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Chapter 55: I want to visit the orphanage.

Xin Mei told Su Yuchen about everything. How she was feeling bad when Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan didn't come to meet her in the hospital? How she had caught the interlock of their hands? About the proofs which were given to her by Gu Nan and about her confrontation with them.

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Her heart turned heavy when she talked about them but later, she felt light. She felt so light. She felt light upon letting the things off her heart. She also felt light because Su Yuchen listened to her with full attention and without any interruption.

"I know I was a fool to trust them. I had wasted so many years of my life for those two. They are so unworthy. They never felt any remorse for cheating me." There was so much pain and hurt in the voice of Xin Mei.

Su Yuchen wanted to lift the divider and reach to her. He wanted to hug her which he did. He couldn't control himself upon seeing the tears in her eyes and before he knew he was hugging Xin Mei tight in his arms.

Huang Chu was shocked when he saw the scene from the rearview mirror. He didn't take a second before lifting the divider to block their view. A small smile appeared on his lips.

From so long he was seeing his boss suffering to find his true love, his Mian. Now his boss had found the true love, maybe not in the form of Mian but as Xin Mei. Now he couldn't wait for his boss to realize that truth.

On the back seat, Xin Mei was shocked due to the sudden and warm hug. Her whole body was numb. She didn't know what should she do? Should she wrap her arms around him or push him away?

"Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu both are fools to not realize your value. You are a rare piece of diamond, Xin Mei. You shouldn't feel bad for them. Instead, they should feel sad for cheating a person like you. You are a great person."

Warmth spread over the heart of Xin Mei when she heard his words. A smile left her lips. Her whole body started to shiver in delight. A blush appeared on her cheeks. She took her lower lips in-between her teeth and smiled slightly.

She was feeling happy to be complimented by her crush. She felt happy upon getting hugged by her crush.

Xin Mei could feel the hard body of Su Yuchen rubbing against her soft body. Her blush turned darker when she remembered his half-nude body which she had seen before.

"You all good now?" Su Yuchen asked after breaking the hug. "I know I shouldn't have asked you about your friend but I wanted you to let it go."

Xin Mei nodded her head and placed her hands on her hot cheeks. She felt thankful to her stars that it was dark and Su Yuchen could not see her red cheeks.

"So tell me something from your childhood?" Su Yuchen asked in an attempt to change the topic.

Xin Mei smiled at his effort. "Who remember anything from their childhood? I don't remember anything except for my fights with my brother, Xin Yan." Xin Mei shrugged. She didn't add the name of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. She didn't want to remember them.

Sometimes, Xin Mei felt that heroines in the novel were lucky. It was so easy for them to move on from their cheating boyfriend. They didn't even cry or feel sad when taking their revenge. She also wanted to be like them. She didn't want to feel bad, not even an ounce.

She also wanted to take their name as the name of a stranger, without any hurt or pain.

"Do you remember the celebration of your sixth birthday?" Su Yuchen asked and nudged the side of Xin Mei who seemed to be lost in her thoughts.

"Who remembers that?" Xin Mei chuckled. "I don't think any adult can remember his sixth birthday."

"Hey, I remember that clearly. I remember hearing my name for the first time from the mouth of my best friend."

"Geez, your memory is very strong." Xin Mei shook her head. "Tell me the name of your classmates in the seventh standard. I am sure that you don't remember half of their names."

"You sure," Su Yuchen challenged her and with that, he recited names of his classmates like a robot.

Like this, they both kept talking about silly questions, forgetting who they were and where they were.

On driver seat, Huang Chu was smiling from ear to ear upon hearing the happy voice of his boss. He had never seen his boss talking like this. In five year of his service and six years of friendship before that, it was the first time Su Yuchen was talking so freely.

Su Yuchen wasn't hitching before telling many things to Xin Mei. He spoke about many incidents in his life about which even Huang Chu was unaware of. He talked about many things except for off-limit topics like Mian and his parents.

Huang Chu kept the speed of car slow and drive through many wrong ways as to give longer time to his boss and his love interest. It had been already an hour and a half that they were talking but both of them hadn't realized it till now.

"So tell me about the first time where you got scolded badly?" Xin Mei asked.

Su Yuchen, who was laughing till now after hearing a funny incident from the mouth of Xin Mei, stopped talking and thought about such an incident where he got scolded very badly.

"So, I was six years old back then and what happened was, one day, I was giving bath to my best friend in a bathtub. After giving her bath, I left her inside the bathtub and ran towards her room to retrieve a towel. When I returned, my guardian was already consoling a crying her. That day she had scolded me badly for being irresponsible."

"She scolded me badly for leaving a two-year old in the bathtub. Anything could have happened to her if my guardian hadn't arrived on the time. It was the first time that I got scolded badly and it was one of the times where I was scared out of my life."

"You love your best friend, isn't it? She is very lucky to have you as her best friend."

Eyes of Xin Mei turned soft when she talked about his friendship. He was a good friend.

"Su Yuchen, I have one thing to ask from you. Why does your every story have this guardian? It gives me a feeling like you were in…"

"Orphanage, you guessed it right," Su Yuchen smiled a sad smile. "I had spent ten years of my life in an orphanage, four to fourteen."

"So you're not Su?"

"Nah, that's the tragedy. I was not an orphan in reality. Long story short, I am Su." Su Yuchen announced and smiled to Xin Mei.

"It must be really tough for you to stay in the orphanage, without any love of parents. Other kids must have bullied you. You must have dreamt of a happy family like other kids, your own house, your parents…You must have imagined yourself in the place of other kids who had their parents beside them."

Voice of Xin Mei held so much pain that it shocked Su Yuchen. He looked at Xin Mei with wide eyes.

"You are talking like an expert don't tell me that you were also an orphan, adopted in the family of Xin."

Su Yuchen looked at Xin Mei with hopeful eyes, waiting to hear her reply.

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