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2.11% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 8: I want to try my hand in acting.

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Chapter 8: I want to try my hand in acting.

Eyes of Xin Mei were completely swollen when she woke up the next morning. He Lin and Xin Jin both became worried upon seeing her red eyes.

"What happened Mei? Were you crying last night?"

"Again a bad dream, mother." Xin Mei lied without any hitch.

"But I didn't hear you crying last night. You were sleeping quite calmly." Xin Yan who was standing behind his parents questioned his sister with a doubt.

Last night, when he arrived in the room, he was shocked to see his sister fast asleep. From the time she was up from coma, his sister rarely fell asleep during the night.

"Because you were sleeping without any care for this world," Xin Mei lied again. "I shouted your name but you didn't even move."

Xin Yan looked at his sister with suspicious but he didn't say a word. Maybe he was suspicious without any use. Maybe he really was sound asleep which was not impossible seeing his sleeping pattern from last few weeks.

"Does my princess want to do something after getting discharged from the hospital?" Xin Jin asked in a coaxing manner. He as a father was trying to improve the mood of his daughter who is suffering from the nightmares.

"A lot of things but before that, I want to get discharged. I am fed up with the smell of hospital." Xin Mei made a yuck face. She felt glad that her father was diverting her attention from the depressing topic.

"Don't worry sister. I talked with the doctor and he said that by day after tomorrow you will get discharged."


"Really really." Xin Yan grinned. He felt happy upon seeing his sister smile. Only he knew how much he loved his sister. If only he could see her smiling face every second of the day.

The family of four talked for some time. They all planned what they were going to do the same weekend after the discharge of Xin Mie.

After a long time, Xin Jin and Xin Yan went to the office and He Lin went home for some rest. After they left, Xin Mei got some time for herself to think how big fool she was for the last few years.

"How can I be such a fool? Why wasn't I able to see the facade of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan? How I nearly destroyed my life for both of them?" There were a lot of questions which were running in the mind of Xin Mie.

It was in the evening that Gu Nan came to meet her that Xin Mei came out from her self-loathing. She loathed herself for being so naive and foolish.

"What happened Meimei? It looks like you aren't happy upon seeing me."

"It's nothing like this NanNan. I was thinking something deep. Nothing more."

"Ok." Gu Nan looked at her with suspicious before shrugging her shoulders off. She then placed a Tiffin box on the lap of Xin Mei.

"You are lucky Meimei. Mother specially cooked your favourites for you. She had warned me to not even taste the dish. Each and every bite in the Tiffin is only for your stomach."

Upon hearing Gu Nan, Xin Mei chuckled. She excitedly opened the Tiffin box. A smile appeared on her lips when she inhaled the familiar aroma. She had badly missed the dish from the hands of Mrs. Gu.

"Say my thanks to aunty, NanNan," Xin Mei said before savouring the dish.

Both Xin Mei and Gu Nan talked for a long time where Gu Nan talked about her latest expedition.

"NanNan, can I ask for a favour from you?"

"Do you really need to ask this? You know this Gu Nan can do anything for you. You only have to ask." Gu Nan glared at her friend. "Now speak."

Xin Mei looked at her friend with guilt before a silly smile appeared on her lips. Gu Nan was always a true friend to her. How could Xin Mei have given less importance to her?

"Can you ask Ye gege to find a script for me?"

"He is your brother. Why can't you directly…." Gu Nan cut herself off when she understood the words of Xin Mie. Xin Mei had asked for a script for herself. A SCRIPT FOR HERSELF!!!!

"What do you mean by a script for you?"

There was excitement hidden in the voice of Gu Nan.

"I want to try my hand in acting." Xin Mei shrugged.

"Oh my god! Tell me that you are not playing with me." Gu Nan questioned with shock on her face. "Are you sure that you want to try your hand in acting?"

"I am very serious. I really want to try my hand in acting."

Gu Nan shrieked in excitement before she engulfed Xin Mei in a very tight hug. There was a huge smile on the faces of both of the girls.

Gu Nan was feeling so happy that her stubborn friend had finally decided to give acting a try. Gu Nan always knew that Xin Mei had a talent of acting which she had hidden for the sake of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. Gu Nan had tried to pursue Xin Mei multiple times only to face failure. It's good that Xin Mei had made her mind to act.

"Tell me that you will not change your mind, not even if Zhou Mingyu and that Qian Fan ask you to do so."

"Don't worry NanNan. I have made my mind I want to start a career in acting and I will not change my mind from it."

"Ok-ok, let me call Yeye before you change your mind." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/i-want-to-try-my-hand-in-acting._38267364122355887">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/i-want-to-try-my-hand-in-acting._38267364122355887</a> for visiting.

Without wasting another second Gu Nan face timed He Ye. He Ye didn't waste any second before picking up her face time call.

"Guess what, I have a good news for you."

"What? Are you finally agreeing to marry me?"

Gu Nan faked a glare upon hearing him. "Keep dreaming mister. I have told you I will not marry before the age of twenty-five and I am still twenty-two. So wait for another three years to hear my yes."

He Ye sighed from the other side. "So what is your good news?"

"Xin Mei has finally decided to try her hand in acting." Gu Nan brimmed excitedly.

"Wait, I think there is a network problem. I have just misheard you."

He Ye rubbed his ears. He wasn't ready to believe that Xin Mei really wanted to try her hand in acting.

"You haven't misheard Ye Gege. I really want to act and I want you to find a script for me. I can trust you right?"

He Ye looked at Xin Mei with soccer like wide eyes. From how long he was trying to pursue Xin Mei to try her hand in acting but she never agreed but now that auspicious day had finally arrived.

Actually, He Ye was a close cousin of Xin Mie. He was the son of He Lin's brother. From childhood, Xin Mei was close to him due to similar ages. Gu Nan and He Ye got to know each other due to Xin Mei before they had fallen in love.

He Ye was the top manager of his time. Every actor under him was A-list. Even when his father was the owner of the top management company he had decided to start his career as a manager and today his name was among the best managers.

For so long, he wanted Xin Mei to debut in the movie industry. His sharps eyes had seen the potential in his cousin. He knew that Xin Mei would become the best actress of their time.

He Ye loathed Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu. For him, it was due to them Xin Mei was suppressing her acting potential.

So now when He Ye heard that Xin Mei really wanted to debut, his happiness knew no boundary.

"Meimei, you don't need to worry about anything. This cousin of yours will make you best actress in the history. You just wait and soon enough you will have the best script in your hand."

"I know that I can trust in you gege." Xin Mei beamed. "And yes, please remember that I want to get success on my potential not because of I am your cousin and uncle's niece."

"Don't worry sister. I know you. I assure you that no one will know about your connection with me and no one will know that I am your manager. I will be handling you from the shadow. Happy?"

"Thank you Gege. You always know what I want."

Xin Mei and He Ye talked for some time where He Ye took the ideas of Xin Mei about the type of roles which she needed. It was He Ye who hung up the call because his attention was asked for on the sets.

"I am so happy for your Meimei. Now you will be no longer the ignored manager of Zhou Mingyu but you will be a star. Like Yeye I can say that you will become a top actress."

Gu Nan smiled with genuineness toward her friend. She prayed that her friend will get success and that Zhou Mingyu would taste defeat. Oh how badly she wished to see the face of Zhou Mingyu when she would crack the news on her face that Xin Mei was finally going to start her acting career.

In the evening, Xin Mei cracked the news to her parents that she was starting her career in acting. No one was against her. Her family was also happy for her. They knew her potential. They had seen the acting of Xin Mei from the time she was a child.

"Princess, you can do whatever you want. Your parents will always support you."

By the next day, Xin Mei got discharged from the hospital. Her family threw a small celebration party at home which included Gu Nan, He Ye and his family. The party was for two reasons, discharge of Xin Mei and her decision to enter in entertainment industry.

Luckily, Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu were absent as those two were spending some time alone in their secret spot.

Xin Mei was enjoying with her friends and family when a piece of news was delivered to her which shook her whole world.

Vrinda13 Vrinda13

Please comment, vote and give a review on this book. I only have 2 reviews and I need 8 more reviews before review of my book can be displayed. so please give a review :)

P.S This book hit 10k views. Thanks to my every reader. I will try my best to entertain you with my book.

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