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Chapter 76: Farewell to Mian.

Su Yuchen reached his home and sighed at the emptiness. Soon he would have a mistress of his house. Warmth spread in his heart when he thought about this.

He looked at a wall in front of him. He had thought of decorating this wall with photos of him and his Mian but now he had altered his plan. He wanted to decorate this wall with his and Xin Mei's photos, photos of their children, photos of her achieving awards, photos of their vacations, marriage, every moment of their life!!

With a silly smile adorning his lips, Su Yuchen made his way toward his room. He had a long shower before he returned to his room. He looked outside the window to find it was raining. Rains always had an important significant in his and Mian's life.

And now in this rainy weather, he wanted to bid farewell to Mian for forever.

Su Yuchen opened his walk in closet, behind it he opened a door to the secret room. He entered the room which had many portraits of Mian. He had hired a lot of experts to sketch and paint his Mian.

He looked at the portraits for the last time before taking them off the wall. He collected all photo Frames. He wrapped them all in a bundle and securely locked all of them in a storeroom. He wanted to let go of Mian. He didn't want her to affect his future.

He returned to his room and looked out of the window.

"Mian, you will always be my best friend, my first family member, the first love of my life but today I am letting you go. I am moving on from you Mian and I am sure you will be happy for your Chen."

That night, Su Yuchen thought about his Mian for the very last time. From the next day onwards, he was going to think about making the bewitching girl, his wife.


Su Yuchen was four years old when he found his way in the orphanage. He was a small child who didn't know what was happening around him. He only knew his mother was no longer alive to love him, to look after him.

He was a lost soul in the orphanage, always bullied by other kids. He didn't wish to talk with any of them. He had lost his smiles and laughter. He had lost the meaning of surviving. He was alone in this world. He had no one!

It was until, on one rainy day, he found a basket outside the orphanage. On close inspection, he found a little girl lying in the basket. She was wailing loudly and rainwater was falling over her.

At that moment, a connection was formed in-between the hearts of those two kids. Su Yuchen took the basket inside the orphanage and yelled for everyone to look after the baby. He wanted to save the baby who was already wet with cold because of rain.

The baby was saved and Su Yuchen named her Mian, his Mian. From then onwards, he spent his day in the company of Mian. He loved to tell her about his day and watch her sleeping all day.

Su Yuchen had seen Mian growing from an infant to a ten-year-old girl in front of his own eyes. He was a father and mother to her. He was the one to feed her as a child, taught her how to speak and taught her how to walk. The first word of Mian was Chen in itself.

Chen had witnessed everything about Mian. He had seen her going to school with enthusiasm because her Chen was going to the same school. He had seen her win a lot of awards as a kid. Many times, he had helped her in wearing her uniform and combing her hairs.

Su Yuchen was very possessive for his Mian. He had fought with many boys and girl who dared to bully her. He had beaten up many boys who dared to become a friend of his Mian, only he was her friend.

Mian was afraid of thunderstorms. So, whenever it was thunder storming, Su Yuchen always sneaked in her room and slept with her, to give her his support. Mian also visited his room a lot of times to sleep. Orphanage authority was very much against their relationship but they never listened to anyone.

They had their hiding spot where they loved to spend their whole day, away from the eyes of others.

Su Yuchen remembered it well that it was a rainy day when Su Lingtian had come to take him home. He had protested. He didn't want to leave Mian alone but no one listened to him.

"Mian, I promise that I will return. I will take you to home then. Your Chen will come back for you." He promised her. He opened his locket and placed it around her neck before leaving the orphanage.

That was the last time he had seen his Mian. After leaving the orphanage, he shifted to the neighbor city with Su Lingtian and it wasn't long before he heard the news about fire in the orphanage.


Su Yuchen opened his eyes, letting the warm rays of sun in his room. There was a smile on his lips. After so long we was feeling so free. He was feeling glad of his decision to let go of Mian. He was waiting for his future life.


Xin Mei also woke up and let the sun rays wash over her. She lazily smiled and made her way toward the bathroom. She got ready for the day and reached the dining table for breakfast. No one said a word to her, she knew her mother wanted to say something but her father was stopping her mother.

"Mother, father, I am leaving now." She announced before leaving the house.

Today was the last day of schedule three, after that she would be given a break of a month because in the next schedule scenes to be shot were scenes of emperor Kai and Chunhua.

Xin Mei wanted to film the scenes for the day before worrying about the tensions of her private life. She didn't want her private life to affect her professional life.

Xin Mei reached the sets and greeted everyone with a small smiled on her lips. She got ready in her changing room. Once ready, she discussed her scene with the director and practiced it with Tang Min.

"Everyone's ready?" Director Zhang spoke on the microphone and everyone immediately took their positions. "Action."

In this scene, Ruyi was running around the room where emperor Kai was chasing after her. Ruyi was wearing nothing more than a simple silk gown and Tang Min was only wearing his pants, his upper body was nude.

Ruyi was teasingly running away from emperor Kai, she was displaying her skin to him from time to time, trying to tempt her.

"Ruyi, stop running, otherwise it will be no good for you." Emperor Kai yelled behind her back and tried to catch her.

"My emperor, you have to work hard to catch me. Let Ruyi see how strong her emperor is." Ruyi chuckled and teasingly opened the lace of her gown before tying it back.

"Ruyi, I will show you my power on the bed. Let me catch you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/farewell-to-mian._39264370181595442">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/farewell-to-mian._39264370181595442</a> for visiting.

Emperor Kai and Ruyi exchanged a lot of dirty talks in this scene. They were looking so sexy and tempting at the same time. Everyone was mesmerized with their dazzling performance. They had very strong chemistry with each other.

"Caught you." Emperor Kai caught the hand of Ruyi and before she could run again, he threw her on his shoulder and took her to the bed. He threw her on the bed. Ruyi fell on it with bounce.

"Now, no one will save you from me Ruyi," emperor Kai chuckled and climbed on the body of Ruyi who welcomed him happily.

At the same time, the extras opened the curtains around the bed, lights on the set were turned dim so only shadows of two bodies, mingling with one another could be seen against the curtain.

"I love you Ruyi." "I love you, my emperor." Loud and clear voices of Ruyi and emperor Kai rung in the set followed by series of loud moans and groans.


Standing not very far away from the set, Su Yuchen looked at the scene with burning eyes. He so wished to enter the scene and separate Xin Mei from Tang Min. He wanted to cage Xin Mei, away from the eyes of others. He wanted to keep her for himself.

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