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Chapter 47: His first kiss ?

Xin Mei felt suffocated due to the sudden kiss. With much difficulty, she pushed the men off herself. Because of her drunken state, she was feeling very weak.

She pushed the man away and realized that he was none other than Qian Fan.

"Qian Fan, how dare you to kiss me?" Xin Mei gritted her teeth and forcefully pushed him back.

"Xin Mei, please don't push me away." He was stuttering due to drinking very much. "I am your bro Fan. Don't you love me? Then how can you push me back? Let me kiss you."

Qian Fan tried to kiss her but she placed her hand in-between their lips.

"Qian Fan, are you mad? Do you think I will let you kiss me when you have cheated on me? Dream on. Now leave me." Xin Mei yelled.

"Leave you? No, I can't leave you, Xin Mei. I love you, Xin Mei. I really do. It was that Zhou Mingyu who seduced me. She brainwashed my mind to cheat you. Otherwise, you think, how can I cheat you, Huh?"

He tried to cup her cheeks but Xin Mei turned her face away from him.

"Dare of you to touch me Qian Fan. I am no more a naive girl. I will not come to your talks. I know your real face Qian Fan. I will not leave you, I will have my Revenge." Xin Mei yelled and kneed him.

By now, head of Xin Mei was spinning. She started to feel dizzy due to the effect of alcohol. She tried to move away from a groaning Qian Fan only to fail. Her body didn't have enough power to push him away.

"Xin Mei. You…how dare of you to knee me?" Qian Fan yelled and held hardly on the arms of Xin Mei. She yelled due to pain.

"Till now, I was being polite with you. But now, I will show you who real Qian Fan is. I will make love to you, Xin Mei. I will love you so deeply that you will never be able to forget about me. I will make you addictive for me."

Qian Fan looked at Xin Mei with lust-filled eyes. Xin Mei shivered in fear when she heard his words. She tried to push him away but her body was failing her.

"Leave me. Do you know what you are doing? How can you manhandle me? Leave me. Leave me now."

"I will leave you only after making you mine." He grinned and leaned toward her to kiss her again.

Qian Fan wanted to taste her body. This body had teased him for the whole evening. Now he wanted to taste it. He wanted to know what was hidden underneath this skirt.

"I will make you mine." He was so close to her lips, but before he could kiss her, his body was being thrown away.

Su Yuchen looked at Qian Fan with dark eyes. His eyes were burning with anger.

"How dare of you to touch her?" Su Yuchen yelled and jumped on the body of Qian Fan. Su Yuchen was trained in martial arts. So it didn't take him long from knocking Qian Fan out.

"Huang Chu, dispose him off to somewhere in isolation. Take away his id, cards, phone, and cash. It shouldn't be easy for him to find his way back home."

"Got it, boss."

Su Yuchen walked towards Xin Mei. With tenderness, he placed his hand under her chin and lifted her face only to find her smiling from ears to ears.

Su Yuchen frowned upon seeing her smile. Shouldn't she be crying like other girls? Why was smiling?

"Why are you smiling?"

"Because my superhero came to save me on time."


"Hmm, hmm." Xin Mei nodded her head. "You are my hero who has saved my ass a lot of times. Now, don't you deserve a gift?"

Xin Mei grinned. Her smile lightened up the world of Su Yuchen. The dimple which appeared on her cheeks when she smiled, reminded Su Yuchen of someone.

Xin Mei lazily wrapped her arms around his neck. She gave him a daze filled smile. Her eyes were down casted. At that moment, she was giving off an aura of seductress.

Xin Mei tip toed on her heels. She tightened her grip around the neck of Su Yuchen, to steady herself. She chuckled when she waived in the arms of Su Yuchen.

Instinctively, Su Yuchen placed his hands on her waist. He pulled her close to himself. They were standing so close to one another that he could clearly see each and every feature of her face. Their breaths were mingling with one another. Her soft body was rubbing against his hard body.

"Now, it's your reward time mister Richie rich. You want a reward from me, right?" Xin Mei leaned towards his ears and whispered the words. Su Yuchen felt a tingle in all over his body due to the warm breath of Xin Mei.

His lower body was turning hard and hard by every second. He was eagerly looking after her reward.

"What is your reward, my little minx?" Su Yuchen lovingly ran his finger on her soft cheeks. His fingers traced her rosy lips. Xin Mei felt a shiver in all over her body with his touch. Her lips instinctively opened, waiting for him to claim them.

"I am going to kiss you, mister."

Xin Mei pulled down the head of See Yuchen. She brought their faces close to one another. She lightly brushed her lips against his. Su Yuchen felt a current passing from his body. Soon, it was going to be his first kiss.

Xin Mei brushed her lips against his lips before running her tongue over his lips. Su Yuchen closed his eyes at this new experience.

From far, their case seemed to be opposite where a girl was initiating the first kiss and man was standing with his eyes closed.

With closed eyes, heart beating fast like a bullet train, Su Yuchen waited for the kiss which never arrived. He frowned and opened his eyes. The scene in front of him shook him hard.

Xin Mei had already dozed off. After teasing him, giving him dream of his first kiss, making him hard, Xin Mei had dozed off into dreamland.

Su Yuchen took a deep death and closed his eyes. He opened his eyes and carried an already asleep Xin Mei in his arms. He made his way towards her room, to make her comfortable sleep on her bed.


Next day, Xin Mei was shocked when she woke up. First, she had slept for a long time. When she woke up, it was already ten in the morning. She woke up due to the ringing of her phone. She picked up the call from director Zhang, he informed her that the whole cast and crew were waiting for her, to start their return journey.

Second, she was having a headache which nearly took her life. It was like someone was hammering hard on her head. Due to headache, she felt her body to be stiff and in pain. It was so hard for her to get off of the bed.

And the third and major shock was that her dress was changed. She wasn't wearing the black dress from the last night but was wearing her nightdress. Instinctively, she had checked her thighs and relaxed when she didn't find herself uncomfortable.

At least, her virginity was intact!

A lot of questions ran into her mind when she looked at her dress. Who had changed her dress? She tried to remember only to get failure. Moreover, her headache wasn't helping her.

She couldn't remember everything from the last night. She only remembered singing a song, embarrassing herself in front of others, drinking a lot of glasses and cans of alcohols, the face of Qian Fan who tried to molest her and then everything was blank. She remembered someone had saved her from Qian Fan but didn't remember who.

"Who had helped me last night? And who changed my dress?" She placed her hand over her forehead and tried her best to think.

"Stop thinking about it, Xin Mei. You will increase your headache by thinking about last night. Maybe some hotel staff member saved you and you changed by yourself."

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After making her own theory, Xin Mei decided to get ready. She took a quick shower and called a bellboy. Luckily her luggage was already packed.

After giving the instructions to the bellboy, she made her way towards the lobby where everyone was waiting for her.

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