box and everyone looked at the watch with wide eyes. "Before I could reject this gift, the man who delivered it was already gone from the sets."

"This man S.Z. is something," Xin Jin sighed and shook his head. "Xin Mei, keep this watch in the locker. Return it the moment you know who this S.Z. is."

"I have also planned to do the same father. I can't have such an expensive gift from a stranger." Xin Mei carefully placed back the box in her dress pocket.

"By the way, I must praise this S.Z." Xin Yan chuckled. "He is a great admirer of yours. By the way, got any idea of his identity?"

"No idea," Xin Mei shrugged. "I also asked to Gu Nan and she denied to know anyone from initials S.Z. We also tailed our classmates but no one is named S.Z. We also checked my followers on social media but didn't find anyone who could be this mysterious S.Z."

Xin Mei sighed. "Gege, do you have any old classmate with initials S.Z.?"

"I have one Xin Mei but he can't be your S.Z. That man is already married and is settled in America."

Silence fell upon the table. They all thought about various people who could be S.Z. but didn't reach any conclusion. This S.Z. was a stranger to them.

After leaving the dining table, Xin Mei safely placed the watch box in the locker. She then made her way towards her room. Like her daily schedule, she spent her time on social media accounts. She disabled her alarm before calling it night.

Next day, Xin Mei slept like a dead woman. She didn't wake up till eleven in the morning. It was He Lin who had forced her up and fed her breakfast. Even after that Xin Mei didn't leave her bed. She had her food in her bedroom only.

She watched her favourite shows and movies on the television. She spent her day lazing around.

Next day she did the same. She watched a lot of series on the television, without any break.

She was having popcorns while watching the lately released Hollywood movie when her mobile rang, she groaned before picking up the call without watching the caller id.

"Hello, Xiao Mei." She heard from the other side of the phone.

"Hello. Who is it?" she asked. Her eyes were glued on the hero of the movie.

"Can't you recognize my voice, Xiao Mei? I am hurt. How can you forget about the voice of your brother Bai?"

Xin Mei slapped her head when she heard his introduction. Why had he called her? And why had she picked up his call?

Chen Bai was one of the most famous actors in the country. He was a god for his female and male fans. For last few years, he had always received best actor award. He had debuted at the age of sixteen and from then itself he was gaining success and success only.

He had a huge fan base. Attachment of his name with a movie itself denoted to the success of the movie. He was a highly paid actor but still desire of every producer. His acting was at another level and only a few months back he was casted in a Hollywood movie.

"And dare of you to hang up on me. You know what I can do." She heard a warning from the other side at the exact moment that she had decided to hang upon him.

"Chen Bai, why have you called me?" Xin Mei gritted her teeth when speaking on the phone. She so wanted to hang up that call. She didn't want to talk to that man!

If only she could do so!

She knew he wouldn't lag behind in doing something disastrous.

"Tomorrow, I am returning to the country and you are going to pick me up."

"Wait, what? What do you mean by picking you up? Don't forget mister, I am not your assistant to serve you. I am not picking you up. Call someone else!"

"Hey, my chili girl. You are still chili like before. You can never change." She heard chiding from the other side. "Don't forget that you still have a favor for me. Now it's your turn to return my favor. Come and pick me up from the airport. I am sending you the details."

"What favor?" Xin Mei asked with shock. "I have already returned your favors. We don't have any favor left in-between us." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/demon-of-her-life-is-returning-back._39159023777400801">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/demon-of-her-life-is-returning-back._39159023777400801</a> for visiting.

"Are you so forgetful? Or are you trying to forget about my favor?" Chen Bai rebuked. "Let me remind you then, last year during an awarded show, your sweet dear Mingyu didn't have a partner to walk on the red carpet. You have asked me for a favor and I have walked with her. Now it's your turn to pay for my favor."

"That was the favor for Zhou Mingyu, and for your kind updating, I and Zhou Mingyu are no longer friends. So I am not indebted to you. Ask Zhou Mingyu to return your favor."

"This is cheating," Chen Bai protested. "I helped her only to get a favor from you. Now you can't step back."

"What if I step back?" Xin Mei challenged him.

"I will post about the same on my Weibo account. I will post about how this newbie actress Xin Mei dared to dump me. Then I will see how my fans will slander you!" Chen Bai warned.

"You…." Xin Mei felt so angry upon hearing his words. She was exploding with anger. She wanted to murder this man.

Xin Mei covered her face. She knew that this man could do the same. He was psycho in this case. She already had a fan base of Zhou Mingyu slandering her. She couldn't let his fans also slander her.

"So, what's your decision? Are you coming to pick me up or should I post on Weibo?" he warned.

"Ok, ok, I will come. Send me details." Xin Mei felt bitterness when she spoke the above words. She could imagine that evil smile on the face of Chen Bai.

"Will wait for you sweetheart!" she heard his cocky voice from the other side.

"Stop calling me sweetheart! You know I hate this name." Xin Mei yelled.

"That's why I love to call you sweetheart! I so love it when you are angry." Chen Bai chuckled. "And yes, don't forget to bring a cup of coffee for me. You know my favorite!"

"Chen Bai, you will regret your request. You return to the country then I will see you." Xin Mei yelled over the phone before hanging up. She huffed loudly and slumped down on the bed.

"Why god? Why? Why did you cross my path with that man? Why?"

She yelled out so loud that her mother came to her room and looked at her with worry.

"What happened Xiao Mei?"

"Nothing mother, Chen Bai is returning tomorrow and I have to pick him up!" Xin Mei covered her face with a pillow when she heard an exciting squeal from her mother.

Her mother was a big fan of Chen Bai. "Are you going to pick up Bai'er? If so click his latest photo for me. He had already announced on his Weibo that he is coming tomorrow but the photo with the post is old. He must be changed by now."

"Ok mother. Now can you please leave me alone?" Xin Mei looked at her mother with pleading eyes. She couldn't hear her love for Chen Bai.

Once her mother was gone, Xin Mei yelled in her pillow. Why was Chen Bai returning? And her guts told her that evil wasn't going to do any good to her!

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