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14.58% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 61: Visiting the orphanage.

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Chapter 61: Visiting the orphanage.

Even when Xin Mei was giving her everything in acting, other actresses didn't acknowledge her. They all mistreated her to impress Zhou Mingyu. Behind her, they called her vixen who knew how to impress the opposite sex.

Except for a few crew members and male characters, no one talked with her.

Director Zhang was also aware of the treatment of others towards her. He had also read the comments on the official page which were not very good. She was continuously slandered by the fans of other female stars.

He was afraid that her mood would become unstable and she couldn't give her best. Already she had given some retakes due to unstable mood and lack of concentration.

Director Zhang went towards her and tried to console her, "Xin Mei, you don't need to think about others. Soon your second male will enter in the movie. I am sure he will support you. You both will also shot some commercials which will improve your image among others."

Xin Mei smiled bitterly and looked at him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/visiting-the-orphanage._39112973943359782">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/visiting-the-orphanage._39112973943359782</a> for visiting.

"Director, who the hell is my second male lead? You have been very secretive from the beginning. You will give me hints here and there but will never disclose his identity. I know you are trying to create media hype but can't you disclose about him to me?"

"I can't say his name. I don't want to take a risk by disclosing about him to you. What if someone has got to know about him? What I can tell you is, the second lead is quite a big star with a very huge fan base," voice of the director was full of secrecy.

Xin Mei became curious upon hearing the director and started to ask questions.

"Then he must be very handsome? You can tell me this right? In the script I have read that the second male is very handsome, his beauty compares with the beauty of Ruyi. He is so handsome that every girl in the city wants to become his concubine and give birth to a handsome child like him!"

Xin Mei will have a lot of intimate scenes with the second male lead. True chemistry was to be shown in between Ruyi and emperor Jun. Not only that Xin Mei would share kisses with him and also had several sex scenes. To add-in, they would be cuddling and hugging each other a lot. So it was hard for her to not think about how the second male lead would look.

"Also director, you sure that his fan base is big and he will be ready to help me?"

Xin Mei knew that the popularity of her male lead could also boast up her popularity.

Director Zhang chuckled upon seeing her curious face. "Xin Mei, your male lead is very handsome and popular. He has a line of fans following behind him. I am sure that when you see him, you will faint out of excitement!"

"Director Zhang, don't make me more curious with your mysterious smile. Tell me his name so I can prepare myself."

Xin Mei tried her best to get out the name of second male lead from the mouth of the director but he wasn't someone to budge easily.

That day, Xin Mei returned home without an answer about the second male lead. After having dinner she made her way towards her room. She was getting changed to her nightdress when her mobile rang with a reminder, reminding her that she was visiting the orphanage the next day.

Xin Mei massaged her head when she remembered her invitation to Su Yuchen. She didn't know if she should remind him about it or it. As a host, it was her duty to give him a reminder call. What if he was waiting for her call?

Xin Mei weighted on her options to call him or not call him. She didn't know how was she going to face him now?

She thought for some time and after taking a deep breath, she decided to call him. She couldn't hide from him forever. Besides, she was an actress. She could act like she didn't remember anything about that night. She could erase that night, right?

Xin Mei dialed his number and waited for him to pick her call. The mobile rang but he didn't pick her call. Xin Mei was about to hang up when he finally answered the call.

"Hi, it's Xin Mei." Xin Mei said quite awkwardly. She didn't know how he was going to react to her call.

"Hey! I know it's you, Xin Mei. I have your number saved in my phone." There was trace of shock in the voice of Su Yuchen.

Su Yuchen had just returned home from his office. He was again feeling alone in his big mansion when his mobile rang. He was surprised when he saw the number of Xin Mei displaying on his mobile screen. He was so shocked that for once he forgot to pick up the call.

When he heard her voice from the other side, he could trace the hints of nervousness. It wasn't a big science for Su Yuchen to know she was awkward due to his text message. He couldn't help himself and mentally slapped his head for typing and sending that message.

"Why did you call?" his voice was normal, not awkward like hers which made Xin Mei relaxed.

"I called to remind you of my orphanage visit. You wanted to come with me, right?"

"Oh that, I remember about it, Xin Mei. Tomorrow, I will find you outside the home orphanage. I have already found its address."

"Ok then, meet you tomorrow. Goodnight." Before Su Yuchen could say anything, Xin Mei hung up the call. She placed her hand on her fast-beating heart.

'It was easy. I can meet him without any worries. I am sure he will not pick up the topic of my marriage proposal.' Xin Mei consoled to herself.


Next day, Xin Mei arrived in front of her orphanage at sharp eleven. She parked her car and immediately spotted Su Yuchen who was leaning against his car.

Su Yuchen was looking handsome in a simple tee and black washed jeans. He wasn't looking very rich but was still looking elegant.

"Hey, you are late," Su Yuchen commented when he saw her stepping out from the car.

"I am not late it's you who is early. I usually arrive at this time." Xin Mei fired back.

"Ok, I was the one to come early," Su Yuchen raised his hands in surrender. "Should we go in now? I am eager to watch those kids having fun. I want to remember my childhood by watching them having fun."

"Follow me," Xin Mie nodded her head and made her way towards the backside of the orphanage. A door was located on the backside. Xin Mei pulled out her keys and opened the door before entering in.

They entered the office of the manager, Mister Ling. He was the one to manage the orphanage for Xin Mei. He was a man in his late fifties. He had lost his family in an accident. He didn't have someone to call his family.

So he treated the orphanage like his own family. He stayed for a full day in the orphanage. It was his real home.

"Miss Xin, I was waiting for you," Mr. Ling greeted her. "I have already done all the preparation on the balcony. You can go up and admire the kids."

Xin Mei nodded her head and gave him her car keys. "Mr. Ling, you go and get all the stuff from the car. I have brought some snacks, toys, and diapers for which you have asked for."

Mr. Ling took the car keys from Xin Mei and was about to leave his office when Su Yuchen stopped him.

"Mr. Ling, have my car keys too. I have brought some sport items for the kids. Please retrieve them."

"Su Yuchen, you didn't need to bring anything," Xin Mei immediately protested when she heard him.

"Why not? They are kids and I am sure they will love the games which I have brought for them. And you don't need to worry. I haven't brought any expensive things. The games aren't branded but locally made."

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen and could only sigh. "Mister Ling, retrieve everything from his car also. Store everything in the storeroom. We can distribute the games to kids on some special occasion."


"Now follow me to the balcony. From there we can watch the kids." Xin Mei informed to Su Yuchen and made her way towards the stairs.


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