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5.17% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 21: Mother's right to cry.

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Chapter 21: Mother's right to cry.

Next few days flew away in a blink on an eye. During those days, Xin Mei was concentrating on her role. She wanted each dialogue to be spoken by her to be smooth. She wanted to remember each dialogue of every scene from her heart.

Director Zhang was very much satisfied with her horse-riding skills so he didn't ask her to practice more. Instead, he asked her to learn the steps of classical dance which would help her in the movie.

Finally, the day arrived when Xin Mei was to leave for the city B with her crew. Director Zhang had chosen a spot where the cast and crew were to meet before their journey to city B.

That day, Xin Mei woke up early in the morning. Her luggage was all packed and checked, all thanks to her mother. Some of the food items were also packed with her.

He Lin was being paranoid. She was afraid that her daughter would die out of hunger in city B. So, she had personally packed packets of snacks and Ramen with Xin Mei. She had also packed medicines with Xin Mei.

"Mother, I am going for only one or two weeks, and here you are, crying as if I am going to the house of my husband."

"Stop teasing me, Xiao Mei." He Lin scolded her. "It is mother's right to cry on the departure of her child. Moreover, it's the first time you are leaving to shoot for your own movie."

"Father." Xin Mei looked at her father for help.

"LinLin, stop crying. You should happily sendoff Xin Mei instead of crying. What if she change her mind to shoot because her mother is crying like this?"

Eyes of He Lin widened. She looked at Xin Mei and shook her head.

"Dare you to leave this movie. This stupid mother of your loves to cry. Don't take my crying to heart. You give your best during the shoot."

He Lin patted on the cheeks of Xin Mei before sending her off. Xin Yan accompanied Xin Mei to the spot from where the bus to city B was taking off.

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He ye and Gu Nan both wanted to accompany Xin Mei to city B but both of them got some profession related work. Moreover, Xin Mei didn't want anyone to accompany her. She didn't want to affect the professional lives of others because of her own job.

"Check your luggage carefully Xiao Mei. You sure you haven't forgotten anything at home?"

Xin Yan helped Xin Mei in pulling out her luggage from the trunk of his car.

"I am sure gege. I haven't forgotten anything at home."

Xin Mei smiled at the concern of her brother before diverting her attention to the other cast members. Half of them had already boarded on the bus while the other half were depositing their luggage.

Xin Mei with Xin Yan walked towards the back of the bus to deposit her heavy luggage. She was depositing her luggage when she heard whispers from her colleagues.

"Isn't CEO Qian really romantic? I just saw him coming out from his car with Zhou Mingyu. She had a big rose bouquet in her hand. I am sure that the CEO had given it to her."

"You only saw the bouquet but I saw them kissing in the front seat of the car. I felt so hot upon seeing them."

Xin Mei clutched her hands upon hearing the gossiping girls. Instead of feeling pain for betrayal, this time she felt a fire burning in her heart.

Two days back, Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu had publically announced their relationship. They had also shared some intimate photos on their social media. From that moment itself, they were being shipped by their fans.

"I always knew that they are perfect for one another. In my last movie with Zhou Mingyu, I had seen the way Qian Fan treated Zhou Mingyu. It was her, our second lead who was the third party among them. I am so glad that they both are now public."

Xin Yan who also heard the gossips, placed his hands on the shoulder of Xin Mei. 

"Gege, it really happened. Qian Fan cheated on me and that too with my best friend." Xin Mei remarked with bitterness. "You have warned me and your warning came out true."

Family of Xin Mei was shocked when they had seen the news about Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. They wanted to ask their daughter about the same. But when they saw the calm expression on her face, they didn't dare to take the name of Qian Fan in front of her.

Later, Gu Nan had privately informed them about the breakup of Xin Mei. She didn't tell them the details but she told enough to calm everyone down.

After depositing her luggage, Xin Mei sent off Xin Yan. His mobile was ringing continuously in his pocket, waiting for his attention. She didn't wish to disturb her brother from his work.

Then she walked under a shed where everyone else was standing. She politely greeted director Zhang. He was busy to look after all the preparation for the filming. He was ensuring that every instrument necessary for the shooting was present with them.

Xin Mei walked towards Tang Min. He was standing under the shadow of a tree with his own team. Xin Mei greeted him but he ignored her. Like usual, Tang Min showed attitude towards her.

Xin Mei sighed and stood behind at a corner when Fang Lin also arrived. She greeted Xin Mei before she went to submit her luggage. From behind, Xin Mei watched Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. They were acting all lovey dovey.

They had interlocked their hands and were smiling to one another from time to time. They were also kissing one another. It was like they wanted to show off their newly declared relationship.

A cold smile appeared on the lips of Xin Mie when she looked at Qian Fan. He really was a hypocrite. A few days back only he was pleading for forgiveness and now he was getting all intimate with Zhou Mingyu.

"Everyone board your respective buses now." Director Zhang clapped his hands to get attention from everyone.

Xin Mei was about to climb in the bus when her eyes fall upon Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. They were making out, not very far from her sight.

Qian Fan was kissing her so deeply. He had never kissed Xin Mei so deeply. There was no space of air in-between Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. They both were looking like one body, the same way Xin Mei had always seen in Hollywood movies.

Xin Mei scoffed before climbing on the bus. She plugged her earphone in her ears to zoom out the gossips from her other bus mates. She was well aware that by now everyone was talking about make out session of Zhou Mingyu and about Xin Mei being the third party.

She sighed and looked out of the window.

After some time, the bus started to move. Mr. Gong was the conductor of their bus. He informed all the members in the bus about their movie schedule. That day they were to arrive at the city B but the shooting of the movie was to begin the next day.

Xin Mei plopped inside some traveling pills once the bus started to climb on the hills. City B was located in the valley of hills and was surrounded by green trees and river.

When their bus was about to reach the location, Xin Mei pulled out her camera and started to shoot photos of the beautiful scenery. Photography was another hobby of Xin Mei!

Actually, Xin Yan loved photography. He was a professional in it. Everyone used to praise him for his skills. Little Xin Mei felt envious of him. That was why she also learned photography skills. Now photography became her hobby too.

They arrived in city B during the evening. Xin Mei looked at the sky with awe. It was filled with various colors; red-orange, blue and yellow.

Palace of the king which was now converted into a hotel was looking no less gorgeous. The palace was surrounded with tall palm trees and river flowing in the background. Mountains surrounding the city were adding to the beauty of the palace.

"Everyone, you can take your keys from the reception. Your luggage will be automatically transferred to your own room. Shooting memo has been already sent to your room. I will see you all tomorrow sharp at nine in the canteen." Director Zhang announced before dismissing everyone.

Most of the members walked towards their rooms while some decided to check out the gorgeous palace where Xin Mei decided to roam in the city, to get some beautiful shots. She didn't know if she would get a chance to tour the city some other day or not.

Xin Mei fell in love with city B when she roamed here and there. She really loved the simple and sober lifestyle of the citizen. She also loved the pollution-free fresh air.

She also did some purchases from the local shopkeepers. They were very happy to have a polite customer like her. She also had local food which in her idea was very delicious.

She had a cup of tea from the local shop. She found it addicted. It was the best tea she had. Xin Mei didn't lag behind before she posted on her Weibo account.

'Drunk the best tea of my life.'

She posted the status with a photo of the tea shop. Within an hour, her post had a lot of likes and comments from her family.

"Don't you like tea from my hand?"- Xin Jin.

"Sister, stop teasing your tea addicted brother." Xin Yan.

"Girl, I so wish if I could have accompanied you to city B." - Gu Nan.

When it was night, Xin Mei had local food only. Then she returned back to the hotel. She retrieved her room keys from the receptionist and made her way towards her room.

Xin Mei entered in her room and dizziness engulfed her. In a hazy state, she removed her pants, leaving her white long top on. She fell down on the bed and within a minute she was knocked out of the world.


A shadow was loaming outside of her room. A smirk was playing on her lips.

"Xin Mei, I will see who is going to save you tomorrow. By tomorrow not only will you lose your role but also your name. You will get a stain on your name that you will not be able to see your own face in the mirror."

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