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Chapter 27: Hypnotizing everyone.

Next day, Xin Mei woke up early before the scheduled time. She had her fill with sleep so she was feeling quite refreshed.

She ordered a coffee from room service and made her way towards the window. She opened the large window and looked at the scene in front of her with awe.

Last evening she had opened the window and had fallen in love with the scenery. The scene in front of her was no less than an imagination an artist.

Her room was situated at the edge of the hill. From there, she could see the valley of mountains which were covered with colorful trees and rivers. In distance, snow-covered mountains could also be seen.

Xin Mei enjoyed the scene in front of her with a cup of coffee and surfed through her social media accounts. She laughed when she saw the new group of team revenge on Wechat.

The group was filled with complaints and memes of Zhou Mingyu. Everyone was making her fun. Some were also making fun of Xin Mei. They couldn't wait to see Xin Mei embarrassing herself.


Xin Mei reached the sets on time where a scene in-between Zhou Mingyu and Tang Min was being shot. This time there was a tremendous improvement in the performance of Zhou Mingyu. Even director Zhang was impressed with her.

Actually, Zhou Mingyu and Tang Min had practiced till late last night. Tang Min had given a lot of pointers to her. He had helped her with her postures and other things. Voice modulation of Zhou Mingyu was also improved which further impressed director Zhang. If he had some extra time then he would love to reshoot all the scenes of Zhou Mingyu.

"Xin Mei, you go and get ready for your scene. We are going to shoot it today only, here in the palace itself."

Fang Lin pulled Xin Mie to the shared room of Zhou Mingyu and Xin Mei. There Fang Min instructed the makeup and hair artist to do the makeup of Xin Mei before Xin Mei wore her dress.

The moment Xin Mei was ready, everyone around her was mesmerized. Makeup artist and hair artist were beaming excitedly at their artwork. Choreographer who was also invited was also shocked upon seeing her flawless beauty.

In a silk red gown, which was plain and without any precious gem, Xin Mei was looking no less than a rich heiress. Xin Mei wasn't in her acting mode till now but still, her dress was enough to make her any seductress.

"Xin Mei, should we practice your dance for the one last time?"

"Yes, teacher."

Xin Mei practiced her dance for the last time. Her steps and expressions were again flawless.

The moment she was done with practice, director Zhang entered the practice room.

"Xin Mie, are you ready for your scene?"

"Yes, director. I am ready. And if this junior does some mistake during the scene then please forgive her." Xin Mei bowed to the director which brought a smile on his lips.

"Let's see how well will you act in front of the camera."

The moment, Xin Mie walked on the sets, everyone became silent. No one was expecting Xin Mei to look so bewitching, so beautiful.

Tang Min was having final touchup when Xin Mei entered and stopped in front of him. He nearly jumped when he saw her. She was really looking gorgeous! Much more beautiful than Zhou Mingyu!

"So what if she is looking beautiful, I am sure that her acting is no better than us." Many actresses were criticising her on the back but she ignored them.

"Everyone take your place, action." Director Zhang yelled.

The scene opened with Tang Min (Emperor Kai) who was sitting on his bed. He was looking at Ruyi with mesmerized eyes. Ruyi (Xin Mei) was sitting opposite to him and was serving him wine. Her gaze was fixed on the table in front of her.

Emperor Kai was in a very bad mood because he was publically rejected by that arrogant princess Chunhua. He was feeling angry at that arrogant princess. To calm down his anger, he had come to his favorite concubine Ruyi.

"Ruyi, why are you sitting like this? Wouldn't you entertain your emperor?"

When Tang Min spoke his dialogue, everyone stopped breathing. They were eagerly waiting for Xin Mei to start acting. They wanted her to make a fool of herself. Everyone knew that playing the role of Ruyi was not easy in their eyes it wasn't easy for Xin Mei at all.

They all thought Xin Mei to be a simple and innocent girl. They couldn't imagine her to be the sly fox who can seduce anyone with her acting.

Ruyi lifted her head and looked at Emperor Kai. Her eyes were cunning and sharp. Aura emitting from her had completely changed.

Tang Min was shocked when he saw the eyes of Xin Mei. Her gaze was so different. He felt enchanted to her gaze. He was so lost in her gaze that he did a mistake.

"Cut." Director Zhang yelled. "Tang Min, focus. Xin Mei, your gaze is perfect, keep it up."

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The scene was started again. This time Tang Min reminded himself to not get lost in the eyes of Xin Mei.

Ruyi lifted her head and looked at Emperor Kai. This time emperor Kai maintained his needed composure.

"My emperor, can I drink a glass of wine before my performance?" her voice was husky and soft at the same time. Her voice was so deep that it hit the ear of every person who was present at the set.

"Go on."

After getting permission from her emperor, Ruyi filled a glass of wine for herself. She reclined on the couch and drunk as if she was in a different word. Her each sip was slow. She was sipping the wine with such an elegant that many people on the set started to feel thirsty.

Su Yuchen was also present on the sets at that moment. He was watching the scene from his hiding place. His felt his throat parched when a drop of wine slipped down the lips of Ruyi, past her long neck and down inside her dress. He so wanted to suck that drop!

The scene was so beautiful that not only Su Yuchen, everyman present on the set stared at her dazedly.

Cameraman especially zoomed the camera to capture the scene. He first captured the scene of Ruyi before capturing the scene of emperor Kai who was looking at Ruyi with dark lust-filled eyes.

Ruyi started to sing an old poem in a drunken haze. She stood up unsteadily. In the next second, she threw the glass toward a glass table. Glass broke down with a clatter.

Ruyi messily walked in the center of the room. She started to dance, her steps were unsteady. She sang and danced at the same time.

Her slender waist was like a snake, bending down softy and sprinting back fiercely. Her steps were so light like she was dancing on air. Her seductive gaze was fixed on the emperor.

She took up the jug of wine from the other table and started to drink from it. With jug in her hand, Ruyi continued to sing and dance. She twisted during her dance. Her dress lifted up in the process, her creamy white legs were on full display.

Her hair bun also got undone during the dance. Her brown hairs fall down on her shoulder and face. Her look left everyman at the set shocked.

Ruyi walked towards the emperor. She took a swig from the jug before daring to place the same jug on the mouth of Emperor Kai.

Emperor Kai wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her on his lap. Ruyi took the jug of wine from his mouth and placed it on her lips. She finished the wine within one swig before throwing it on the floor with a clatter.

Ruyi slowly removed her hairs from her right shoulder and pulled down her dress. Her white shoulder came into the sight of the emperor. She wrapped her arms around the emperor, looked at him with seductive gaze, bewitching him. She pulled his head down towards the exposed skin of her neck.

Once the scene was over, director Zhang almost forgot to yell "cut."

Everyone on the set was hypnotized by the mesmerizing skill of "Ruyi."

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