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Chapter 53: I love foot!


The moment, director Zhang yelled action, both Zhou Mingyu and Xin Mei came into their role.

Chunhua walked towards Ruyi with elegance. She had a poised expression on her face. Ruyi looked at her up and down.

Everything was going good so far, it was until eyes of Xin Mei met with Zhou Mingyu's eyes that Zhou Mingyu forgot her lines. "I…I...I," she kept stuttering before director Zhang shouted cut.

"Zhou Mingyu, I know that Xin Mei is a brilliant actress than you. But that doesn't mean you will stutter in front of her. Reread your lines before we will shoot again."

Zhou Mingyu's assistant ran towards her with a script in her hand. Zhou Mingyu read the script while cursing herself for forgetting the first dialogue itself.


Again the same thing happened. Xin Mei dominated Zhou Mingyu with her strong acting. Zhou Mingyu was able to speak her first dialogue but she stuttered badly during second dialogue.

This kept going on for the next fifteen takes. Director Zhang again became frustrated at Zhou Mingyu. Zhou Mingyu felt frustrated on herself. She had practiced this role for so many times. How could she let the eyes of Xin Mei had so much effect on her?

Zhou Mingyu tried to avoid her eyes contact with Xin Mei but she got scolded by the director. One time she spoke her dialogues hurriedly, one time she took the name of Xin Mei instead of Ruyi, she was continuously making small mistakes.

"Cut, we will take a break of fifteen minutes. Zhou Mingyu, reread your script."

Everyone who were earlier praising Zhou Mingyu were now frustrated with her. Scene of Zhou Mingyu and Xin Mei was the last scene and everyone was waiting for it to get filmed so they all could return back home.

After the break, Xin Mei didn't look intensely at Zhou Mingyu. She kept her eyes natural. She was also bored of seeing Zhou Mingyu stuttering like a fool.

After three more takes, they were finally able to film the scene. Zhou Mingyu was fuming in anger where Xin Mei was dancing in victory.

When the filming was completed, everyone started to finish their work hurriedly. Everyone was tired and wanted to return home, to their family. Fang Lin was also in a hurry to return home.

"What happened Fang Lin? You look like you are in a very much hurry."

"I am in hurry Xin Mei. I am to visit the hospital, to meet my sick mother. I am already half an hour late from the given time."

Xin Mei felt bad for making everyone wait in her trick to embarrass Zhou Mingyu.

"Fang Lin, you can go home. I will handle myself. I don't need you." Xin Mei smiled at Fang Lin.

"You sure?"

"Sure, sure, now go. Auntie must be waiting for you."

After sending off Fang Lin, Xin Mei changed her costume and wore her clothes. She sighed in relief on removing heavy and warm clothing from her body.

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She sat down on the chair and pulled out the ice-cream tub. She started to enjoy her ice-cream. She was amid enjoying her ice-cream when her room door banged open and Qian Fan entered in.

Qian Fan was wearing his usual office suit but now his tie was loosened and hung freely around his neck. His hairs were also messy like he had run his fingers in his hairs a lot of time.

"What are you doing here in my room?" Xin Mei yelled in anger. The scene from the hotel that night came in front of her eyes.

"Xin Mei, I want to talk with you." He tried to step towards her but Xin Mei stopped him in mid steps.

"Dare you to come towards me Qian Fan and there is nothing to talk in between us. So get lost from my room."

"Xin Mei, there are so many things on which we can talk. First, I want to ask sorry from you."

"Sorry?" Xin Mei chuckled. "Sorry for what Qian Fan? Sorry for cheating me, sorry for trying to rape me or sorry for all the other things which you have always done with me?"

Voice of Xin Mei was filled with loathing. Xin Mei looked at Qian Fan with cold eyes.

"I am sorry about everything. I am sorry for each mistake which I have done in the past. I was lost I was not mature to know what I was doing. Please forgive me for my sins. Please give me another chance. Can't we start again, from scratch?"

Xin Mei chuckled upon hearing the words of Qian Fan. Her chuckle turned into a full laugh. Tears prickled out from her eyes.

"Another chance? Start again? What a big joke Qian Fan? Tell me aren't you doing all this for Zhou Mingyu? You again want to use me so I don't trouble your precious Zhou Mingyu? Isn't it true?" she looked at him ruthlessly.

"No, it isn't like this. My feelings have nothing do with Zhou Mingyu. I know I am late but I realized that I love you. I have very deep feelings for you which I had ignored from so long."

"Is it so?" Xin Mei tilted her head and looked at him. "Then what about Zhou Mingyu? Your love for her is over, just like that?"

"No, I love her also. I love both of you. My heart belongs to both of you. Can't I have you and Zhou Mingyu as my lovers at the same time? I want you back in my life Xin Mei." A mocking smile appeared on the lips of Xin Mei.

"Qian Fan, you are mad you know. How can you think I will let you again in my life, forget about being your second girlfriend? I am not so cheap Qian Fan. Now get lost from my room."

"No, Xin Mei. Please don't reject me like this. Don't forget that you love me very dearly. So how can you reject me like this? Don't you want to feel my love?"

Qian Fan tried to hold her hand which she easily shrugged. She had enough of hearing the rubbish from Qian Fan.

"Qian Fan, I don't know how I loved you in the past but at this very moment, I hate you. So get out of my room before I kick you out. Don't forget our classmates who were badly injured whenever they tried to propose me."

Hearing the warning in the voice of Xin Mei, Qian Fan didn't stay in her room for a single minute. He ran out of her room.

Xin Mei sighed and looked at her melted ice-cream. She threw the ice-cream in the dustbin with a heavy heart. She packed her bag and made her way to the parking. She didn't wish to encounter with Qian Fan or with Zhou Mingyu.

"What the….." Xin Mei cursed when she saw that front tire of her car was flat. She looked around herself to find the parking was empty except for one car which belonged to Qian Fan.

Everyone had already left. Xin Mei took a long time to come out from the changing room. Xin Mei cursed her bad luck and thought about what she should do now?

Change the tire by herself - Not an option.

Call her brother or father- It would take them a minimum of one hour to arrive.

Last option- Try to catch the cab.

Xin Mei angrily kicked the flat tire. When Xin Mei turned, she saw Qian Fan who was coming out from the sets his arm was lovingly wrapped around Zhou Mingyu.

Qian Fan also caught a sight of Xin Mei and her flat tire. He didn't say her anything, completely ignoring her he made his way toward his car.

Car of Qian Fan zoomed out from the parking in front of Xin Mei's eyes.

"I love you, Xin Mei. I want a second chance." Xin Mei mimicked him. "My foot, you can't give me help out of humility, how were you going to show me your love, jerk. I am lucky to see your real face on time." Xin Mei yelled behind his car.

She then made her way on the empty streets. There was no hint of any vehicle on the road. Xin Mei pulled out a pepper spray from her bag and fisted it in-between her fist for safety.

She was waiting to catch a taxi when a black car came to a halt in front of her.

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