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Chapter 54: Who can be inside the car?

Xin Mei looked at the car in front of her with a frown on her face. Who could be inside the car? And why had a car stopped in front of her?

One thing to her was obvious that the owner of the car was a rich man. He wasn't a kidnapper or a killer which made Xin Mei sigh.

And the very next second, Xin Mei got answers to all her questions when the glasses of the car were rolled down. Inside of the car were Su Yuchen and Huang Chu.

The shock was obvious upon the face of Xin Mei when she saw Su Yuchen. It had been more than a month that she had last seen him. And upon seeing him now, she realized she had missed him very much.

On looking at the elegant figure of Su Yuchen, sitting straight on his seat, Xin Mei so wished to run to him and wrap her arms around him. She wanted to say she missed him.

She didn't know why she missed him so much when she had met him only in city B, but still, she had missed him.

"Hey," Xin Mei awkwardly smiled towards Su Yuchen. She tucked one hair lock behind her ears.

"What are you doing here all alone?" Su Yuchen asked. His eyes were looking around at her isolated surroundings.

"Umm…I am waiting for a cab." Xin Mei replied.

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"Why? What happened to your car?" Su Yuchen asked again.

"Oh, I got a flat tire."

Su Yuchen sighed and shook his head. "Get inside the car. I will give you a lift."

"No need for that. I don't want to trouble you. I am sure that I will find a taxi."

Su Yuchen frowned upon hearing her. "Are you a citizen of City A? Don't you know it is impossible for you to hail a cab at this hour of the night? Besides, even if you are able to hail a cab by your luck, how can you say that it will be safe? Aren't you showing your stupidity here?"

Su Yuchen scolded her rather harshly. He rolled his eyes when he saw a non-moving Xin Mei. He breathed hard to control his anger. He leaned towards the door at the side of Xin Mei and opened it.

"Get in. I will drop you at your place. I can't leave an idiot girl like you alone on the deserted roads."

"Hey, I am not stupid," Xin Mei protested and get inside the car. She also knew that hailing cab at this hour of the night was nearly impossible. Besides, she was already tired of standing at the side of the road.

"Huang Chu, drive the car. We will drop Miss Xin first." Su Yuchen ordered. "Also arrange for some mechanic to change the tire of her car."

"You don't need to...…" Xin Mei was about to deny the help of Su Yuchen but she cut herself off when she saw the glare of Su Yuchen.

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen before turning her gaze out of the car. She also shifted towards the window to maintain a distance in-between them. Beside her, Su Yuchen unconsciously shifted towards the seat of Xin Mei.

If it wasn't for the divider in between them, then by now, they both were going to be sitting extra close to each other, without any gap in between them.

"Why were you waiting for a cab instead of calling your family member?" Su Yuchen asked because her silence didn't sit well with him.

"I didn't want to disturb my father and brother. Also, it would have taken them nearly an hour to reach me. So I decided to hail a cab."

Su Yuchen looked at the silly girl sitting beside him. Was she so stupid to hail a cab at night? It was lucky of her that he saw her at the right time, otherwise, was she going to stand beside the road for hours?

Su Yuchen had gone to a neighboring city for some job. He was returning when something told him to look out of the window and when he looked out of the window, he saw a girl standing beside the road.

He recognized the location to be the set of revenge. His instinct told him that the girl was Xin Mei. He didn't take another second before ordering Huang Chu to divert the car in the direction of Xin Mei.

When their car came closer to Xin Mei, Su Yuchen was able to see her face. All the memories came rushing to his mind and he was hard within a second. No one had affected him the way Xin Mei affected him. His hand automatically reached on his lips, caressing them, feeling the touch of her lips on his.


Su Yuchen wasn't a big talker. So he didn't know on what topic he should talk with Xin Mei. Xin Mei also didn't take any initiative to talk with him.

Xin Mei didn't know on what topic she could talk with him. Should she say, 'Long time no see' or 'I am sorry for treating you like a normal human in city B' or 'hey, why didn't you tell me that you are very rich, out of my league' or talk about any random topic like weather, like seriously!

Xin Mei could inhale his natural fragrance as well as his extra stringy doe. All this was making her dizzy. She shifted herself more towards the door of the car, to save her dignity.

"So, tell me something about yourself, Xin Mei? What enmity do you have with Zhou Mingyu?" Su Yuchen asked and placed his laptop aside. He could no longer bear her silence. She didn't look good when silent.

"What enmity? Who said we are enemy?" Xin Mei shrugged with innocence.

"Dare you lie to me, Xin Mei?" Su Yuchen warned. "I am not a fool who don't know that both the female leads of my movie have some enmity in between them. I know you had an artist manager relation—you were best friends then why this enmity all of the sudden?"

"We are not enemies. We are just not on talking terms." Xin Mei again lied. She didn't want to tell him the reason. She was too ashamed to tell him that she was always deceived by her boy-friend and best-friend.

Su Yuchen knew the reason for their enmity but he wanted to hear it from her mouth. He could see that she was still mourning over her first love and he wanted her to let it go. He didn't want her to be like himself who was still missing his Mian, searching for her like a manic, where he didn't even know if she was alive or dead.

"Again lie Xin Mei. Try to speak the truth. I can prove that you both are enemies and worst. I know you were planted in my hotel room by her. I know the person behind all the tricks which were played on you in city B. I know she was the one behind your dress incident. So now tell me the reason."

Xin Mei looked at Su Yuchen with wide-open mouth. How could he get so much information and how the hell did he know about the dress incident? She thought no one saw it!

Xin Mei looked in the dark eyes of Su Yuchen which told her how serious he was. He seriously wanted to hear her. Something snapped in her, she wanted to tell him everything. She felt compelled by his hypnotizing dark eyes.

She had never told anyone about her confrontation with Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan, not even to her parents, brother or Gu Nan. But she wanted to tell everything to this stranger…the man she had a crush on!

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