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2.82% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 11: How dare of you to stop me?

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Chapter 11: How dare of you to stop me?

Xin Mei didn't tell anyone about her heartbreak. She didn't want her family to feel sad for her. Instead, she decided to divert her complete attention on her debut in the film industry.

On the advice of He Ye, she had again started her yoga and morning walk. She also practiced dance regularly. She also joined a monthly acting class to improve her skills.

She had completely removed Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan out of her system. Now she was waiting for the day when she would get her revenge.

A month passed that she was working hard. He Ye had sent her a lot of regular scripts but she didn't like one. She wanted something unique, something different, and something which could make her a star within one night.

"Xiao Mei, finally I have found a script for you. I will change my name if you don't like this script. This script is the current hot topic in the film industry. Every star wants to get casted in this movie."

Xin Mei could hear the excitement in the voice of He Ye. Hopefully this time the script was what she was looking for.

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"What is the name of the script?" Xin Mei questioned. Her voice also held a trace of excitement.

"The script name is 'Revenge.' The story is set in a historical time period, in Kai dynasty. The film will be having two female leads. The story of the film is about…." He Ye told her about the script, director of the movie, its budget, and other useful thing but Xin Mei had frozen on hearing the word Revenge. She didn't hear anything else.

Revenge! She had heard the name of this movie in her dreams! She gulped hard in fear and a flash appeared in her mind.

According to her dream, Revenge was going to break all the records. Its cast would get a lot of fame not only in the country but also in other countries. As per her dream, Zhou Mingyu was the main female character who was going to receive a lot more fame from this movie. In her dreams, Zhou Mingyu got the title of a national diva!

A flash appeared in front of her eyes, a flash of a scar on her face. She shuddered on remembering how Revenge was the movie during which Xin Mei had received that ugly scar!

Breath of Xin Mei became ragged as a lot of vague flashes related to the movie revenge surfaced in her mind. What was happening with her? Was she able to see her future in her dreams? Again those unanswered questions surfaced in her mind.

"Xin Mei…Xin Mei…..Xin Mei….." Xin Mei came out from her dizziness upon hearing the loud yells from the others side of the phone.


"Meimei, are you alright? You spaced-out while listening to the story of the movie."

"I am all good. I was just thinking if I suit the character or not."

"Ah…don't worry about it. I am sure that you suit both the female leads. With surety, I can say that you will get the role."

"Hmm…you send me the script and I will practice my part."

Xin Mei quickly hung up the call and took deep breaths. The word revenge was ringing in her ears. The glory which it was going to get flashed in front of her eyes.

If her dream was true then Revenge would help her to achieve the name which she wanted as an actress!

That night, Xin Mei informed her family about the script. Her family felt excited for her but she asked them all to calm down.

"Mother, please don't be so happy. I have gotten the script but we can't say that I will get the role or not. So we should wait before celebrating."

"Ah ok. But I am going to brag about you to my society friends once you get the role. I can't believe that finally, my daughter will become an actress."

Xin Mei chuckled at the excited faces of her family. The family of four had their dinner while laughing and happily chatting away. After dinner, Xin Mei decided to clean the utensils. She was the last one to make her way towards her room.

She was passing by the room of her parents when she heard them talking. Her father sounded serious which made her anxious. She leaned against the door and listened to what they were talking about.

"Mr. Xin, you don't sound so happy after knowing that your daughter has decided a script?" He Lin asked her husband.

"You know LinLin condition of our business isn't good. I knew from a long time Qian corporation was planning something against me but they hadn't taken any action to make me serious towards them. But recently they have started to withdraw their investments from my projects. Xiao Yan had started a lot of projects with the investment from Qian corporation."

"All the projects will come to a stoppage if the investment is withdrawn. Our business will suffer badly. We can also go bankrupt."

There was so much stress and worry in the voice of Xin Jin. He never wanted to deal with Qian corporation but he had to due to force from his daughter. Not only that, in the contracts the terms toward Qian corporation were so lenient that they wouldn't suffer any loss due to their betrayal.

Cold sweat appeared on the forehead of Xin Mei. She was eavesdropping the conversation of her parents. She knew that her father was suffering due to her blind trust in Qian Fan and his family. Not only that, Qian corporation withdrawing their investments was just like her dream!

Breath of Xin Mei became ragged as she remembered the dream of the death of her father. The dreams of the suffering of her family. At that moment, those dreams seemed to be so true.

"I have also done something stupid in the dream which had forced my family to a dead end." Xin Mei thought out a loud and forced her mind to remember the dream.

In her guts, she felt that she had done something stupid but she couldn't remember that dream.

Xin Mei was lost in her thoughts when she received a call from Gu Nan.

"NanNan," Xin Mei picked up the call after several rings.

"Meimei, you wouldn't believe what gossip I have heard not a minute ago." Voice of Gu Nan was full of shock.

"What have you heard?" Xin Mei was completely uninterested in hearing her because she was so lost in thinking of her dream.

"I have heard from my sources that Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan were planning to open a management company. By the last month, they had done all the preparation, got all the certificates only thing left was money."

"But now out of the blue, they had scrapped the plan because they can't get the money. I think they were planning to dupe you to get the money. You are lucky that you saw through their act otherwise you were going to lose a large chunk for them." Gu Nan filled her up with what she had come to know.

Condition of Xin Mei became worse after receiving the call because now she remembered that in her dreams she had given a huge amount of 400 million to Qian Fan, to help him in setting up a management company. She didn't for once care about the financial condition of her father.

Xin Mei could feel headache forming. Her head was bursting with a lot of things. What were they dreams? Why were the dreams coming out to be so true? Why?

If those dreams were really a glimpse of the future than what about the dream of her father's death?

Xin Mei shuddered at that thought. No, she couldn't let that dream to come true. She couldn't lose her father. She knew about her own suffering in the dream. She couldn't afford to lose her father.

So, the very next day, Xin Mei visited a psychologist. She didn't tell her family about the same. She didn't want her family to worry due to her dream, her dreams which could shake her world.

She visited the psychologist where she booked her turn. There was a long queue outside the clinic of the doctor so Xin Mei decided to take her seat on a bench.

She started to scroll through her social media accounts while looking at the patients coming and going out of the clinic.

"Miss Xin," a nurse called for her name.

With elegance, Xin Mei stood up and made her way towards the clinic. Before she could enter, she was stopped by a bodyguard. She was pushed back and watched how another man entered the clinic before her.

"Hey, it is my turn."

Xin Mei yelled and glared at the back of the man who dared to enter in before her. She then glared at the bodyguard who had dared to stop her.

"How dare of you to stop me?"

Xin Mei with ease pushed the bodyguard away and angrily made her way towards the clinic. She was waiting for her turn from an hour. She couldn't bear her turn to be snatched away by some jerk of a man.

"Miss please stand outside. The man inside is a rich man and VIP." Nurse pleaded when she saw that Xin Mei was blazing with anger. "The man inside is a regular patient. The doctor had allowed him to enter the clinic without any reservation. Please try to understand."

Xin Mei muttered under her breath and didn't take any action.

"A rich man so what? Can't he wait in a queue for his turn?" Xin Mei murmured and glared at the poor bodyguard "Let him come out. He will be facing the wrath of Xin Mei. What does he think of himself? Huh."

Here Xin Mei was fuming with anger and inside the clinic, a man was talking to doctor unaware that a volcano was erupting outside of the clinic.

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