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Chapter 46: Singing a song together

"Are you serious?" Gu Nan whispered to her. "That night, I was only joking that Su Yuchen suits you. I never thought that you will take me seriously and will have a crush on him. He is not for you Meimei. You don't know how cold and serious he is. You can never be together with him."

"I know," Xin Mei sighed. "I didn't know that he is so rich. I took him to be the owner of some small company. Never thought that he is such a big tycoon."

"That's why I say you should start reading magazines. They have all the information which can keep you updated. But you never listen to me." Gu Nan chided her friend.

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"By the way, the choices of your heart are very unique, first you fell for that jerk and now you crushed on Su Yuchen with whom you will never get together."

"What to do, I can't control my heart." Xin Mei sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

By the time the dinner was over, Xin Mei had consumed a lot of wine in her anxiety. She didn't know why she was affected so badly that Su Yuchen was so rich. She was also feeling hurt that she could never be with him.

After dinner, everyone decided to assemble in the karaoke room which was located in the leisure room. Su Yuchen didn't want to visit but was forced by director Zhang.

In the karaoke room, Su Yuchen laid back and watched others enjoying. He had a glass of wine in his hand from which he was sipping wine at small intervals.

"This hotel is the only best thing in this city." Su Yuchen commented to himself and gulped another sip of wine. All this while, his eyes were fixed on Xin Mei who was the center of attention.

Nearly everyone had approached Xin Mei for a duet but she denied to everyone at the excuse that her voice wasn't very good. Gu Nan had also supported her. "Trust me, Xin Mei can't sing. Her voice is worse."

During the night, Zhou Mingyu sang a lot of songs. Her voice was very sweet to ears. She didn't lag behind in showing off her talent. She felt proud of receiving praises from everyone.

"Miss Zhou, you should sing a song for the movie. I am sure that it will get hit." Zhou Mingyu smiled and acted to be shy at her praises. At least everyone was praising her now!

In the middle of the night, Gu Nan had retired to her room. She was drunk and tired of the journey, so she decided to leave for her room.

When it was nearing the end of the night, everyone except Xin Mei and Su Yuchen had sung the song. Only they both were left. So everyone together had forced them to sing a song. No one heard their excuse.

"Please, believe me, I really can't sing. Singing isn't my talent. If you hear me sing, I am sure you will not be able to stop laughing at me. Not only that I don't want to make your ears hurt with my worst singing."

"Xin Mei, I know that you are overacting. Your singing isn't as worse as you say. So go up on the stage and sing for us. Moreover, you are lucky Mr. Su will also accompany you. I am sure that he will not let you embarrass yourself."

On the side of Su Yuchen, Huang Chu was trying to persuade Su Yuchen.

"Boss, you should also sing a song. Your voice is so nice. Why don't you sing a song for us? I remember you loved to sing."

"Huang Chu, I am in no mood to sing."

"Please boss, sing for me. Look even Miss Xin Mei will be accompanying you."

"Ok, I will sing."

Hung Chu smiled upon hearing his boss. He thought that his boss had agreed to sing because of him but the reality was something as he wanted to sing with Xin Mei.

He could see, Xin Mei was also forced by other co-stars to sing and he could see that she was reluctant to sing. He wanted to give support to her.

Su Yuchen and Xin Mei both reached the stage they were welcomed by loud howls. Xin Mei gave an embarrassing smile and took hold of mike.

"Get ready to embarrass yourself, Xin Mei." Xin Mei murmured to herself and took a deep breath.

Down the stage, Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan both were looking at the stage with angry eyes. Zhou Mingyu was angry because Xin Mei always got the best, now she got a chance to perform with Su Yuchen.

Qian Fan was angry because he wanted to sing with Xin Mei. He could remember their duet when they were in eight standards. She wasn't a good singer back then also but he had helped her. He again wanted to help her. He wanted to motivate her with his presence.

"Mr. Su, I am warning you beforehand, your partner is going to embarrass you badly. You have to save our performance."

Xin Mei cleared her throat before starting the song. She tried to sing very softly, she controlled all her urges to yell out aloud like usual.


It's alright, I'll go to you whenever you need

Whenever I start to miss you

I'll be hiding on your way back home

And surprise you


The beats of the song were up and down. Xin Mei was really not a good singer. Xin Mei mistakenly yelled at some beats and immediately scolded herself.


I just want you

Your lovable smile

Don't show it to anyone else

Because I get really jealous and you're mine

I just want you

I'm gonna make your fourth finger shine

Just wait, you'll find out


The next paragraph of the song was worse than the first part. By now, Xin Mei could hear that some of her co-stars were laughing at her singing. She closed her eyes and cursed Su Yuchen who wasn't singing at all.

Su Yuchen was looking at her without a blink of his eyes. The song which she was singing was the favorite song of his Mian. Mian didn't understand the meaning of the words of this song but still, she loved to sing it at the top of her lungs.

He could see that Xin Mei was also trying her hard to not sing loud. A smile left from his lips.

'Why are you so similar to my Mian? Why?' he thought before he also started to sing. He couldn't see Xin Mei embarrassing herself.


My Real love Real love

Only you in my heart in my heart

I don't have pride

Wherever you are, if you call, I'll run to you

Hang on tight, so this love won't go anywhere

Because I'm gonna start speeding up


His voice was very smooth and he caught every beat of the song. There were so many emotions in his voice which made his audience mesmerized. Everyone hooted and clapped hard for him.

Xin Mei also stopped singing and was looking at him with mesmerizing eyes. His voice was so beautiful, unlike hers.


I just want you

I just want your Love

My Real love Real love

Only you in my heart in my heart

My Real love Real love

Only you in my heart in my heart


With the last paragraph, Su Yuchen ended the song. Howling and clapping filled the hall.

"Xin Mei, you should learn singing from Mr. Su." Someone from the crowd yelled. Xin Mei blushed upon hearing such a comment. She really needed classes from Mr. Su.

Party continued for some more time where Xin Mei drunk a lot. She was offered beer cans by her co-stars and she accepted them happily.

Su Yuchen wanted to leave karaoke room a long back but he didn't. Somewhere he wanted to give Xin Mei his back. He couldn't leave the drunk her alone in the karaoke room.

By the end of the night, Xin Mei was completely drunk. Her cheeks her completely pink and there was a huge smile adorning her lips. She was looking like an angel, an angel of the dream of every guy.

Xin Mei went to the bathroom to relieve herself her body was budging with energy due to a lot of alcohol in her system. She was dancing randomly.

When she came out from the bathroom before she could move any further, she was trapped against the wall and hot lips ended upon her lips.

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