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Chapter 80: Let's get married.

A week flew away from the day that she had lunch with Su Yuchen. Still, she was very confused about her decision, if she should marry or not. At last, she had left everything on her fate.

It was the day when bidding for the government project was taking place. A huge party was thrown in the center of the city where bidding was going to take place.

Xin Mei and her family also went for the bidding. Xin Yan had already prepared the proposal which he had given to Su Yuchen for approval. Su Yuchen was very satisfied with it and had submitted it to the government officials. He was sure to receive this government tender.

"Mr. Xin, what are you doing here? We have heard that your business position isn't very good and you weren't going to participate in the bid."

One of the competitors, Mr. Mo, looked at Xin Jin and his family with shock. He wasn't expecting Xin Jin to participate in the bid. News that Xin Corporation was going to be bankrupt was very hot in the industry, and then what was he doing here.

"That's old news, Mr. Mo," Xin Jin chuckled. "We are an old player in the construction industry. We aren't going down without any tough competition. My competitors can play tricks on me."

Xin Jin looked at Mr. Zhou, father of Zhou Mingyu, who was standing a little far away from them. All the investors who had deceived Xin Jin were standing around Mr. Zhou.

"Then, I guess, I should expect a loss for today. Everyone knows that you are the boss here who will win the bid." Mr. Mo sadly shook his head. "By the way, I am glad that you are not going anywhere. I always have fun in competing with you. Unlike others."

Mr. Mo smiled and hugged Xin Jin.

Mr. Mo wasn't the only one to show his surprise that Xin Corporation was participating in the bid, everyone was surprised. They had heard that Xin corporations had lost their investors then what were they doing here?

Qian Mushen and Zhou Zichen both had an ugly expression on their face when they saw the Xin family who was attending the bid in all their glory. They both were planning to finish Xin Corporation from so long then what were they doing here today.

"Well, well, well Mr. Xin, I never thought you can be so shameless. Attending a government bidding even when you don't have enough funds." Qian Mushen approached them with a mocking smile on his lips.

"Already you are deep in the loans and cases from your investors, but still you dared to come here today?"

Xin Mei clutched her hand when she saw the mocking expression on the face of Qian Mushen. He was the reason for her father's suffering. It was because of his planning that her father nearly went bankrupt.

Both Qian Mushen and Zhou Zichen approached her father. Xin Mei looked at both of them with anger burning in her eyes. They were the reason her father had to suffer and from her dream, her father died because of them. According to Zhou Mingyu, it was her father who killed her father.

Xin Mei clutched her fist and looked at them. Soon, she would have her revenge from them. She didn't know how, but one day she would finish their family reputation and would bring them on the streets. It was her promise to herself.

"Look, look, isn't she Xin Mei? What is she doing here even when her father has lost everything?" Zhou Mingyu looked at Xin Mei with a gloating smile on her face. "Don't tell me, your father is here to beg the others to help him in this critical condition."

"Zhou Mingyu," Xin Mei nodded to her with a cold smile on her lips. "My father doesn't beg. It's your father who had always begged my father for projects, Are you forgetting that? Are you also forgetting how you had begged me to help your father who wasn't getting any construction project?"

Xin Mei smirked when she saw pale face of Zhou Mingyu. "For your kind information Zhou Mingyu, my father has found an investor. Now he stood stronger than before and he is ready to compete with your father. This time, I will not stop him. I will have my fun when your father loss his reputational and business."

Xin Mei smirked when she saw pot black face of Zhou Mingyu. Zhou Mingyu gritted her teeth when she was the smirk on the face of Xin Mei.

"Xin Mei, stop bluffing," Qian Fan chuckle. "Who will invest in a business like yours? For your kind information, my family is the biggest investor here and if we aren't investing then no one will dare to invest in a business like yours. So stop lying."

"Oh, Qian Fan, you are also here." Xin Mei grinned. Viciousness appeared in her eyes. "Zhou Mingyu did I tell you, I received a marriage proposal with Qian Fan?"

Qian fan paled when he heard the words of Xin Mei. "What marriage proposal? What are you talking about?" he yelled.

"Didn't you tell her Qian Fan? You persuaded your father to not withdraw investment from Xin Corporation if I get married to you." Xin Mei looked at Zhou Mingyu who was looking at her and then Qian Fan with distrust on her face.

"Zhou Mingyu, as your old friend, I will advise you to keep an eye on Qian Fan. One day he was confessing his love to me and another, I received his marriage proposal. I don't want you to get deceived like me."

"Stop lying Xin Mei." Qian Fan yelled. Nervousness was evident on his face. "Mingyu don't believe her. She is trying to create misunderstandings between us. You know I love you, right?"

Zhou Mingyu nodded her head toward Qian Fan and then glared at Xin Mei.

"Xin Mei, you can't create misunderstandings in between me and bro Fan. I trust on my bro Fan. I know he will never cheat upon me."

Xin Mei shook head upon seeing Zhou Mingyu. If only she had some proofs. She so wanted to create a fight among both of them.

"Miss Zhou, so much confidence on Mister Qian, I am impressed." Xin Mei was still lost in her thoughts when she heard dominating voice of Su Yuchen.


Su Yuchen had arrived in the bidding party a long back. He was personally meeting the government officials when his eyes fall upon Xin Mei.

Xin Mei was looking beautiful in her party gown. She was looking enchanting and Su Yuchen was sure that every young man around him was praising her beauty.

Su Yuchen took his own time to admire Xin Mei who was looking at Qian Mushen and Zhou Zichen with cold eyes. He could see the fire in her eyes which felt very mesmerising to him.

He also saw the way her demure changed when her eyes fall upon Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu. A smirk was playing on her lips and he could see the fire of revenge in her eyes. He could see the thirst in her eyes.

He couldn't control himself before he approached her, to help her.

"Miss Zhou, if you want I can send you the report about how Qian Mushen had offered Mr. Xin with a marriage proposal of Xin Mei and Qian Fan."

Zhou Mingyu instantly paled when she heard the words of Su Yuchen, She wasn't ready to believe the words of Xin Mei but she couldn't ignore the words of Su Yuchen.

Why would he lie to her?

Zhou Mingyu looked at Qian Fan with suspicious filled eyes who shook his head. "Mingyu, I don't know about any proposal. Maybe father proposed it without telling me?"

"Mr. Qian," Su Yuchen raised his voice to get the attention of Qian fan. "I would like to remind you that I am a bigger investor than you. Xin Corporation is no longer a sinking ship. Su Corporation is shielding it. I am investing in this business. I am warning you, if you or your family dared to look at Xin Corporation with sore eyes then I will make you all vanish from this city. Within a blink of my eyes, I can finish your business. So, stay away from Xin Corporation if you want to protect your business."

Xin Mei smiled when she saw the serious expression on the face of Su Yuchen and its effect of Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu. They both were looking fearful and pale. She had wished of seeing them like that from the moment she had known their reality.

She wanted to laugh when she saw the distrust on the face of Zhou Mingyu who was glaring at Qian Fan. She wanted to see this only.

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen and words of Gu Nan rung in her ears. He was the one who would help her in getting her revenge.

"Su Yuchen, let's get married. Help me get my revenge from Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu."

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen with a serious expression. Su Yuchen was dumbfounded upon hearing her. Before he could say anything to her, the bidding began and they got busy in it.

Later, Xin Mei went to the bathroom. When she came out after doing her business, Qian Fan caged her against the wall. He was drunk. He pleaded her to become his mistress. Xin Mei was about to kick him away when Su Yuchen pushed him away from Xin Mei.

"Huang Chu, throw this jerk out of the party," Su Yuchen ordered Huang Chu who instructed some guards.

Su Yuchen was feeling jealous when he saw Qian Fan so close to his Xin Mei. He lost his calm when he heard the words mistress, so without wasting any second, he pushed Qian Fan away from Xin Mei.

"Su Yuchen, you didn't need to help me. I could have easily pushed him away from myself."

"Oh really?" Su Yuchen asked with a raised brow.

"Yup," Xin Mei wobbled her head with a proud filled smile on her lips. "If you don't know, I am a black belt in karate."

"Stop lying Xin Mei." Su Yuchen didn't trust her. He had already read her file in which there was no mention of her being a karate expert.

"You don't trust me?" Xin Mei fake gasped. She lifted her leg and kicked Su Yuchen hard on his stomach. A smile appeared on her lips when she saw the pained expression on his face.

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Su Yuchen who was in pain glared at Huang Chu. Huang Chu shook his head he didn't know anything about Xin Mei being karate expert.

"Told you I could have saved myself from that jerk like Qian Fan. I would have beaten him up badly."

Su Yuchen smiled with amusement when he saw the expressions on the face of Xin Mei. He loved it that she wanted to beat Qian Fan.

Before Xin Mei could react, he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Xin Mei, let's get married. Let me help you in getting your revenge from Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan."

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